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UPDATE: Senate starts Medicaid reform talks

by Dara Kam | November 16th, 2010

UPDATE: Haridopolos’ spokesman said the notice announcing the informal meeting was a favor to the media to give the press a heads-up. Look for the list of invited speakers later. Because committees are not yet assigned, the Senate is not required to notice the meetings yet.

Leaders in the Florida Senate will begin Medicaid reform meetings tomorrow while in town for the organizational session/special session to override a smorgasbord of Gov. Charlie Crist’s vetoes.

Sen. Don Gaetz, a Niceville Republican who once owned the state’s first private hospice care chain, will head the day-long meeting.

A press release issued by Senate President-designate Mike Haridopolos (who’ll lose the “designate” shortly after 10 a.m. today) says Senate will “receive testimony and hear presentations from invited speakers and the public on the issue of Medicaid.”

Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, has made a big deal out of being open and transparent and took down the doors to his office’s inner sanctum inside the president’s suite as a symbolic gesture yesterday to demonstrate his availability to his members.

But there’s no list of tomorrow’s invited speakers in the press release.

When asked, Haridopolos’ spokesman David Bishop said in an e-mail the guests will be “stakeholders.”


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10 Responses to “UPDATE: Senate starts Medicaid reform talks”

  1. JKM Says:

    It never stops with these R’s. Open door policy means nothing. The almighty dollar means everything. How many times can the voter be lied to before they wise up? The voters who support these thieves are just as guilty. Fools, all of you.

  2. Who Do These Crooks Think they Are Fooling Says:

    Haridope and Cannon will be about as transparent as Adolph Eichmann was in Berlin! Why does one think the Tea Party People say they are a non-party affiliated group? Because they know the corruption and insanity is in both major parties, that’s why! Look at the money Cannon spent on McCollum and Scott! For cryng out loud he is a 2 year elected State Represnetative, that’s now going to be speaker of the house! Big Deal! Is it worth the millions he schemed and scammed throught the RPOF? Something is rotten and not only in Denmark! Something is rotten in Tallahassee, Florida!

  3. Change Of Corrupticans Nothing New Says:

    For Every Action There Is a Re-Action

    Nicolae Ceausescu became the Communist dictator of Romania in 1965. Within a year of taking office he made abortion illegal. “The fetus is the property of the entire society,” he proclaimed. “Anyone who avoids having children is a deserter who abandons the laws of national continuity.” Such grandiose declarations were commonplace during Ceausescu’s reign.” His master plan too create a nation worthy of the New Socialist Man! He forced the nations rural dwellers into unheated apartments. Food shortages were rampant. He Placed his family and friends into government positions. Set up the menstrual police and in one year he took Romania from the most liberal of abortion countries where abortion was the main form of birth control, with four abortions for every live birth, to this! One of his main goals was to rapidly strengthen Romania by boosting it population. This abortion ban was in place until Ceausescu finally lost his control of Romania.

  4. Change Of Corrupticans Nothing New Says:

    The beginning of the end was December 16, 1989. Thousands of people took to the streets of Timisoara to protest his corrosive regime. The protesters were teenagers and college students. The police killed dozens of them. The very same people who were only alive because years earlier Ceausescu had forced his abortion ban on their parents. Again on Christmas Day 1989, the young people come out in force. They shouted down Ceausescu with cries of “Timisoara!” and “Down with the murderers!” His time had come. He and his wife Elena tried to escape the country with $1 Billion, but they were captured, given a crude trial and, on Christmas Day, executed by firing squad. Of all the Communist leaders deposed during the collapse of the Soviet Union, only Nicolae Ceausescu met a violent death. His demise precipitated largely by the youth of Romania who, if not for his abortion ban would never been born at all. So, what does this historical event mean? Why does it now appear the Socialist movement no longer supports the ban on abortion? Would they prefer to have fewer bodies over which they can administer more stringent control? As we know now many in the socialist movement support even partial birth abortions!

  5. Change Of Corrupticans Nothing New Says:

    In the United States we find the opposition to abortion being led primarily by those on the right. Those on the far left of the political pendulum are also those who believe government is the answer to all things. They have historically demanded and received reparations from the government for one issue after another. Those on the left have historically been the largest count of unemployed even when jobs were available and in fact plentiful! They have been rewarded by the system to multiply! If they take the time to learn the system, everything is free! Yet it is those on the left to support abortion! Why? Why is it those on the right feel obligated to force their anti-abortion views on those on the left? They oppose any Federal funds being used to perform abortions! Do they also oppose any funds, local, state or Federal being used to house the criminals whose births they have forced on unworthy parents? Many argue some of the massive organizations who oppose abortion are actually some of the same people who are involved in baby mills and the actual selling of American and other nationality born babies. Insiders report the illegal adoption efforts supplies of American born children crippled the baby mills in the early 1980’s through the 2000’s. Some of the efforts to replenish their supply included recruiting of well intended seniors and others to picket the entrances of abortion clinics in an effort to save as many potential live births as possible. Their continued efforts to overturn Roe vs. Wade which would once again make abortion illegal in the United States. This is a very volatile issue in which ones religion usually comes into play when discussing these matters. But how many ever stop to think this is also a huge money making business which with the insertion of the religious factor can be disguised as a humanitarian effort to simply save the kids which the organizers are literally making billions in profits. It is simple! American born children are more in demand and certainly easier to adopt because of the international paperwork requirements! More money for less effort, it’s the American way!

  6. Change Of Corrupticans Nothing New Says:

    One can hardly forget the man who forced a ban on abortion in 1966 which ultimately led to his demise a short 23 years later in 1989. Are those on the right demanding that those on the left multiply and overtake the greatest nation on earth? Do those on the right know the decline in crime in the early 1990’s was primarily attributed to the number of abortions performed in the 1970’s? What is the answer? Will those on the right demand the reproduction of those on the left to the point of destruction of those on the right? Or, will those on the right learn from history and decide it is not their place to save the world by forcing their beliefs on others? Only history will record the outcome of this social issue. Most alive today will never know the outcome. What we do know is we are presently up to our eyeballs in violent criminals who are reproducing daily. At the present we have a Criminal Justice system that is in a shambles. Backlogs of cases. Rules that are made in the favor of criminals. Causing many violent criminals to be back on the streets in hours or days. Honest persons getting caught up in the system who have really done no wrong. Many of whom are forced by the system to pled to some degree of crimes for which they have no guilt; just to get out of the system! However, when probation is the solution most are simply recycled and recycled through the system continuing to clog the system even more! Again, what is the solution here? Should we build more prisons and demand stronger sentencing? Prisons and county jails are loaded with drug offenders. Should officials come up with a system to categorize inmates more effectively?

  7. Change Of Corrupticans Nothing New Says:

    So, what is the answer to all of these mind boggling questions! Should we promulgate new rules, laws and regulations to protect the lawful society from those whose degradation of our society means absolutely nothing to them? It is pretty obvious to even the novice that swinging door jails and a turn them loose every chance you get criminal justice system is just plain not working. We need solutions to these real problems. We turn violent criminals out to prey on our elderly! Judges make decisions every day that affect the lives of innocent persons while making absolutely sure the criminals has received every conceivable right known to mankind! Why do we allow this? Because people are making money off other peoples misery, that’s why! Until the almighty dollar no longer rules, innocent people suffer the price!

  8. mike Says:

    stakeholders = donor businesses

  9. Christopher Says:

    Stakeholds such as the likes of Robert Schemel, American Elder Care, Inc. who thanks to his connections with Jeb Bush and others has been receiving Medicaid dollars for years to unlawfully store qualified nursing home patients in assisted living facilities with no properly medically trained employee’s. The victims include dementia patients with no supervision. Schemel receives about $1500 per month to keep these people out of nursing homes! Many have died and many others have suffered incidents of violence and abuse from which they will never recover! Its all about the friends of Tallahassee and the dollars they can make!

  10. Wilson Says:

    Nothing more, nothing less than Republican Death Panels. I wonder how many helpless people will die now?

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