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Scott taps campaign manager as legislative liaison

by Dara Kam | November 12th, 2010

Gov.-elect Rick Scott’s campaign manager Susie Wiles will be his go-between with the Florida Legislature during his transition, Scott announced today.

Wiles, who lives in Ponte Vedre, is a Jacksonville-area insider who served as a top aide to both current Jax mayor John Peyton and his predecessor John Delaney.

Wiles also served in President Reagan’s executive office and has a long history running Congressional and presidential campaigns.

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4 Responses to “Scott taps campaign manager as legislative liaison”

  1. mike Says:

    Scott hsd to give her a job. She wouldnt accept gift cards.

  2. Jackson Says:

    How old is she anyway?

  3. BM Says:

    Hey mike read this.

    Obama paid some in gift cards as well. Like Obama, you fail.

  4. Whitey West Says:

    Scott will ruin Florida very quickly..

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