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Palm Beach County Dem chair ‘interested’ in state post if Thurman leaves

by George Bennett | November 4th, 2010


Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel denounced Democratic state Sen. Jeremy Ring and others calling for Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman’s resignation after Tuesday’s electoral bloodbath.

But if Thurman decides to step down in the middle of her four-year term, Siegel says he’s interested in her job.

“If she does retire, yes, I’m interested,” Siegel said.

Ring, who represents a northern Broward district, says even with Tuesday’s national GOP tsunami, the Florida Democratic Party should have been able to help Alex Sink win the tight governor’s race against Republican Rick Scott.

Siegel criticized Ring for supporting moving up Florida’s 2008 presidential primary to January, which led the Democratic National Committee to threaten not to seat Florida’s delegation at the party convention.

Asked what he thinks Thurman should do, Siegel said, “I think she shouldn’t make any important decisions during the shiva period. Next week she can think about it. But I think it’s just rude for people to be throwing rocks at this time.”

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff offered this comment on Thurman: “Chair Thurman is focused right now on personally thanking everyone who volunteered at our Campaign for Accountability offices across Florida, the grassroots activists and elected leaders who work so hard to make the Sunshine State a better place to live, and all of the Floridians who contributed to the Florida Democratic Party over this last several years.”

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31 Responses to “Palm Beach County Dem chair ‘interested’ in state post if Thurman leaves”

  1. Who Cares what Siegel says Says:

    Jeremy Ring has done more for the Democratic party in his short time in office than Siegel has done in decades. Siegel sat by and watched both Kelly Skidmore ahd Kevin Rader were trounced. Mark Alan Siegel should resign himself for ineffective leadership.

  2. NoWay Says:

    Siegel ran the local party into the ground. GOD FORBID he gets his hands on the state party.

    If this moron gets Thurman’s seat, I will register as a Republican!

  3. Martha Says:

    Mary Brandenburg is going to be tough for Mark Siegel to beat.

  4. Not the brightest bulbs... Says:

    Broward and Palm Beach turnout is what kept Sink from winning…

  5. Meekly Understood Says:

    Forget Seigel, he is not inclusive, he excludes people.

  6. flo1law Says:

    At last the Party should be led by a minority, that is overdue, we have large pool of qualified and dedicated minorities to choose from. I suggest that former Senate Minority Leader, Al Lawson be Ms. Thurman’s replacement. He just retired from the Legislature after serving more than 25 years. One of the few democrats who served respectively during both a Democrat and a Republican controlled legislature.

    I’ve always believe that Ms Thurman should concentrate on her private consulting business. Leading the Democratic Party while at the same time partnering with prominent Republicans to lobby democrats, in my opinion presents a major conflict of interest for Ms. Thurman. What kind of example does Ms. Thurman provide for her staff?

    We need someone who will make “rebuilding” the party and it success his/her #1 priority.

  7. Boca Voter Says:

    Thurman and Seigel both need to go. More seats were lost under their watch than went down with the Titanic. They allowed Democrats to back Republicans at the cost of the Governors race. Aaronson and his little mafia that pull too many strings and control money also need to go. Mary Brandenberg for state party chair, are you kidding?? Remember she tried to block an FBI report with her name in it. This is just what we need. More of what got us inthis mess here today.

  8. Citizen Says:

    Lawson sold out the party by supporting amendment 7 and challenging an incumbent Democrat. He’s only interested in himself.

  9. Dave Trotter Says:

    Honestly, I think that Grayson would be a great leader for the Party. Hear me out. Yes, he made some mistakes with his ads against Dan Webster. But Grayson is exactly the type of leader that would energize the base.

    Whenever a person who is an “activist” runs a party, the party does well. Look at Howard Dean. When he took over, we took the White House and both Houses of Congress. Kaine goes in there, we lose the House.

    Lets get Grayson in there to energize Democrats

  10. JustinSnyder Says:

    It should not be anyone who is an elected official, has the aspirations of being an elected official or someone who does not have campaign or fundraising expertise. Siegel and Brandenburg need not apply.

  11. koko Says:

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  12. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Americans: It’s “Time to Give Your Republican Congressman HELL” Day


  13. Ira of WPB Says:

    Rather than blame State Chair Thurman for Dem. loses, look in the mirror. Could “you” have done better to stem the public’s angry tidal wave? If any of you support anyone for State Chair, state the positives of your nominee, not the negatives of others, as Republicans do. Palm Beach County Dem. Chair Mark Siegal has brought professionalism and modern technology, to the table, and is a concensus builder, leading by inclusion and master political skills.

  14. Sad Democrat Says:

    I don’t know Siegel, but I do know that turnout in Southeast Florida has been dismal for many years, so I don’t know what would recommend him. I’m just a regular registered Democrat and don’t even know if he’d be interested in the job, but how about Ron Klein? He’s smart and enthusiastic and could bring some energy back to the party and maybe to Southeast Florida, as well.

  15. vince Says:

    Mark is a joke.
    He should go open up a massage parlor with Mitch Caesar from Broward’s DEC.

    Thurman should go and take all of Palm Beachers with her.

    Vana, Deutch, Aaronson, Slosberg, Sachs and the crazy staffers

    Go see Robert,Crist and Meek

  16. Laugher Says:

    Skidmore has no political skill whatsoever. Did anyone really think she was going to win that race? Really? Same can be said for Kevin Greenstein Rader. This party needs YOUNG candidates. Late 20′s, early thirties. People they can build in the ranks. Look at Will Weatherford and others for the Republicans. We have Joe Abruzzo. Wahoo..Candidate Fail

  17. Sandra Hellman Says:

    Seriously? Siegel represents everthing that is wrong with politics. When you put a used car salesmen in charge you’re going to get sold a lemon and that’s what happened.

    He did nothing to get out the vote in palm beach county and has offices that are being paid for that aren’t being used. no one pays the phone bills and there isn’t even toilet paper in the office bathrooms.

    really siegel, you want to run the state? go back to NY…

  18. Anita Bederchair Says:

    Mark Alan Siegel has no control of anything that is going on in the Democratic Party. His “so-called” leadership at the DEC meetings is regularly publicly met with disrespect and distain because he has no leadership qualities. He’s rude, can’t remember anyone’s name and is constantly talking over the presenters. Admiral Stockdale was more conscious of the issues at hand when he was asleep at the podium during the VP Debate in 1992.

  19. Bonnie Says:

    If you continue with the same, expect the same.

    How about Kendrick Meek?

  20. WheretheTrueProblemBegan Says:

    Many of the PB County losses all stem from one person that abdonded their job in the middle of the term. That would be Robert Wexler… how the house of cards fell after he left!!!

  21. floridaforall Says:

    Priscilla Taylor would be a fantastic replacement for Thurman.

  22. flo1law Says:

    Vana did a very courageous thing, standing up for Floridians in desperate times- Vana felt that the party’s lack of leadership would suppress voter’s turnout and compromise Sink’s chances to win the election – she only did what Pres. Obama and Pres. Clinton were hoping to happen but did not dare address publicly. In politics and in war, decisiveness is key. Vana was right, the Party’s lack of leadership during recent difficult times cost Democrats the election. Kudos to Vana.

    Vana championed the cause of the Democratic Party in the Florida Legislature; she is a phenomenal fundraiser and a hard working democrat. She would be inclusive of minorities, something that the Party desperately needs to address.

  23. Tanya Says:

    Vana is far from brave. She is clueless in the commission meetings and she was ok as a legislator. Now she just does what Burt tells her.

    She is nice but not respected by anyone. With Sachs & Gannon, she makes women looki well….weak & dumb

  24. Siegel is just another looser Says:

    Mark Siegel is not what we need in Florida. He does not have the ability to motivate people. He will not appeal to moderate voters and he would be dead in the water everywhere except the retired communities in SE Florida.

    Mark Siegel in Jacksonville? We might as well hand over the every remaining Democratic seat the Republican Party.

  25. Young Democrat Says:

    Siegel was run out of New York due to a sexual harassment scandal. He is inept and ran the Boca-Delray Democratic club into the ground. People have only club attended meetings since new, young leadership saved the club and built it up. Siegel did the same thing to the DEC.

    Appoint a DEC chair who is under 40. Tara Laxer would be a good choice. The condo commandos are past their expiration date and relying on them is a mistake. They command no respect outside of the gates of their developments. The entire DEC executive board should resign for this collective failure.

  26. Lou Says:

    New young leadership is what is needed. Those old faces just don’t inspire.

  27. Marc Says:

    Have to laugh that the posting that said republicans ran too negative ads.

    THINK RON KLEIN! He didn’t discuss issues, he had crazy personal attacks.

  28. John Says:

    Dave Aronberg!

  29. dem dum Dems Says:

    The party should beg Alan Grayson to be their leader. Give him whatever he wants because he’s the only one on your side with big enough b@@!$ and the ability to give the Democratic party a jumpstart. As for this Mark character… effen comment.

  30. Oscar Says:

    Ron Klein.
    He can raise money and is not a total hack

  31. Mike Says:

    I think Mary Brandenburg would be good at making tough strategic decisions and would bring a lot of agricultural support back to the Dems. I’ve heard she’s interested in the job and Aronberg is not.

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