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Klein’s statement on ‘hard-fought campaign’

by George Bennett | November 3rd, 2010


U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, came into office during the Democratic wave of 2006 and was swept out during Tuesday’s Republican tsunami. Klein got 45.7 percent against Republican challenger Allen West.

Here’s a statement Klein released this afternoon:

“This has been a hard-fought campaign, and the votes are in. My family and I are deeply grateful for the strength and support we have received from our friends and neighbors in this community.

“It has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve South Florida as a public official for the last 18 years. For most of my adult life, I have dedicated every waking hour to doing my level best for this community. It is my home, and where my wife Dori and I have raised our family. We love this community, and remain devoted to the families and businesses here, both today and tomorrow. We will always find ways to serve, because difficult times require everyday people to give of themselves to move this country forward.”

23 Responses to “Klein’s statement on ‘hard-fought campaign’”

  1. Whitey Says:

    pack your s@#t and get out you coward liar klein. I worked against you & voted you out

  2. Scott Says:

    Good riddance to this elitist radical. He never represented the people & paid the price. Hopefully the only thing “hard fought” will be his first honest paycheck.

  3. ELC Says:

    I often wondered if Ron Klein’s lips hurt. I mean he was such an ***-******
    with Pelosi. Klein was her little YES-MAN. May be just maybe that is the reason you are no longer a Democratic
    Representative from Fl. In my opinion, you were a total disaster. Ron Dear…what were your accomplishments?
    Right…you had none. My happiest moment was last night when you lost-I couldn’t be happier. YOU were MEAN and a LIAR and that’s why you lost your position. If you ever try again…try this…TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. Taking the low road lost you your position.

  4. Antonio Piacci Says:

    We were inclined to vote for Klein until his vicious and negative ads came out against alan West. In his ads, klein did not once talk about his accomplishments or his vision and plans for the future – there were none – instead he viciously attacked Alan West.
    That is when we decided to vote for West. I contacted Klein’s campaign – twice – to warn him about those negative ads, but he continued, and he paid the price.

  5. JR Says:

    It’s Eric Johnson, Robert Wexler’s former Chief of Staff who was running these nasty campaigns.

    Klein and Johnson are just too nasty.

    Glad that Mr West gets a chance. If you are not happy with what he does, then vote him out in the next election.

    At least West gets a chance. The democrats in Palm Beach County demasculinzed Meek.

    That should have never happened.

  6. Joe Charboneau Says:

    One less lawyer in Washington replaced by an educated front line military officer who saw combat and stood by his men and for his county where and when it was real.

  7. Prudent Man, CFA Says:

    Klein ran a despicable campaign and should be kicked out of the Bar. The man has no moral center, is a liar and is a rotten example of Palm Beach County Politics. That the “Post” support supported this gutter snipe show the character of the editorial board. Their dislike of West didn’t require them to support Klein.

  8. EdFulop Says:

    1-800-GO U-HAUL, Mr. Klein.

    Operators are standing by!

    Better call soon — lots of trailers heading home in January!

    See you around town.

  9. nikki Says:

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  10. BigBillRedBird Says:

    what a classy way to go out. Ron Clown never once offers a note of congratulations to Allen West, who took the high road in this campaign and talked about the issues and his vision of America. Clown instead aired ads about bogus tax lien and motorcycle gangs ‘issues.’ i proudly cast my vote for West. i hope to cast many more for this true American hero in the year sto come. as he would say: I’d walk through hell with a gas can for Allen West. steadfast and loyal.

  11. Klein Says:

    Klein fought hard huh. I didn’t see him lift a finger. The guy just sat back and ran laughable “biker” ads.

    It proves Klein knew he wasn’t representing his district when he voted with Obama and Pelosi time after time.

    So he got what he deserved.

  12. Dead Rising Says:

    The commmenters supporting West throughout this campaign have been the most vile cretins that have ever reared their heads in South Florida Politics.
    You fools will get what you deserve with the carpetbagger you have just elected.

  13. EdFulop Says:

    To @Dead Rising –

    I suppose that the “vile cretins” that released the Colonel’s SSN# are your drinking buddies, yes? Did Klein run a single ad that didn’t demonize West? Did he spend a single dollar of his war chest sending me a mailer on what he’s managed to accomplish as my representative for the last four years? He didn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to face me, sending his staff to cover for him at two town halls, and then having 2 conference calls where I wasn’t permitted to ask questions. You are right with one thing you said — we got what we deserve; LEADERSHIP! Thank you Colonel West for walking the fire.

  14. nemo Says:

    The new GOP governer is hispanic, Col. West is black. How can the GOP not be the party in inclusion?

  15. Unreal Says:

    How did West get elected by all these racist tea party radicals? And a hispanic Senator?
    Oh maybe because it was a false lie by the left. The left should be ashamed of slandering a decorated veteran who cares about the country. They are offended that a black man could not agree with their age old belief that they own the black vote.

  16. Big Daddy Says:

    @Nemo-I don’t know whee you get your facts from, but Scott isn’t, nor has ever, presented himself as Hispanic.

    @Unreal-The Tea party isn’t racist, just anti-illegal immigrants.

  17. Unreal Says:

    Bigdaddy- I think nemo meant to say Rubio.

    And no the Tea Party isn’t full of racists but that’s what the left has been saying for months and months. There is not many more despicable things you can call someone than a racist. Except maybe a lawyer or politician.

    And what is wrong with being against illegal immigration? It is against the law.
    Do you know there are people in Mexico who have tried to emigrate legally to the US and have been on the list for over 10 years?
    We could have a very set migrant worker program, utilizing visas and accounting for everyone entering like we do for other countries, but our government doesn’t do it, because the people who support it want their votes. The same as they want the black votes.
    They never tell you the real reason. It isn’t a matter of race, or discrimination as the left likes to say. It is a matter of breaking the law, and importing massive amount of drugs at the same time. Some states want illegal aliens to vote now to help them out.
    Citizens of another country voting in our elections? Could they be more desperate?
    Leftist make Tea Partiers out to be lunatics but it is the left that is completely unhinged.

  18. JACK GILLIES Says:


  19. EdFulop Says:

    @Jack Gillies –

    I asked the same thing in another thread — Where’s Seth/NOWEST? or JoseO?Probably too hard to type when you’re curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, shouting “Yes we can! Yes we can!”

    Now come the Reclamation!

  20. Barbara Duchene Says:

    Klein should be thanking his neighbors,as they have supported him with their taxes for the last two decades. Klein, of course, did nothing for them, as his greed only goes in one direction.

  21. Whitey West Says:

    Let’s see what Rambo can accomplish, Whitey. You and West are third from the left on the evolutionary chart…(Have one of your drinkin buddies explain what that means, cracker!!!)

  22. SGS Says:

    NOWEST is NOWHERE to be found, Put in his place by the republican onslaght. If his job was to hurt West and help Klein. FAIL. If his job was motivate WEST base and raise money for WEST. Job well done. I think NOWEST is too lost to realize his own negative effect on the campaigns he supported. Self absorbed, elitist liberals that believe what they are shoveling, absolutley the worst. At least he can run back to Daddy and not really have to face the real world anyways. Thats what makes him a liberal, he doesnt actual contribute to society, just another mooch, who doesn’t know how to pay taxes. LOL

  23. Herlocker Says:

    Nah, Nah, Nah,Nah,……Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah,….Hey, Hey, Goodbye

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