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Judge tosses Jim Greer’s lawsuit against Florida GOP

by George Bennett | November 23rd, 2010


From the Associated Press….

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Florida Republican Party by its ousted former chairman.

Circuit Judge Alan Dickey granted the party’s motion to dismiss Jim Greer’s suit Tuesday in Sanford. Greer had accused the party of reneging on a $123,000 severance deal.

The party’s executive director, Ronnie Whitaker, issued a statement saying Dickey saw through Greer’s attempt to sue the GOP while refusing to answer questions under oath by citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Greer, meanwhile, is facing criminal charges stemming from his tenure as party chairman including theft, organized fraud and money laundering.


4 Responses to “Judge tosses Jim Greer’s lawsuit against Florida GOP”

  1. Big Jim Hasa The Best Lawyer In Central Florida Says:

    No matter what Jim Greer says or does he’s got he best lawyer in central Florida. He come in under Charlie Crist who at the time was doing the biding of Jeb Bush. The corruption under the Jebbie influence was in total control of all actions. What ever happened to Cheney Mason’s depositions of the corrupt Crist and McCollum?

  2. theloneconsumer Says:

    So, what Jim Greer was allowed to do under Crist will be reviewed. notice Crist’s campaign money was buying office furniture from Greer’s wife . she was short exactly the amount of money of Crist’s campaign furniture purchase (Marc Caputo article). I suppose that Cannon and Haridolpolous arent wanting Greer to unveil his statements before the election cycle. Should be interesting to hear what they had knowledge of.
    In the nature of Jeb bush, most people dont know that Delmar Johnson was in Jeb’s office circle as an employee.He, with Brett Doster, worked Gallagher’s GOP Governor primary in the ground. After Gallagher terminated Delmar, realizing he lied to him about polling numbers, Delmar worked for Crist as the new Governor under Greer.
    interesting that the GOP cut Delmar loose in serious legal liability. He spent the money worse than Greer. But Jeb got back at Crist through Greer. i think you are going to see how illegal alot of other people were. Greer was doing what they allowed him to do. In that sense, he wasnt illegal, was he?
    so, if the GOP Governor ALLOWS you to illegally set up an account to pay you for fundraising, is that illegal?

  3. theloneconsumer Says:

    Sorry-clarification Greer’s wife was short bailing Greer out of jail. Crist’s purchase of office furniture from him was the balance of the bail.

  4. Citizen X Says:

    Of course the Florida Party of NO will end up paying Greer to keep him from airing their dirty laundry. LOL! “Oh what a tangle web we weave, when we first learn how to deceive”. I say air the dirty laundry anyway so the Florida voters can see how they were duped by these corrupt cats in Tallahassee. It’s about time the GOP constituents see the real faces of their elected officials.

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