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‘Flavor of the month’ Rubio vows to focus on job, stay grounded

by George Bennett | November 3rd, 2010

CORAL GABLES — Marco Rubio’s Senate victory has made him a national superstar, with pundits calling him the face of the new GOP and a key to reaching Hispanic voters. Before the results were all in Tuesday night, cable chatterers were also musing about Rubio as a potential vice presidential or presidential candidate in the future.

Rubio, who won’t be sworn in for another two months, downplayed such talk at a news conference today.

“It’s flattering and it’s fleeting,” Rubio told reporters at the Biltmore Hotel. “Politics is full of one-hit wonders, of people that stood in a room like this with a bunch of cameras and you don’t hear from them anymore. The truth is that soon you will all go off and cover something else and there’ll be somebody else out there who’s the flavor of the month.

” And I will still be a U.S. Senator. And people of Florida deserve to be represented and I’m going to have to continue to work hard….It’s not going to get to my head. In life one of the things that keeps you grounded is you surround yourself with people that are willing to tell you when you’re really doing something dumb. And I have been blessed with an abundance of people that are willing to do that.”

As he did in his victory speech Tuesday night, Rubio said triumphant Republicans should stick to their principles or they’ll be booted by voters — again.

“This is a party that years ago — not so long ago, in the last decade — ran on a certain set of principles and values and ideas and within 10 years of being in the majority became indistinguishable from the Democrats they had replaced. That cannot happen again. If it happens again, we will find ourselves on the other end of the pendulum come the next election cycle,” Rubio said.

Since his victory, Rubio said he’s talked with Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Sen. George LeMieux, the appointee whose seat Rubio will fill. He said he’s also spoken with Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell and former Florida Sens. Bob Graham and Connie Mack.

8 Responses to “‘Flavor of the month’ Rubio vows to focus on job, stay grounded”

  1. JakeP Says:

    I like the guy, but hope he can avoid paling around with the ikes of Tony Perkins and others. It will be interesting to watch at least.

  2. Resident Says:

    “Flavor of the month”? Don’t be a sourpuss.

  3. horrible Says:

    What a horrible headline. Sounds like somebody didn’t get the angry black guy they voted for. Get over it, you libs got spanked last night.

  4. Creadability in Journalism Says:

    That Headline sure spells out Creadibilty in Journalism, as in Lack of, LEFT behind in potential, only believers are Move On .org & George Soros.

  5. nikki Says:

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  6. Gary L Says:

    I would suggest that if the editor of The Palm Beach Post would like to try to maintain circulation that they should try to adjust their headlines so that they no long insult the majority of readers (voters) who actually buy newspapers.

    In general, newspaper erosion has now become so severe that newspapaer writers may all end up in unemployment lines.

    Try to support Republican victories,after all, Republicans build business and only business can fuel the economy (and ANY hope that your newspaper has to survive).

  7. George Bennett Says:

    To all headline haters:

    “Flavor of the month” was Rubio’s own terminology.

  8. madmama Says:

    To George Bennett,
    I see you are, at least, reading comments from those of us, who grudgingly, still read the Palm Beach Pravda! I wonder if your superiors ever read them?
    Your editor should take heed from those of us who suggest that maybe if your paper were more about reporting the news than being the ‘mouthpiece’ for the ‘left’, your readership might just go up.
    For my husband, who is way more moderate than I, the last straw came when the Post endorsed Alcee Hastings over Bernard Sansaricq.
    What are you people smoking????

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