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Final Q poll: Rubio +14, Sink-Scott guv race tooclosetocall

by George Bennett | November 1st, 2010

Quinnipiac University’s final pre-election poll, which wrapped up Sunday night, shows Republican Marco Rubio with a 45-to-31 percent lead over indie Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race, with Democrat Kendrick Meek at 18 percent.

The governor’s race is too close to call, with Democrat Alex Sink up 44-to-43 percent over Republican Rick Scott in an Oct. 25-31 poll of 925 likely voters that has a 3.5 percent margin of error.

Quinnipiac’s final pre-primary poll in August showed Meek with a 10-point lead over Democratic Senate primary rival Jeff Greene (Meek won by 26.5 points) and Bill McCollum topping Scott by 4 points in the GOP governor’s primary (Scott won by 2.8 percent).

Click here to read the complete poll.

23 Responses to “Final Q poll: Rubio +14, Sink-Scott guv race tooclosetocall”

  1. Charles H Allnut Says:

    I am still dumbfounded by Crist’s campaign strategy. Instead of firmly planting himself as a centrist and pragmatist, he’s now portrayed himself as a liberal Democrat, not even as a moderate. The endoresements of Greene and Masters will further erode his ability in Palm Beach County to reach moderate voters such as myself, a moderate Democrat. I don’t want a Senator who will advance Obama’s agenda. I don’t like much of what the Republicans offer, but job One for Congress is to stop Team Obama from converting this country to European Socialism.

  2. Guess what Says:

    Were already there with the Ins. Co.’s every time you need a procedure or test they get to decide if they will pay for it. That goes for your drugs too. They want you to use only generics. My take on that is like using generic toilet paper every ttime I use It I get S… on my hand. Democracy with health care in this country has turned in nothing but greed.

  3. Ilsa Says:

    Alex Sink simply means Barack Obama’s policies.

    Florida’s lawsuit against ObamaCare would be dropped if Alex is elected. There was NO PORTABILITY in ObamaCare.

    Florida would become AMNESTY State #1, she endorses Obama’s Amnesty program.

    What’s happening in Haiti will flood the State with new immigrants and we will bear that burden.

    This state will become another CA, nearly bankrupt.

    NO to Alex Sink.

  4. Unreal Says:

    Kendrick may not win but at least he can watch Crist’s career collapse. Crist is a lowlife piece of slime.
    BUH BYE CHARLIE. Dont let that door hit you too hard. Take care! CYA! Hope you move out of the state and never come back! Welcome to the end or your career.

  5. Ken Says:

    Most of the seats will go GOP including the Gov and particulary dist 22 where snake De-klien will loose and 8 where Grayson the pig will go down big
    He should run for snake catheter he will be in good company

  6. rusty Says:

    are all of you tea partiers aware that everything that you want directly coincides with what the wealthiest among want. Less taxes for them… deregulation.. etc. don’t let yourselves be manipulated by those who really don’t have your best interests at heart. As always the almighty dollar is the real issue. By the way, your boy George was the man who started the stimulus program. .. remember the TARP program?

  7. BobinBoynton Says:

    To All of the Teachers, Parents and those involved in Education- Alex Sink for Governor and Charlie Crist for Senate. Both have proven their support for Education which you can easily tell that most of the morons who have posted above don’t have. They need Sink and Crist!! NO TO RUBIO and who is going to vote for someone that needs their Mommy telling us what a good son Rick Scott is. He has to have her dp it becuase of how crooked he is.
    To All supporters of Education- Get out and Vote- Sink for Governor, Crist for Senate and Anne Kanjian and Marcia Andrews for School Board.

  8. unreal Says:

    most tea party people r fiscal conservatives and have had enough of spending andbig govt. Bush was a liberal as far as im concerned. Biggovernment and wasteful spending is done. But we all know the democrats don’t listen because they r beholden to the unions. Don’t think for a second that if the GOP wins,and continues with business as usual, the tea party wont b all over them. The tea party r basically small business owners who have seen their businesses destroyed by both parties. Mainly liberal big government policies. We have had enough. Unfortunately the tea party is supported by the religious nuts. We have to fight them too. Fiscal discipline and freedom from oppression of government should b everyones goal.
    Look at the post after urs. There u have a teacher union supporter that only cares about teachers. Forget what happens to the rest if us. That’s the kind of blind selfishness that has ruined us.

  9. Moderate Democrat Says:

    It is time for the rational center to unite behind Governor Crist who uis the only viable option to stop the extreme far right Rubio.

  10. common sense Says:

    Republicans have run the state house and governorship for 12 years and look at what they have managed to create. Bad education, higher crime, bad health care, skyrocketed property insurance and taxes, over-building, urban blight, high unemployment. The state of Florida is disaster thanks to Republican policies.

  11. rjr Says:


    Your handle certainly fits you “Unreal” you should consider adding imbecile in front of the L. The GOP doesn’t have the answers to bull crap, not that the Dems do but at least they have the balls to try something new. From where I sit you both suck and make me sick.

  12. common sense Says:

    …and dont forget the idiotic Cuban embargo, which if lifted, would create tens of thousands of jobs in south Florida alone. Rubio will continue to endorse this failed policy, as our national economy continues to integrate with Communist China’s. The last person Florida needs to send to the Senate is an old-school, closed minded, Cuban-American. Republicans are for job creation? Yeah right.

  13. The real moderate Says:

    Moderate Democrat, please shut up! You infect every blog with your stupid comment. As #1 commented, Crist is no longer a moderate, he’s now painted hinself a liberal dem. I’m voting for Rubio to help stop Obama.

  14. Irish Mike Says:

    How many of those who call Rubio a “right wing extremist” have ever heard him speak? I mean, to call this guy an “extremist” is absurd. You might disagree, but come on.

    Charlie’s campaign blew it by trying to paint everyone to the right of him as an “extremist”. As though merely opposing Roe V. Wade, or opposing the teachers unions or the stimulus were some kind of nefarious plot to overthrow the government.

    After he insulted almost all of his supporters in the GOP, he tried to find new friends (Wexler, Aaronson, Greene)by stealing them from Kendrick Meek. But fast friends like those aren’t enough to win a statewide election, and everyone else sees him for what he his: a typical, self-aggrandizing, opportunist politician.

  15. Economist Says:

    Common Sense, why do expect open Cuban trade, which I support, to create tens of thousands of jobs in Florida? I’ve traveled to Cuba several times on trade discussions. It is a poor country without capital and a worthless currency and high unemployment.

    And Democrats (rememember JFK?) and Republican presidents and congress have consistently supported the embargo although Clinton allowed very limited trade (such as food and medicines with retrictions).

    And it’s Republican legislators from midwest farming states who are pushing the hardest to lift the embargo.

    Uninformed statements such as yours discredit efforts at opening trade.

  16. JKM Says:

    Rubio = American Taliban.
    Christ = Same old, same old.
    Meek = Fuggataboutit.

    Politician = professional liar.

  17. Mr. B Says:

    Let’s hope after Charlie loses tomorrow, he fades away. Rubio will win and he is the man for the job. I believe liberal papers such as the Palm Beach Post are endorcing and promoting for Sink who I know will be Sunk by Scott. Sink has just as many questions to answer about her dealings with Bank of American and her fondness of insurance companies. Scott on the other hand is a successful business man who will help lower taxes and create jobs for Florida.

  18. Man up Meek Says:

    It’s not too late to quit, Kendrick, which will elect Crist and keep Rubio from going to the Senate. Of course, that’s if you’re man enough to put your foolish pride aside.

  19. d Says:

    Go Crist–don’t need anymore gridlock

  20. Doesn't matter Says:

    Meek can quit and it doesn’t matter. He’ll still be on the ballot and people will vote for him, not Crist. Spineless, do nothing, which way is the wind blowing Crist has no chance either way. Rubio will be a good Senator.

  21. North County Says:

    Tomorrow I imagine that the residents of Florida will get what they voted for. I can not imagine how we are going to close a 2 billion plus state budget gap without federal money. The foreclosure backlog in Florida of 500,000 homes has been a back door stimulus of at a minimum 500 million to consumer spending per month. These homeowners mind you are not paying their real estate taxes. Once the banks catch up this stimulus will be gone and you can expect unemployment to reach 14 percent in South Florida. What taxes are there to cut? Real Estate? Tallahassee likes to pretend to cut taxes at the state level by pushing the shortfall down to the county level. The republicans have been running this state for the last 12 years and its a disaster.

    For all of you small business owners this is a lack of demand, credit induced recession. Floridians took income out of their homes to the tune of 10′s of billions of dollars and spent it on boats, cars, vacations and TV’s and eating out. According to the tax foundation The state of Florida Ranks 47th Nationally in its state and local tax burden. 7.4% per capita versus 9.7 percent national average. And this is 2008 data. Taxes are not the problem income is. This state can not survive based solely on real estate and tourism.

    Medicaid and medicare fraud is not going to generate income in this state to drag us out of our misery. I can not wait to see Tallies answers. The hand will be outstretched to Washington and all of those newly elected tea party members will slap it shut.

  22. Snoopy Says:

    Tea Party Member = Republican who is too poor to afford the dues to the country club.

  23. Unreal Says:

    Oh Labels Snoopy how fun.
    Partisans=Mindless Sheep
    Democrats=Helpless children who still need mommy
    Republicans=Religious zealots who act like children that need mommy, but say they don’t.

    What other childish games can we play?

    How about “Sore Loser’?

    Whoops. Looks like you already beat me at that.

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