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Early voting numbers favor GOP

by Jane Musgrave | November 1st, 2010

For the first time since early voting began in 2004, more Republicans than Democrats cast ballots in the two-week run up to Tuesday’s general election.

According to an analysis by Palm Beach Post writer Adam Playford, Republicans represented 44.6 percent of the 1.089 million voters who cast their ballots at early voting sites across the state that closed Sunday. Slightly more than 40 percent were Democrats and the rest weren’t affiliated with a major party.

Republicans, who have consistentlly lagged in early voting, have said the turnout shows their voters are energized about upsetting the Democrat-controlled Congress and throwing out incumbents.

In 2006, 43.6 percent of those who voted early were Democrats and 41 percent were Republicans. In 2008, with Democrats embracing Barack Obama, voting patterns were far more lopsided. A whopping 52 percent of early voters were Democrats compared with 30 percent who were registered Republicans.

Locally, early voting patterns reflected the political make up of area counties. In Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties, where Democrats outnumber Republicans, more Democrats voted early. In Martin County, a Republican stronghold, the GOP ruled early voting.

Of the 62,762 who voted early in Palm Beach County, nearly 48 percent were Democrats and 32.5 percent were Republicans. In St. Lucie County, where roughly 15,000 people voted, the breakdown was: 46.4 percent Democrats and nearly 37 percent Republicans. In Martin County, about 58 percent of the 12,000 who voted early were Republicans and 25 percent Democrats.

19 Responses to “Early voting numbers favor GOP”

  1. SAJ Says:

    I couldn’t wait to vote for Republicans this cycle. The liberals are enchroacing on all aspects of our lives. They profess to know what is best for us. The attitude of the Democrat elite is similar to the “Divine Right of Kings” which was partly responsible for the American Revolution. Although I agree with alternative energy sources such as solar energy, it is still too costly. The only way solar and other alternatives can survive is with government subsidies. I want the market to determine the best source for our energy and not a politician or bureaucrat. Otherwise, we will pay more and get less. I am praying for a Republican landslide so adults can take control of government again!

  2. Fred Says:

    This POST article is merely reporting that statistically, more registered republicans have taken advantage of early voting than registered democrats.

    It is NOT indicative of how these individuals may have cast their ballot!

    Prior election statistics clearly show that many voters cross party lines and/or split their tickets.

    Remember, the elections aren’t over until the last ballot is counted!

  3. David Says:

    MAKE NO MISTAKE. America is awake and angry and we will clean house. Politicians on both sides should take note: WE WANT LESS GOVERNMENT!

  4. David Stroud Says:

    I am surprised that a lot of individuals still have faith in the Democrats after destroying health care and shoving it down are throats. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have trashed this country and helped lead it to a socialist path. I can not wait for the Republicans regain control.

  5. JH Says:

    The FOUR HORSEMEN of Economic Ruin: Barack Obama (B.O.), Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their puppet master – George Soros. Vote for Democrats Tuesday if you want these clowns running (and ruining) your life for the next two years.

  6. dhili Says:

    Put Cerabino the Clown on suicide watch.

  7. ELC Says:

    President Barry O Bama-Man-Wake up and smell the coffee-this race is about you and your disaster party. You are all on the way OUT and it can’t come soon enough. As an Independent-I voted primarily for the Republicans except for the Governor race where I went Independent because Sink and Scott sicken me. I am wishing that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz gets her ***kicked and
    also Ron Klein and Ted whatever. Barack
    the Boob, Pelosi the Witch, Hang’em Harry and George the Big Mouth. You are all going to pay a heavy price. If you are smart and a Democrat-you run for the hills if you know what’s good for you. We unfortunately have Barry darling still as President, but he will be a lame-dumb duck and I hope the Republicans wipe the floors with him.

  8. ML Says:

    Amazing the feeble memories of these writers. It took 8 years of “W” to erase our treasury. Do you think Obama or anybody else could fix that in 18 months? It takes time and a willingness that the Republican party does not have, blocking all that comes before.

    Its a joke, all they have is “scare” and Sara??

  9. Educator Says:

    President Clinton operated quite well for 8 years with a Republican House and Senate. History does repeat itself.
    Sarah in ’12, she’ll beat the President! Rah Rah sis boom bah!!!

  10. dhili Says:

    “It took 8 years of “W” to erase our treasury.”

    So since Bush spent too much, Obama had to outspend him by 4 times. What are you smoking? Bush was wrong. Obama is 4 TIMES AS WRONG.

  11. Max Says:

    NO to the party of NO!! This election cycle, sanity will win out as more of us are voting person and not party The two-party system is what is wrong with our country. I wonder how many could actualy vote if they printed the ballots without the (D) or (R) after the candidates’ names.

  12. steve Says:

    Yes Fred at 453, comfort yourself tonight with your fantasy number dream…..slleeeeeeep…sleeeeeeeeep.

  13. Who??? Says:

    You mean it took 2 YEARS FOR THE DEMS & LIBS TO MESS THINGS UP….

    In December ’06.. DOW was at 14,000 – unemployment was at 4.6% – deficit was $260Billion…
    Then in January ’07 the Looney Liberals took over the Senate and the House and things began to crash

    Also, “early voting” has always been a good indicator and all over the country Republicans are out-voting Dems.

  14. EdFulop Says:

    Let’s not forget what the first priority was for that newly elected Democratic Congress in 2006; the hiking of the minimum wage. That was the first domino in the chain

  15. Irish Mike Says:

    Amen, Who???

    Who was it that “rolled the dice” with Fannie Mae? Who was the most prominent “Friend of Angelo? Who was the largest recipient of campaign contributions from FNMA this century?

    For those keeping score, that would be the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee (Barney Frank, D-Mass), the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee (Chris Dodd, D-Conn), and President of the United States (Barack Obama). No Bushies they!

    And imagine, the Financial Reform Bill did not affect Fannie Mae. Hmmmm….

  16. Irish Mike Says:

    Ed you’re exactly right. How many unskilled workers and kids are missing out on skills and experience just so short-sighted legislators could congratulate themselves on their largesse and moralize against greedy employers?

    The employers went on strike.

  17. ken Says:

    If the GOP takes back the house tomorrow, does that mean that Palin will run for Pres in 2012? Please let’s hope so!!!

  18. Jackson Says:

    What a cesspool you’re running here in Florida — goodness, I can even smell it up here at low tide. The only place I’ve seen fewer real policy comments is on Mitch McConnell’s site.

    So what do you imagine you want? The magical three-percent of $250K taxpayers actually contributing to the collective needs to spare us from the effects of class warfare — when poor people attack the food banks to get what they need?

  19. Bluved4ever2 Says:

    I thought Bush was a good person with good morals. I just feel like he came into office trying to finish what his father started. If Obama would have lead us into this war under false pretense, he would be drug out of the white house. This president has really been trying to put things in place that will help us in the long run get back what we’ve lost. Jobs, 401k sucks. I’m really not sure if everything goes Democrat then they push only their agenda and not be willing to compromise. Maybe if the GOP takes over the house and the senate they’ll be able to get together and compromise.Either way, I will be keeping up to see what happens. GO AMERICA!!!!!

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