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Crunch time: Scott votes in Naples before last-minute push

by Dara Kam | November 2nd, 2010

Photo courtesy Shealah Craighead/Rick Scott campaign

Rick Scott and his wife Ann voted at a church near their Naples home this morning then hopped on a private plane for some last minute campaigning in Jacksonville and Tampa.

Under cloudy skies as a light drizzle fell, Scott said he was confident of a victory over Democrat Alex Sink despite polls showing the race is a dead heat.

“We’re going to win,” Scott told reporters standing outside St. Ann Catholic church as a light drizzle fell. “This race is about jobs. We need jobs. I’m going to do everything I can to get this state back to work.”

Scott’s mother Esther, elevated to celebrity status after starring in several of her son’s television campaign ads, sat in an SUV as the Scotts cast their ballots.

Esther Scott can’t vote for her because she lives in Kansas City, Mo.

“I’m going to change that law,” she joked.

Scott will finish up the night in Ft. Lauderdale.

7 Responses to “Crunch time: Scott votes in Naples before last-minute push”



  2. steveb13 Says:

    Alex Sink was the CFO over Florida during the largest state wide foreclosure crisis. She single handedly destroyed the State pension fund for seniors on bad investments. If you don’t blame the CFO for Florida’s mess who do you blame? Darker days will be coming for Floridians if she is elected SO VOTE!

  3. Why Didn't Obama Come HelpThe Sinker Says:

    Everyone knows a vote for Sink is a vote of support for ObamaCare, Cap and Trade and don’t forget she and the other democrats support this 1% transaction tax congress is going to address before then end of the year! Not to mention all the millions of our staate retirement and investment funds Sink handed over to her friends and cronies at Bank of American! Why didn’t Obama come down her and hug her like he did Crist and Meek? Because he needs her to get elected so she can help him win Florida in 2012! Vote our these socialist suckers!

  4. da_truth Says:

    Let’s get to work and bring some Medicare fraud to Tallahassee!

  5. Brian Says:

    Obama’s trip to India is costing American taxpayers..ready for this….

    $200 MILLION…ready…A DAY.

    Please work a second job to pay for this trip and all the extravagant trips these bozos are taking.

    Don’t forget Charlie Crist’s european vacation with 9, YES! 9 bodyguards (who also submitted a $600 DRYCLEANING BILL for FL citizens to pay) and 1 photographer.

    It is disgusting. NO matter what party, whether democrat or republican, who spend money while so many people are SUFFERING.

    Rebalance our government OUT with
    Speaker of the House-Democrat-Pelosi
    Executive Branch-democrat-Obama (with his veto pen)
    Judicial Branch-democrat president nominates LIFETIME judicial nominees

    This is just to REbalance our government, not dominate it…NO to ALL democrats!

    Don’t give them carte blanc

    Let there be a balance. NO to ALL democrats!

    And start locally!

  6. Bob Says:

    I’m surprised that Rick can walk into a church without bursting into flames.

  7. michael Egan Says:

    Thanks to the post “political endorsements” I have a way to remember whom or what NOT to vote for. Your left-leaning, pro-Democrat (read kool-aid drinker) choices leave me to think twice about casting a vote your editors suggest. They seem to be on the wrong side of every issue/candidate. Have they NOT been paying attention these last four years??? I do know they lie by omission, but to be so blatant about airing their choices?? No wonder your diminishing readership!

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