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Confident Scott: ‘I will be the next great governor’

by Dara Kam | November 3rd, 2010

A confident Scott and his wife Ann came on the stage shortly after 2 a.m. – nearly two hours after Alex Sink had gone home – and spoke to about 100 weary stragglers.

“I apologize this has taken so long,” the ever-polite Scott said, adding that he was glad it didn’t rain although it could have without him knowing it when he was sequestered in his suite watching the election returns on television.

“After all the votes are counted..I am absolutely confident I will be the next great governor of the state of Florida,” he said.

Scott said he would have more to say later today

“We know we’re going to win and we look forward to getting this state back to work,” he said, riffing on his trademark “Let’s Get to Work” campaign slogan.

Scott sidestepped a question about his disappointment over not being able to declare victory.

“I had a great speech,” he said, smiling. “I had a great speech. We had great confetti and everything. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

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7 Responses to “Confident Scott: ‘I will be the next great governor’”

  1. RealAngst Says:

    Good Lord I hope not. Who in their right mind actually voted for this thief! When will he be indicted for what he has already done? While I am at it, why is Rubio not under indictment? His money guy took a plea and took the fall for him, so where is the continuing investigation of Mr. Rubio?

  2. ObamaGotHisAssKicked Says:

    PBC trying to steel another election again. Reminder: Bush Won in Florida Recounts Conducted by the LIBERAL Media

    Read more:

    P.S. If you IDIOT LIBERALS hate Florida so much move the hell back up north…

  3. FloriDUH Says:


    You’re an idiot – Gore won the popular vote and it was Ken Delay’s cronies along with Harris who STOLE the election. Maybe you like your president elected by the Florida Supreme court, but I do not, but I’m educated and informed; you are an obvious racist. You people voted in the WORST bunch of psychos ever. You will have to deal with it

  4. FloriDUH Says:

    WHat liberal media are you talking about? You mean the liberal media that for weeks have said that dems are in for a loss? That liberal media? You are a disgrace! Get informed.

  5. UR Nuts Says:

    Obama Got… please read a newspaper every once in a while you uninformed hillbilly.

  6. bs Says:

    Scott: “I’ll be the next great thief of Florida”!!!!! And I must get all the money back that I personally spent on my campaign. I mean camp-PAIN, TAKE THAT TAXPAYERS.

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