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Big lobbyist turnout at high-security Scott fete

by Dara Kam | November 2nd, 2010

Some of Tallahassee’s most powerful lobbyists crowded into the ballroom at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina for “outsider” GOP gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott’s election night party, including those once bankrolling his primary opponent Bill McCollum’s campaign.

Scott, who campaigned as an “outsider,” defeated the attorney general after a brutal primary campaign, not unlike his general race against Democrat Alex Sink.

Scott’s imposing security staff blocked off hallways at the waterfront marina and hotel and even employees complained about the restrictions. One hotel guest trying to leave the property had to plead with Scott’s bouncers to let him leave without walking around the entire hotel to get to his car.

The movers-and-shakers in attendance included Fred Leonhardt, who was on McCollum’s finance committee, and donors who contributed at least $100,000 to Scott’s campaign.

Others on the A-list getting an early foot in the door with Scott included Ron Book, Billy Rubin, Dave Ramba, Jim Eaton, Pat Malloy, Jennifer Green, and U.S. Sugar’s Robert Coker.

Senate President-designate Mike Haridopolos, a handful of other GOP legislators and former RPOF executive director Will McKinley and former RPOF fundraiser are also in the house.

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5 Responses to “Big lobbyist turnout at high-security Scott fete”

  1. unreal Says:

    The whores with their checkbooks are already lining up to win some favor. And here i thought Scott was supposed to be different.

  2. america is sold to republicorp Says:

    I hear that Scott is winning.
    Greed wins.
    Good job, Florida.
    Let’s get to work making the rich even more wealthy.
    Let’s fire some hard-working teachers because an illiterate student from another country scored low on the FCAT.
    Let’s never give gay people equal rights.
    How depressing.

  3. Antwan Says:

    Ha! Gotta love the whinyass libs crying themselves to sleep tonight! Suck it D-Bags…Alex Stink has sunk!

  4. SOLD! to the richest corporation Says:

    Now that the Bush Supreme Court has declared that corporations are persons and therefore cannot be limited in what they spend on elections, we have just seen what happens. A billion dollars secretly given by corporations to support Republican candidates. 2008 was the last free election in this country. From this election on, corporations will elect whoever they want, because they have all the money. You are now witnessing a 230 year old democracy commit suicide.

  5. sad day for America Says:

    Politicians and laws for sale… to the highest bidders.

    This shows that we need to focus more on Character Education.

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