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What’s the definition of ‘is?’ Sink camp releases Scott deposition video

by Dara Kam | October 20th, 2010

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink’s campaign released a Clinton-esque video of her GOP opponent Rick Scott’s deposition in a 1995 lawsuit, one of several against his former hospital chain Columbia/HCA.

In the two-minute clip of the two-hour video of the deposition, Scott repeatedly answers the interrogator’s questions with questions, including this response when asked about a deal he allegedly struck with an El Paso doctor.

“I don’t know what the def — your definition or anybody’s definition of an ‘agreement’ is, or an ‘offer’ is, or ‘promise’ is,” Scott answered.

The video first surfaced in a report by The St. Petersburg Times and Miami Herald.

Scott’s campaign folks contend the health care executive was trying to stave off money-grubbing lawyers.

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12 Responses to “What’s the definition of ‘is?’ Sink camp releases Scott deposition video”

  1. Rob in FL Says:

    Rick Scott is one of two things, incompetent or a crook. Both disqualify him from being governor.

  2. DUNE DAWG Says:

    So, now the TRial LAwyers are also tag teaming with this newspaper to demonize Rick Scott??

    He was questioning their assertion of the “deal” NOT what the definition of “IS”.

    Clinton was disbarred for lying under oath!

    Rick Scott has not been charged with a single misdemeanor, let alone any felonies.

    This is the prime example of our times as to just what YellowDog Journalism means…taking political sides by publishing known lies to destroy a public or private citizen.

    Karl Marx said it was OK as long as it promotes One World Peace…Komrade Randy Schultz takes his mission seriously enuff to forego all Journalistic Integrity, lost so long ago at this bankrupt NYT wannabe doom and gloom Marxist propaganda psychobabblery!!

    The community is gradually recalling the newspaper franchise – you don’t even print the rag anymore??

  3. another way Says:

    Great video. The guy is a criminal, plain and simple. Anyone who can’t see this is in denial. Even if you don’t believe he engaged in a massive fraud while CEO of his company, and got away with it, he’s plainly lying in this deposition. That is perjury, and perjury is a crime. Is this who you want running the State of Florida?

  4. ROCA Says:

    That’s to show you people, all politicians are liars and crooked. Icluding Charlie Christ. We need to vote them off the seat and get a new set.

  5. DUNE DAWG Says:

    Anyone even slightly aware of Trial Lawyers attempting to hound CEO’s through mindless depositions of matters not remotely within the their perview gets a real kick out of the various ways to avoid these lame confrontations.

    This clip loses all meaning as it is YellowDog Journalism to extract little bites from a several hour long process!

    We always had our CEO answer with legal jargon like “based upon competent legal advice I believe I do not in my capacity as CEO have sufficient detailed knowledge of the specific subject addressed to render an accurate opinion”. Usually, after twenty such responses they stopped their lame fishing expedition – charging their client for their private plane and huge outlays adding nothing to their suit but more expenses.

    Rick Scott was CEO of the holding company that consisted of 350 hospitals worldwide with the purchase of Columbia in 1993 and HCA in 1994. Rick Scott would necessarily have almost zero knowledge of a local hospital group of managing doctors in a 1995 lawsuit that most obviously arose from acts arising out of an event several years before their purchase!

    Not one word from this rag about the $40 Billion consumers saved from the lowering of average hospital cost – 15% over competitors, 30% below GOVT, lower even than Church Non-Profits!!

    Rick Scott wanted to investigate the claim assertions at the HCA he just bought, his board (Thomas Frist & other former HCA execs) wanted to delay and negotiate small settlements. Rick Scott left that company, Frist “reinvented” The New HCA, and used his two family Senator relative to settle 4-6 years later for less than 1/2% of the revenue during the period claimed!!

    THEN the MMA 2003 thru out all the bogus Medicare “48 fiscal intermediaries, etc.” and replaced it all with 15 Medicare Admin Contractors to professionally handle our 48 million Seniors healthcare claims. The problem was claimed to be $100 Billion Waste, Fraud and Abuse…repeated again often during BARAMAcare news ops!!

    The real question remains why HHS Kathleen Sebelius has not yet reported ANY savings from that 7 year old legislation’s major reform to MAC’s!!


  6. Rhonda Says:

    Giving Alex Sink the governorship of FL will doom the state and bring it to the brink, much like California.

    Take a look at that once beautiful state, CA, it’s teetering on the brink, it can’t pay it’s bill, it’s liberal philosophy has doomed the state.

    One third of all those on government assistance live in CA.

    If Alex Sink is elected that will be the direction FL will be headed.

    NO TRUST in Sink.

    SINk is what will happen to FL.

  7. Joan Says:

    I love how all conservatives are so worried about the sanctity of this newspaper’s political blog, but never seem to want to address the issues at hand.

  8. Bad leadership Says:

    Twice now, Obama has failed to mention ‘creator’ when talking about the Declaration of Independence.

    He ignores that part of the Declaration, he fails to attend church, takes his ‘religion’ from his blackberry, 20 yrs attendance in a church where hate was preached.

    Electing democrats who will support obama will continue Obama’s mission.

  9. Republican Hero Says:

    This tape is too much for me. He is a fox, and should be discouraged from ever running for public office. I will vote Dem. for the first time in 24 years.

  10. RealAngst Says:

    Rick Scott is a crook. NO NO NO!!! WTF people! Do not vote for this moron!

  11. Bruno Sammartino Says:

    Scott should learn the simple lesson that money CAN NOT win an election…He is not QUALIFIED!!!!

  12. Bruno Sammartino Says:


    are we talking about Obama here…great, then let’s also discuss our last President Bush..

    stick to the topic, with that tiny brain of yours

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