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Video shows Allen West supporters pressuring Democratic operative to leave vets event

by George Bennett | October 19th, 2010

The Florida Democratic Party late Monday released the above footage of a Sept. 26 incident in which Republican congressional challenger Allen West asked supporters to “escort” a Democratic opposition-research videographer from a public park in unincorporated Delray Beach where the West campaign had rented a pavilion for a “Vets For West” event.

The videographer — called a “stalker” by West — was surrounded by West supporters and pressured to get into his car. The Florida Democratic Party said that at one point the West supporters “physically knocked his camera away.”

A separate video below shows West’s remarks, with his comments about the videographer beginning around the 2:25 mark.

“I don’t want him here, please escort him away because this is a place of honor and the organization that you represent has no honor, so please leave,” West says. After a few seconds, West adds, “Please escort him away. Do not touch him. Just escort him away, please. Thank you…”

Read more after the jump, including the West campaign’s response…

West, who’s challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, is facing criticism for his ties to the South Florida motorcycle community after an NBC News report highlighted an e-mail exchange between West and one of his supporters about the notorious Outlaws club.

In releasing the video Monday night, the Florida Democratic Party says the West supporters are wearing Outlaws affiliate patches.

“This is an unbelievably disturbing incident that shows how extreme and menacing Allen West is and how dangerous some of West’s supporters are,” Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff said. “…The fact that Allen West thinks the basic campaign activity of filming a public figure in a public park warrants physical intimidation is unacceptable and outrageous. South Floridians deserve better.”

West campaign manager Josh Grodin offers a different characterization:

“The video shows the Democrat stalker at a private event in which the campaign rented a park (public park, but we rented the area) and held a picnic to honor the American veteran. He was asked to leave, and some of the Vietnam vets escorted him out. I don’t see Allen in anything except the first few seconds of the video in which he asked the stalker to leave. Again, we paid for a portion of the park to hold a private event, and the stalker wasn’t invited.

“This is not a biker controversy, but a media and Democrat driven non-issue. Most of those vets shown came in trucks and cars, not bikes. Every person I saw in that video was a vet. Klein does an awful lot of talking about how he supports vets, but talk is cheap. We find it appalling that the Klein camp is disrespecting veterans by making them out to be thugs and bullies. This was an event to honor those who served and sacrificed, and by sending this stalker to disrupt the day shows what little regard Klein has for the men and women who wore the uniform.

“Klein owes the veterans in this community a sincere apology and explanation for his lack of respect, but I’m not holding my breath.”

Here’s a report on the newly released video that aired Monday night on Miami’s WTVJ Channel 6.

70 Responses to “Video shows Allen West supporters pressuring Democratic operative to leave vets event”

  1. Burden on TaxPayers Says:



    That’s KLEIN, That’s SINK

    They’re not paying it, YOU will be paying it, They’re LIVING off of us.

    NO to ALL democrats. REbalance our government. It is UNbalanced and Unhealthy due to one party rule.

    NO to ALL democrats to REbalance OUR government.

  2. ted Says:

    I was in attendance at that event, All the motorcycle guys I saw were all about Veteran motorcycle groups, there were no “Outlaw” members there. I am not a motorcycle guy and it is true this was an event that was a privately sponsored and paid for.It would be as if a family rented the pavilion for a party and some outsider crashed the property.

  3. Maria Says:

    Why do democrats condone, excuse calling a female opponent a ‘whore’?

    When one reflects on democrats and their tactics one can remember how democrats debased Palin, O’Donnell, McMahon, Angle and even their own, Hillary Clinton.

    Democrats belittle women, call them names, sexualize them, demean them and characterize them as chattel.

    Democrats demean women.

  4. Educator Says:

    “NO to ALL democrats to REbalance OUR government”


  5. Native Says:

    Kick his ass Mr West!! We don’t need the Pelosi do boy anylonger!!! Hope you beat this mommy’s boy hands down11

  6. Flip This House (Captial) Says:

    Even though this is tame, compared to the Black Panthers standing with billy clubs in hand in Philly in attempt to intimatade voters all for Dems, this is a non issue.

  7. vdbbgh32324 Says:

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  8. Karensky Says:

    Now that is really funny. Guess he couldn’t get a Macaca moment with a bunch of Vets hanging around. What is even funnier is that the FlDemParty all but acknowledges that their paid stooge made himself rather unwelcome. Oh, and gasp!, LtCol(R)West asked that he be escorted out. Really?!, Really!?

  9. Reality Says:

    To date, $1.09 trillion dollars have been allocated to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is your deficit folks. Let’s get our hired officials to spend on domestic issues instead of borrowing from the Chinese to bankroll the war and bankrupt the country!

  10. JGP Says:

    If West’s campaign paid for the park space, then the guy should have left when asked.

  11. NOWEST Says:

    this seems par for the course for Westie Zombies

  12. rukiddingme? Says:

    Another attempt by the liberal Palm Beach Post to discredit an honorable man with honorable intentions.

    Question: Who can argue against Wests position of smaller government, less taxes and more personal responsibility? Answer:Liberals and liberal publications like the PBP.

  13. Steve Ellman Says:

    By West’s logic, every reporter who follows a candidate on the campaign trail is a “stalker.” West likes to talk big about his love of “freedom” but his actions put the lie to that, as these fascist tactics demonstrate.

  14. post rejects Says:

    ever notice how the Post’s slanted articles/opinions are routinely lambasted and always rejected by the majority of this community. Post tries to blast the republican or tea party at every turn, and it’s always rejected by readers.

  15. Democrats are damn evil Says:

    Wow, just think of the reporters in Chicago who prevented another reporter from asking Rahm Emanuel questions.

    Democrats are evil. How about the democrats who took kids OUT OF SCHOOL, gave them a list of democrat candidates and took them to a precinct to VOTE

    And the black panthers who intimidated voters AT a precinct. So Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, dismisses charges against the panthers.

    And Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, KNEW “(we’ve had our eye on Van” she said at a NetRoots Convention) that Van Jones was a self-avowed communist and Obama APPOINTED Jones a czar (need NOT go thru approval process)

    And Obama appointed a Safe School Czar (again doesn’t have to go thru approval process), Kevin Jennings, who FAILED to report a teenager having a sexual relationship with an adult. Since it was a gay relationship, it didn’t matter. PATHETIC!

    Don’t send more democrats to Congress to approve of Obama’s extremist appointees.

    That’s what the democrats do. Klein will do the same. It’s these liberal democrats who destroy our nation.

  16. rjr Says:

    Maria, maybe they are whores and that’s why they are called whores. Not all woman but if you choose to act like a whore, guess what,… you probably are a whore. You need to think about that Marie. I fall to reason with you what’s a democratic or republican got to do with a whore. It’s people like you that likes to stir the pot and sit back and watch it burn. Now isn’t that the truth Maria.

  17. tpe Says:

    This is a disgrace. None of the multiple klein ads talk about his track record or what he has done in four years in office. They are all aimed towards discrediting the other candidate. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. This fool Klien wants to stay in power so he discredits his opponent, instead of talking about his accomplishments during 4 years in office. VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ed Mahoney Says:

    Best political ad of the season right here in Palm Beach County for Joe Budd and the Palm Beach communist Post won’t cover it. Protecting their own. 1600 Youtube hits in 3 days. Watch it here:

  19. Independent voter Says:

    Democrats have no shame, Republicans no brains.

  20. Biff Logan Says:

    Beta male, metrosexual, whiners. Col. West is an alpha male. He holds people responsible for their actions and doesn’t back down. You beat down, feminist, libs can’t handle a real man who calls you on your despicable ways. How can you continue to destroy the black culture with Col. West around? Crying bully is like crying racist. The only thing you cretins can do when the truth shows up. Col. West is the truth, and he is in the house!!

  21. Herb Says:

    This “videographer” talked big about his First Amendment rights and how he had a right to be in a public park, but apparently didn’t like it when the shoe was on the other foot and someone took down his very public license plate number. Sounded like a whiny little baby, a real momma’s boy. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest.

  22. nazis Says:

    Bunch a Nazis.

  23. Ana Says:

    This was NOT a reporter being surrounded by West supporters. This is an individual hired by the Klein campaign to follow West everywhere he goes in order to find opposition sound bites. Even at private events.

    Klein won’t talk about his voting record and over the last 3 debates is sounding more and more conservative – altho’ his voting actions are profoundly LIBERAL, which is what he is.

  24. nemo Says:

    Of course West is guilty. He’s a Republican isn’t he. To the palm beach post being a GOP’er is to be guilty of “everything”. It’s a shame we don’t have a fair press. The pbp is obvious, leftist, and anti-American.

  25. the party of "no" Says:

    You all have been brainwashed and seem hateful. I know.. that’s the t-bagger way, but we all deserve better

  26. haha Says:

    How do you have a private event in a public park? That is ridiculous. The video does not show the Klein video guy in the rented pavilion, it shows him being forced to leave a public park. West talks about freedom but is a huge hypocrite. If he doesn’t like you or what you are doing, then you are not allowed to exercise your freedom.

  27. Boo Boo Baby Says:

    The West campaign are a bunch of liars. The so called stalker only attends events where Allen West is clearly in public. He does not attend any event that is private, unless he has been invited in. All you West zombies, stop believing his lies.

    The only consolation will be if you all elect Allen West and then he manages to make a fool of himself on the national stage, not just the local stage, which he has already managed to do by threatening his opponent on multiple occasions, calling his tracker a stalker and the Gestapo, riding and condoning the activities of a criminal biker gang, and consistently lying to the people of Florida 22, including having such a big head that he is delusional enough to think he has a security clearance higher than the President of the United States.


  28. Chrissy Says:

    Col. West is with the Leathernecks motor cycle club members which for people who do not know what Leatherneck is it another term or word for a United States Marine!!! You know the Marines who protect you everyday. and he is also with other Military Veterans. Col. West is the best man for the job.

  29. Eva Says:

    Maybe he should “Man Up” and not be afraid of what other people might think about the crap that comes out of his mouth.
    Or maybe he should just stop saying so many stupid things.
    The Lunatics have clearly taken over the asylum in the Republican Party.

  30. lol donkey Says:

    threats, intimidation, and and fearmongering is the teabaggers way

  31. James Says:

    The guys in a public park. It doesn’t matter that he paid for a private event. Look at those scum bags that protest at militarry funerals. That is part of our freedom of speach. West was talking in public he has no right to privacy of what he says or does ina public forum. His actions in this matter are from a military jar head who thinks it’s OK to step on someones rights if they aren’t on his team.


    Are you officially on the dem payroll or do they just pay you under the table?

    how does “escort him out and DONT touch him ”
    translate into inciting them to accost him?”

    they guy was there to cause trouble and he asked him to leave. this is the best you can dig up?


  33. Dr. Phil Says:

    The Post must be getting nervous that their boy Klein is going to get beat to make up a story like this. There is still time for Cerebino to come up with a hatchet job on West before the election.

  34. dollphinz Says:

    It is a shame that I do not live in Dist 22. West would have my vote in less than a heartbeat! Our so called leaders are completey out of control, maybe if they were spedning their own money, they would get it! My heart goes out to the many that will be paying for this fiasco long after I am gone.

  35. Brian Says:

    There is no honor in the West campaign. Remember when these same nut-jobs disrupted town halls last year? It’s only free speech or freedom when extremist right-wing anti-American propaganda is spoken. West was about to be court marshaled before he resigned in disgrace. This is a very evil man.

  36. Jose torrez Says:

    What does Allen West have to hide? Public park, he wants to be a public official but he does NOT believe in Freedom of Speech?

    Something is very wrong about this extreme candidate. Just wondering, why should anyone vote for Allen West if he can only make childish insults about Pelosi? Man of honor I think not.

  37. chaka Says:

    Honorable? West may have been at one time. Far be it for me as the son of an 82nd Airborne Long Range Recon Ranger to question anyone’s service. However, any history (West) teacher who does not recall the Low taxes, no regulation small government of the Hoover Administration in the face of what became the Great Depression is not Honorable and is merely mouthing Republican talking points.

  38. Missy Says:

    West says in a calm, quiet voice, ” Do not touch him. Just escort him away, please.” And this is inciting them? Come on PBPost, I know you’re capable of more trash than this! Now when will you tell us what, if anything, Klein has done for vets or the rest of us? NOTHING!

  39. Jsmith Says:

    I cant wait until the elections are over and all these right wing nut jobs lose and crawl back underneath the rock they slithered out of. The guy didn’t have a right to film their private event, but they had no right to make him leave a public park. People who can clearly think for themselves will not vote for these devils disquised as Americans.

  40. nemo WTF? Says:

    nemo, what do you call FOX? Do you really consider that “Fair And Balanced” journalism? If any news agency were ever “anti American” it is most definitely FOX.

    To support only one side is definitely not responsible reporting (as you claim the PBP is), but outright fabrication of news (like FOX) is truly a diservice to the American viewer.

  41. Jeff Says:

    West is outside the mainstream. He threatens those who disagree with him. He is irresponsible and irrational. Vote Klein.

  42. Max Weinberg Says:

    A public park is just that, a park paid for with taxpayer dollars available to the public. ALL of the public. You may reserve a pavillion for a gathering but you are still in a public park that is available to ALL. There is no guarantee of privacy in a public setting, especially for a public figure such as Mr. West. I’m a republican but I’m beginning to wonder what Mr. West does not want to be seen or heard.

  43. Eva Says:

    This is a clear pattern shown by West going all the way back to his military service. This man believes he has the right to infringe on others rights and freedoms. He is the TYRANT in America today.

    If elected will he have thugs escort out other members of Congress he does not agree with out the of House Chambers?

    Ron Klein was not stupid enough to fall for the Tea Party antics with their public forums where they lambasted public figures for voting for an overwhelming mandate by the American People for Healthcare.
    And he was criticized heavily for it.

    Now these same people think West speaking in a public park is some kind of sacrosanct event.

    Conservative philosophy is to disenfranchise the voice of as many people as possible for the profit of the very few.

    The Thuggery and Bullying tactics by the Republicans AND Tea Party (one in the Same)is despicable.

  44. Wally P Says:

    Lt. Col West is a Pariot and a war hero. Ron Klein is ????????????!

    Another hit piece from members of Kleins tribe at the post.

  45. RealAngst Says:

    Another reason to be concerned by disgraced Ret. Lt. Col West. Had this been done by a Democrat, the outcry would have been enormous. The fact that it was done by a RW whackjob garners suport from other whackjobs! Since when is someone being in a public park filming a person running for office deemed a “private event” and therefore thuggery is encouraged. These are the same people who went nuts at the 3 member New Blcak Panthers. It would be funny if it was not so sad. This R voter doesnt like Mr. West and this is just another reason not to.

  46. Missy Says:


    First, there was no ‘mandate’ from the people, who all knew Obama et al were lying. This monstrosity will bankrupt the country.

    Second, it is liberal Black Panthers with clubs to keep whites from voting who are the thugs, not veterans writing down someone’s license number!

  47. Missy Says:

    RealAngst, why is the Black Panther intimidation of white voter OK with you?

  48. Huh?! Says:

    So he’s in the middle of a public park on a public address system and he expects it to be a PRIVATE event? You know what Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid. And either he’s stupid or his followers are stupid or (most like, telling from the comments) both. As for “Escort him to his car but don’t touch him” all I can say is wow. It pretty much says “Bully him but don’t beat him up.” What planet is this guy from? Oh, yeah. The planet of “I’m a Republican, I can do what I want with no consequences.”

  49. vindicated Says:

    If Mr. West is just “telling it like it is” and being TRUTHFUL, he should have no reason to stop anyone from taping his remarks!! Why is it that all these tea party candidates don’t want to speak to anyone other than those whom they have been able to get to “drink the kool aid?” The typical modus operandi is “listen to my talking points, but my personal beliefs and my past are off limits…oh, and by the way, no questions either!!”

  50. American Man Says:

    Hurry up POST, it’s almost November 2nd. Make up stuff, try to make people believe it. You are running out of time. Seems like the POST just can’t find enough stories to warp and distort to help out their fellow commie. I’m sorry, I said POST – I meant PRAVDA.

  51. Craig Says:

    Yesterday this liberal rag ran a negative story on Rubio today its West wonder when they’ll get to the Democrats?

  52. American Man Says:

    Craig – I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that Democrats get the PRAVDA for free?

  53. Louie Says:

    Okay PBP… why don’t you do a story on what Klein has done while in office ?
    Other than vote for Obamacare that is ?

  54. dave Says:

    What is the big deal? Please. If this is all Klein has to show for his time in Washington, he is worse than I thought.

    Go West!!

  55. mike Says:

    Well its official. We have another nutjob from the t-bag express. The nutty nazi West. I wonder what spirtual priniple West was practicing here, what constitutional right do West and his followers think they are defending. T-baggers are hateful, hurtful, ignorant, deeply troubled poor excuses of the human race.

  56. Losingsleep Says:

    Who in their Right Mind would vote for Allen West?

    He’s afraid of a guy with a camera?


    Why is Allen West SO threatened by opposition?

    Why is he hiding?

  57. Unreal Says:

    I wonder how many of you leftist hacks actually listened to him speak, or you just are up in arms about the video removing a Klein operative stirring up troubles.
    Clearly he wasn’t hiding anything since his entire speech is on another video posted publicly.
    I like to see all those White racist Tea Party members out there too supporting the black man with a brain.
    Democrats are such hypocrites.
    And since you all will probably think i am some hard right winger i voted early today.
    Meek because he has integrity even though i disagree with his politics. Crist is scum and Rubio is questionable.
    Alex because she is good for business, even though we need to press her to fight healthcare.
    Gelber because he is experienced and wants to go after political corruption. Plus Bondi is an idiot.

    Lifelong conservative, anti Obama tea partier voted for 3 democrats for Florida.
    Try voting with integrity and maybe we will get some good leaders. West is a good man and would get my vote if I could.

  58. Losingsleep Says:

    To #57

    ” or you just are up in arms about the video removing a Klein operative stirring up troubles.”

    Yes, I am.

    Yes, I saw his entire speech.

    So, why did he remove the videographer?

    What was his point?

    Big Ego perhaps?


    Do Tell.

  59. Unreal Says:


    First off the guy works for Klein and while it is common to have your people tail the opposition, it is really a despicable act for either party to do it.
    Secondly, this person apparently has been responsible for releasing private information about West like his social security number online. That is actually a crime now.
    The guy is purely agenda driven, potentially there to stir up trouble, the event was filmed and published so no reason for him to have a second copy when most of West’s speeches are posted online.
    I would have thrown him out too, the same as if one of West’s guys came to a Klein gathering under the same circumstances.
    Citizens in opposition to a candidate should have free right to be at any event like that. But not the oppositions operatives, particularly ones that have potentially committed a crime.

  60. Losingsleep Says:


    “The guy is purely agenda driven, potentially there to stir up trouble, the event was filmed and published so no reason for him to have a second copy when most of West’s speeches are posted online.”

    If only the candidate videos their own speeches, well then, they are free to edit them also. Opposition exists to keep things honest, agree?

    “Citizens in opposition to a candidate should have free right to be at any event like that. (Total Agreement) But not the oppositions operatives, particularly ones that have potentially committed a crime.”

    Why not the ‘operatives’?

    Particularly….. ‘potential’? (Innocent until…..)

    I have lots of potential. I could be hung by it.

  61. Unreal Says:

    Sorry i have had enough for negative advertising in campaigns. West is an honorable man from what i have seen. He is totally color blind and loved by people who liberals claim are racist fanatics.
    And yes if that person committed a crime by releasing his private information he lost his privilege to be there. He should be charged.

  62. Brian Says:

    One of the reason why many of us choose to live in this part of Florida is the absence of the trailer-trash element typical of red states in the south. Watching that video, West must have shipped some in.

  63. Unreal Says:

    “One of the reason why many of us choose to live in this part of Florida is the absence of the trailer-trash element typical of red states in the south. Watching that video, West must have shipped some in.”

    hahaha. You must be an elitist. I am sure your family tree is sparkling with kings and rulers who never did anything with their family members.
    Not sure what part of the state you are from, but considering your commentary, you sir would fit right into the trailer trash element. You may think you are a different class, but clearly you are not. Bigots are the lowest form of life their is, right under politicians, lawyers and pondscum.
    Way to show that state spirit by denigrating a large segment of the population while thinking your area is special. haha. I needed the laugh.
    FYI move to any state up north or out west and they would think you were a redneck trailer park hick simply because you live in Florida. Perception is only as clear as the glasses you choose to use.

  64. madmama Says:

    I was at this rally with my two little boys and husband. The ‘biker’s there were Veterans and this was a peaceful get together. You hypocrites on the left seem to forget about the thug tactics of the SEIU beating up people who protested against Obama, or the Black Panthers intimidating people at the polling place in Philly, or the thugs who ‘protected’ Rahm Emanuel in Chicago a few weeks ago!
    YOU ARE THE NEW NAZIS….not conservatives!
    But I can assure you….we won’t be going down without a fight!
    I will not let this country devolve into the broken system that is Europe right now.
    Europeans are violently protesting because their governments cannot give them their ‘entitlement’s anymore.
    This proves that socialism DOES NOT WORK!!!
    And we are quickly headed this way.
    Keep name calling… don’t have anything to run on so you resort to personal attacks.

  65. RealAngst Says:

    missy…where did you read that ANY voter being obstructed was all right with me? I dont care what a persons RACE is and never have. It is one of the benefits of having parents who were diverse because of love and empathy when it wasnt “cool” or hip to do so. The so called “New Black Panther Party” is three morons who are the equivalent of a tea party brainstorming session. What you clowns fail to acknowledge and FALSELY place on this adminstration is that it was the Bush Justice system that didnt charge them, not Obama. But, please, do not let FACTS get in the way of the truth. Lt. Col. (Ret) West is NOT a centrist and is not amenable to finding solutions to the problems facing Florida or this nation. He is a rabble rousing, biker trash commiserating assclown who insults people and has them removed by bullies from a PUBLIC PARK and yet you think that this behavior is OK?

  66. RealAngst Says:

    missy…you might want to work on your intimidation tactics if you support Mr. West. When he loses, and he will, the coming “conflict” that he talks about will be within your grasp. Hold on tight, it is gonna be one rough ride!

  67. Jose Ortega Says:





  68. Ron Says:

    Klein is pointy nosed little snivelling rat. Nothing more, nothing less.

  69. Unreal Says:

    Palm Beach Post. Please delete these racist posts on both sides.
    Looks like the race turns into a fight between the Anti-jews and the Anti-blacks.
    How nice. Glad i don’t live in a cesspool with these people.
    Its people like this on both sides that have ruined America. Racist partisans. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    Its 2010 you racist bigots. Get over it. vote on their ideology and not their ethnicity.

  70. Ron Says:

    It’s about time conservatives started treating leftists punks they way they’ve been treating us for ever. SEIU union thugs rough up people on a daily basis, as do other facist liberal groups. They smash windows, cars, riots, set cars on fire, etc. all the time. The left are expert agitators. This is a good thing to see.

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