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Video: Rubio camp says Crist ‘blatantly lying’ about Social Security

by George Bennett | October 10th, 2010

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio says he favors no changes to Social Security for current recipients or for those 55 and older and approaching retirement. But to improve the program’s long-term solvency, Rubio says he’s open to eventually raising the retirement age and changing the way annual benefit increases are calculated for those who are now younger than 55.

So the Rubio camp says indie rival Charlie Crist is “blatantly lying” in this video shot today at a senior center in Ocala when he tells retirees that Rubio wants to cut “your” benefits.

Read the Crist campaign’s explanation after the jump….

Crist spokesman Danny Kanner says Crist’s accusation is fair because Rubio has changed his position on optional private accounts for Social Security (something Crist has also shifted on since his 1998 Senate run) and because Rubio is close to the tea party movement.

Here’s Kanner’s statement:

“Marco Rubio’s stated support for the privatization of Social Security could undoubtedly lead to benefit cuts for current recipients. His flip flop from privatization to ‘just’ cutting benefits and raising the retirement age is simply not believable given his close embrace of the extreme Tea Party fringe that routinely bashes successful programs like Social Security as big government socialism. Charlie Crist is the only candidate for U.S. Senate 100 percent committed to protecting and preserving Social Security as we know it.”

16 Responses to “Video: Rubio camp says Crist ‘blatantly lying’ about Social Security”

  1. Biill Neubauer Says:

    If we believed everything that the candidates are saying about each other, we should be demanding a choice for NONE OF THE ABOVE!

  2. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Sink, Crist and McCollum: Caught Using “Pimps” to Invest Florida Taxpayer Funds


  3. LyleLangley Says:

    Next time Crist says he isn’t trying to scare seniors…. just look at this video and watch what he does when he says that Rubio wants to “cut your benefits”

    Cutting benefits has nothing to do with beheading. This guy is despicable.

  4. floridaforall Says:

    Marco has a memory problem; he does not remember the $48 million dollars appropriated for the construction of the Taj Mahal when he was speaker. He did not know about the $6 million dollars that his handpicked budget chief Ray Sansom gave to his employer, he did not know that he was using the ROPF credit card to pay for his personal expenses, he did know that he was billing the state and the ROPF for the same trips, is it any wonder that he denies advocating for the privatization of social security- Oh he might want to check with MSNBC, they posted the interview where he proudly pushed that idea in January of 2010.

  5. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Marco Rubio will MANAGE the elderly in need out of their checks. Whistle britches.

  6. Julie in Lantana Says:

    Rubio is a partisan far right extreme tea party hack.

  7. Tea Party or Else Says:

    Any body who votes against Rubio is a complete idiot and fool.

  8. Mark Halloway Says:

    Anyone that votes for either one of these schmucks are just that schmucks.

    Saying that either one will protect Social Security is like saying Wexler lives in the state & is honest.

    Vote Meek

  9. Frank Says:

    DISGUSTING!!! How Charlie has to scare Seniors to get a vote! SHAME ON YOU CHARLIE!!!

  10. mike Says:

    This post is for a different article but comments are not being accecpted on the other story. Its about the 17 year old getting shot By pbso tonite.WTF? I understand that cops put thier lives on the line and PBC can be pretty scary but it seems to be getting worse and worse-Cops shooting mentally/emotionally people, cops shooting dogs, cops shooting kids who steal thier moms van. I am thinking we need a better trained and more skilled force here. These guys seem to be reacting like hot-headed cowboys. Like loose cannons. I get scared when my adult children go out at night. I am scared of the things that the police are supposed to protect them from, and I am equally scared of what the police might do to them. Drastic changes are needed.

  11. Donna in Lake Worth Says:

    Us seniors are not dummies we are voting againsr Rubio for many reasons. Rubio is the scary one.

  12. brigitte Says:


  13. It's Rubio Says:

    For sure a vote for Alex Sink is a vote for Obamacare. She won’t fight it.

    For sure a vote for Alex Sink is a vote for Amnesty. She wants open borders and Florida is a Very vulnerable state. 30 illegals try to reach shore just this morning off the coast of Boca Raton.

    For sure a vote for Alex Sink is a vote for Race To The Top. She supports this educational initiative.

    For sure a vote for Alex Sink is a vote for Cap and Trade (taxation). Your energy and water bills will double in cost to fund these Obama initiatives.

    For sure a vote for Alex Sink is a vote for EPA restrictions. You water your grass with a well, you pay for the purification of the water to sprinkle.
    Your house built before 1978 you will have to have it inspected for lead and have it abated.

    Alex Sink=Illegal Immigration, ObamaCare, Cap and Tax, EPA restrictions, ObamaEducation

    Alex Sink=Nancy Pelosi=Obama

  14. Sickies Says:

    Alex Sink supports nationalized healthcare. She will not file a lawsuit to protect ANYONE.

    Alex Sink will NOT protect Florida from the flood of illegal immigrants. We will have to pay for their healthcare, education, Social Security, housing,food while we’re scrambling to take care of our own families and trying to stay employed.

    Alex Stinks!

    And remember that Charlie Crist took a European vacation during the economic crisis. He took a photographer (ever see those pictures?) Crist had 9 bodyguards along on the trip, too. And Florida taxpayers were billed for the trip, the food and beverages. What sickies.

    Can Crist show what benefits he brought to Florida for this European fun trip that we paid for?

    Alex Sink will

  15. Wake UP Says:

    Pelosi controls the Congress. Democrats control Appropriations. They are spending your tax money to increase their salaries (automatic pay raises-no vote-it’s automatic) while senior get no COLAs.

    Democrats control the spending and have for too many years.

    Our healthcare costs are skyrocketing (yet Congress has exempted themselves from ObamaCare and we pay their for their federal healthcare.

    Democrats want Amnesty which means all those people will get Social Security and they haven’t contributed one penny, while those of us who have are being denied a cost increase.

    Just wait. Democrats plan on “Means Testing”. If you have any savings, own a home, have investments your social security will be REDduced or Eliminated.

    What you worked for, will be given to others.

    Democrats have controlled the pursestring of Congress too long.

    NO to ALL democrats. A democrat as governor sides with Obama on healthcare, education, illegals. NO to Alex Sink.

    NO to ALL democrats. Rebalance our government. Obama only has to pick up his Veto pen and say NO.

    We need a balance in congress not a domination of democrats who will continue to ram through new laws like healthcare.

    Florida will further decline with the costs associated with amnesty, education.

    NOvember means NO to all democRATS!

  16. unreal Says:

    The debate was very telling about Charlie.
    Saying Social Security is solvent until 2031 just supports the governments bogus accounting.
    Social Security is not solvent. There is no social Security fund. This year we started going negative, and that makes the program insolvent this year.
    Imagine walking into a bankruptcy court with a handful of IOUs to prove you weren’t bankrupt. They would laugh at you.
    Charlie is what is wrong with Florida and America. Politicians who stick to inane Washington policies.
    Charlie wants amnesty for illegals to help out social security. That is just increasing the burden, and not helping the problem.
    Social Security needs to be made NEEDS BASED like welfare. Call it what it is, a TAX. It is the only way to keep the program going.
    Of course people who are drawing social security don’t care about the rest of the country, because they want the money now they think is theirs. What about the rest of the people who will never see their contributions because the current stock is taking out much more than they ever put in?
    If you are on social security, and you don’t care about fixing the problem then i don’t feel sorry for you, because you are consigning future generations to massive debt, and a failure of the program. Those are your kids and grandkids who have to suffer for your unyielding position.

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