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Speaker-to-be tells Crist to back off on federal health care reforms

by Dara Kam | October 19th, 2010

House Speaker-designate Dean Cannon essentially gave Gov. Charlie Crist a cease and desist order telling the governor to quit enabling the federal government regarding health care reforms.

Cannon, R-Orlando, accused Crist of “commandeering of state insurance regulatory resources” by allowing executive agencies to begin implementing the federal health care reforms even as the state is suing White House agencies over them.

Read Cannon’s letter to Crist here.

Cannon’s demands could set up a possible showdown between the executive and legislative branches of government over the health care reforms, which Crist, the independent candidate in the U.S. Senate race, says he supports in part.

Cannon gave Crist until Nov. 15 to tell him how much the state is spending on workers and other resources to comply with the reforms and told him that Crist will need the legislature’s approval before taking any further action.

Cannon complains in the letter to Crist that the Office of Insurance Regulation is jumpstarting new insurance regulations by developing data systems. But that office is overseen by not just Crist. He and the Florida Cabinet – including Attorney General Bill McCollum, who filed the lawsuit over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act – make up the Financial Services Commission that’s in charge of OIR.

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3 Responses to “Speaker-to-be tells Crist to back off on federal health care reforms”

  1. LaQuishaNiqua Says:

    Finally a Floridian with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Pelosi,Reid,and Husseins takeover of health care in this country. Keep the stinkin gubmint out of my health care decisions…and dont make me pay for health care for all those folks having 3-4 kids cause they dont know what bc pills are. Cant wait till Hussein et al is gone….ole one and done.

  2. unreal Says:

    Way to go Dean. Put the governor on the spot about healthcare right before the election and maybe drive som conservatives to Rubio.
    Crist is a lame duck right now, and anything he puts forth can be stopped by Scott, or expanded by Sink.
    Charlie is just pandering to the left.
    This is all about the election. Good move on Cannon’s part to show Charlie is behind healthcare 100 percent right before the election.

  3. Majority to Override Says:

    Another reason to oust Crist and vote out all democrats so that there are enough votes to overturn and override Obama’s programs and their impact on OUR state.

    We will fund Medicaid for the avalanche of illegals heading our way.

    Cruise ships are pulling out of the Caribbean because of drugs, crime. That will lead to more people coming over here illegally and we will foot their Social Security, healthcare, housing vouchers, food vouchers and pay for more overcrowding in our schools.

    NO to ALL democrats.

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