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Sink’s eight-second glimpse of prohibited message creates Debategate

by Jeff Ostrowski | October 26th, 2010
In a too-close-to-call governor’s race that has featured the candidates bashing each other’s honesty and integrity, even a two-sentence message on a smart phone turned into something akin to Debategate. Rick Scott labeled it ”iCheat.”
Debate rules barred candidates from receiving notes during Monday night’s live event on CNN. But during a commercial break, Sink spent eight seconds looking at a message from one of her advisers. Scott, sitting a few feet away, called over a debate organizer to point out the infraction.

In a tight race, the gaffe could prove costly, said Susan MacManus, a political science professor at the University of South Florida.

“It has the potential to affect some people’s vote, and in a close election, every vote matters,” MacManus said.

Scott’s mention of accounting improprieties at Sykes Enterprises, a call center firm where Sink sat on the board of directors, spurred Sink adviser Brian May to send the message. During a break in the debate, Sink’s makeup artist touched up Sink’s face, then showed Sink a phone with a message from May.

“The attorney who [w]on the Sykes suit said alex sink did nothing wrong,” the message read. “Tell not to let him keep talking about her.”

Scott, who was being worked on by another makeup artist, saw Sink read the message and summoned a debate organizer, according to video of the exchange posted by CNN.

“So we can get notes, we can have people who work for us come and give us messages?” Scott asked.

“No,” the organizer replied.

After the break, Scott told viewers that Sink had broken the rules, and while campaigning today, he used the incident to paint Sink as ethically challenged.

17 Responses to “Sink’s eight-second glimpse of prohibited message creates Debategate”

  1. angela Says:

    “Sink’s eight-scond glimpse” ? Was somebody looking and counting? Hmmmmm wonder who that was. Nobody coud deny the fact that Sink broke the rules. You’d think she’d know better than to try that.

  2. Teetering Says:

    Alex Sink could have REFUSED the text, but she took the text after agreeing there would be no notes exchanged.

    Not only did Sink violate the agreed upon rules, but one has to question her judgement. Here she was on stage, taking a phone with the text from her own personal make-up artist.

    What other snap judgements will she make without thinking through things?

    She’s not good under pressure and that undetermines her ability to govern. Sink is too susceptible flagrantly wrong decisions.

    Not good.

  3. Carmine Says:

    The governor’s race is one of those hold your nose votes. Both candidates stink

  4. WPB Resident Says:

    What cry babies you are~~~ While she was wrong in looking at the text and she appropriately fired/removed the staff member that texted from her campaign – how could have Rick Scott known that it was about the debate and not a family emergency. Rick Scott is such an idiot that he is now grasping at anything he can to win.

  5. Mr. K Says:

    Talk about grasping at straws.

  6. Rick Says:

    Rules-Are-Rules and Ms. Sink clearly violated those rules. She can’t be trusted…

  7. Jan Says:

    Rules are Rules?
    Why don’t you remember that when talking about Scott?

    He was the CEO of a corporaion that paid a $1,7 billion fine for fraud — cheating the elderly and the taxpayers. He claims he didn’t know about that. That makes him either a liar or a total incompetent moron. Take your pick!

  8. So so outraged Says:

    I am outraged I tell Ya.
    However it would be just fine if she had notes written on the palm of her hand.
    Of course then it would be totally acceptable. She is in violation I tell ya. Won’t somebody listen to me.
    Teetering, you are a jack a s s.
    Hysterical too.

  9. stinky sink Says:

    sink stinks

  10. Joe Says:

    When the notes were written in the hand, was that a debate? You have got some nerve calling someone else a jack a s s.

  11. So so outraged Says:

    Oh come on “Joe”, I am outraged that you are outraged. “Was that a debate” duh!
    Boy you are a sharp one. You have some nerve “Joe” refudiating my jack a s s comment.

  12. Aridon Says:

    I bet 90% of the population wouldn’t know who to vote for if the D or R were removed from the sides of the names and it was illegal to advertise which party affiliation you belong to.

    Just shut up already.

  13. The Truth Says:

    Scott and Sink both broke the rules from the information that is publically available. However Sink is not even close to qualified to Govern this state while like it or not Scott is qualified.

  14. Mike Says:


    icheat is ____ medicare fraud

    c) =

    As it was posted earlier, grasping at straws indeed.

  15. Gene Says:

    Any thought this might be a possible Scott campaign ploy to raise an new issue? Regardless, I cannot vote for a billion dollar cheat and his mother says he is a “good boy”! Well, we don’t need a “good boy” to run the State, we need an adult!!!

  16. panhandle Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. The biggest crook in the world calling Alex Sink a cheat. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. GO ALEX

  17. Loxahatche Says:

    Alex Sink should have taken the blame for that. She knew the rules and she broke them. Instead she fired the staffer. That’s BS she should take the blame. She didn’t even know the minimum wave and she is the CFO! Get used to” Governor Scott”!

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