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Sink two-minute ad goes after Scott on fraud

by Dara Kam | October 11th, 2010

Florida Democrats are running an unusual, two-minute campaign ad slamming GOP governor candidate Rick Scott for fraud charges and fines against his health care companies.

The ad, “Fraud Files,” mimics TV crime shows and is styled as an investigative piece on the $1.7 billion in Medicare fraud fines paid by HCA/Columbia, the company Scott founded, and questions about a federal investigation into another Scott health care company, Solantic.

The ad makes much of Scott’s use 77 times of the Fifth Amendment in a deposition he made six days before announcing he was running for governor. Scott has refused to release a videotape of the deposition.

Scott’s opponent Alex Sink, the state’s chief financial officer, held a press conference in Tampa announcing the release of the ad, which will run in the Tampa Bay area during nightly news programs.

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8 Responses to “Sink two-minute ad goes after Scott on fraud”

  1. Jack Gillies Says:

  2. Stop Rick the Trick Says:

    could any intelligent Floridian vote for a crook like Scott? Did he get into politics to help people or help himself?

    Vote for Crist, not perfect, but honest.

    Meek is a waste of a vote

  3. Jack Gillies Says:

    Where was the Palm Beach Post yesterday when Alcee Hastings was put in his place by Bernard Sansaricq?

    When is the Post going to set up a debate between the two of them?

  4. NO to DemocRATS Says:

    1. U..S.. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises.

    2. They voted to NOT give you a S.S. Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011.

    3. Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years

    4. You will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr.

    5. Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife.

    6. Over these same 2-years each Congress person will get $10,000

    Democrats control the Senate (Reid) and Congress (Nancy Pelosi) and the Presidency (Obama) plus LIFETIME judicial nominees!

    Rebalance our country! NO to ALL democrats for a balanced country, not one dominated by one political party , a fiefdom who ram through their programs.

  5. ShoRon Says:

    I think that Stop Rick the Trick is a little confused – he’s running for governor NOT the senate. And didn’t people already vote for (far from perfect) Crist for governor?

  6. theloneconsumer Says:

    In the attack ads and the Governors debates by Alex sink and Rick Scott, there is a disconnect about what “fraud” is.
    This debate that Rick Scott (Mr GOP that Jeb Bush likes now) reminds me of the Clinton (“I did not have sex with Lewinski”) argument. What “is” is….
    When you cut back on nursing staff in critical care facilities like hospitals, as HCA CEO Rick Scott did, less nurses are on the floor to watch sick patients. Whether they live or they die, the hospital gets paid for care. But patients have less care and die.
    Did anyone ever investigate the DEATHS (called mortality rates) from the hospitals that HCA bought out or took over?
    We have almost 10% increase in new Medicaid patients that the state does not have the money to provide services for. We have 5-10% in costs that Rick Scott has alleged he would have to cut in the budget. That’s making due with 20% LESS in money for medicaid Florida unemployed residents.
    Now, the same GOP Republicans that like to throw money at campaign contributing big business companies that come to Florida had all these people flock to Florida for jobs.
    So, does it seem fair, now they are here, stuck with no jobs, and no airfare to fly out of here (like NY state does) that we should leave them with no health care?
    Ask Rick Scott, CFO Alex Sink, if he’s going to carry on the Jeb bush medicaid project ? because the federal govt just shut down the pilot program, and Dade Miami costs just went up 5% minimum.
    HOW are you going to pay the bills, if you arent going to make big business pay? Because the property tax revenue is all tapped out, counties and cities have greater poor people numbers that are already their burden..WHERE is the money going to come from for our deficit??

  7. unreal Says:


    Maybe it is time to stop relying on our inept government to do everything for us, and do something for ourselves. I mean the government seems to fail at just about everything that they try, and their anticipation of future events is nonexistent.
    We have a deficit and we are not supposed to have one. We can not keep raising taxes, and we have a balanced budget requirement.
    Maybe a slate of mandatory spending should be put before the citizens of Florida to determine how money should be spent and take that out of the hands of legislators.
    Personally I am tired that we continue to have to cut Medicaid, teachers, fire, and police when we have departments like the DEP and DOT out there.
    The primary role of government is to protect the safety and well being of its citizens. While there is an argument that departments such as the DEP and DOT serve that purpose, those departments are not typically protecting the immediate safety of our citizens.

    Here is our budget.

    I think there are areas there where we could cut back or eliminate completely.
    We have become so dependent on government holding our hands that we fail to recognize the difference between vital and non vital services. Non-vital services are nice but not when you don’t have the money to pay for them.
    With a growing population the increase in costs for healthcare, education, fire and police protection are going to continue to increase.
    While we increased funding to healthcare and made some cuts to non vital services, we need to consider many more. Management services roles can be folded into various departments as well.
    Our leaders need to learn this is a never ending cycle that does not have an end in sight.
    Stop sending drug users to prison unless they commit other crimes and you can cut back on our expenditures for prisons. Spend some of that money on prevention programs or substance abuse centers through the health department and you might see a reduction in future expenses for drug crimes.
    $1.4billion for the DEP? Ever deal with the DEP? they have multiple departments, all requiring the public to deal with them separately. Filled with middle managers. Computerize records, cut back on employees, and spend less on enforcement if you can’t provide for handicapped people.
    What is more important? Someone paying a fine and having to comply with not pouring a gallon of used oil into their backyard, with a bunch of bureaucrats and enforcements officers behind that? or some handicapped person who has to be left alone for 12 hours a day because their funding got cut. I happen to side with the handicapped person.
    Florida, along with America needs to reprioritize the things in life that are necessary in contractionary times, and threatening the citizenry with cutting police, fire, healthcare, and teachers isn’t cutting it. The DOT is another department that is over funded.
    Between DOT, Corrections, and the DEP we are spending about $10.6 billion a year. We can afford to have drastic reductions in those areas to pay for more vital services. Maybe if we had more police on the streets we wouldn’t have such a problem in our corrections department.

    We need new thinking in government that is good for the people, and counting paperclips isn’t going to get us there.

    Scott may get us there, but he is definitely of questionable character, and Sink is too timid to fix the establishment. Old dogs tend to do what old dogs always do.

  8. Say no to scott Says:

    Scott is a criminal. He stole money from the people and now uses it to try to get in a better position to steal more, since he can no longer run a business. He should be in jail, but pleading the 5th over 70 times is allowed, so he’s safe, for now. He spent $1 million as a “charitable contribution to fight health insurance reform and had the gall to ask for a tax deduction for it- and received it. Yeah, Scott, helping others is not your cup of tea, but helping yourself, why, you always do!

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