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Sink courts rural cross-over vote

by Dara Kam | October 22nd, 2010

Alex Sink with supporters in Perry on Friday, Oct. 22

PERRY – Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink will spend the day wooing small-town Floridians in an effort to get crossover voters to cast their ballot for the Democrat with early voting already underway for a race considered a toss-up.

Sink began her day in the Big Bend by appealing to a few dozen supporters at downtown Joyce’s Main Street Cafe.

There, she pleaded with Taylor County voters to give her the same 56 percent win she earned there four years ago in her bid to become the state’s chief financial officer.

“I expect and hope that we’ll get about that much again,” Sink said.

Sink spoke broadly about her plans to jumpstart the state’s economy on the same day Florida’s latest unemployment figures showed a slight increase – 11.9 percent – from the previous month.

Sink said she supports giving tax credits to businesses that hire Floridians and wants to defer business taxes for start-up companies for up to three years.

Accompanied by her son Bert McBride, Sink boasted that she would be the only governor in 12 years whose two children graduated from Florida public schools.

Sink said it is her dream that her children, who both attend out-of-state universities, will one day, “They call me up and say, ”Mom, I’m coming back to Florida because I’ve got a great job lined up.”

Sink reminded her supporters that her Republican opponent Rick Scott could spend up to $70 million of his own money to win the election. Scott has already spent more than $50 million of his fortune and recently dumped nearly $2 million on ads attacking Sink.

Near the end of her short speech, Sink blasted Scott for refusing to meet with Florida newspapers’ editorial boards, his avoiding questions during a taped deposition more than 10 years ago, and barely living in the state long enough to be eligible to run for governor.

She said Scott is “unprepared and unfit and unqualified to be the next governor.”

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11 Responses to “Sink courts rural cross-over vote”

  1. Terry Hammond Says:

    Alex Sink made a comment that she had a 4.0 GPA as an undergraduate at Wake Forest. I want to see her transcripts. This comment was made in a debate with her opponent where her opponent referred to OBAMA MATH.

  2. Flip This House Says:

    Florida’s economny will defiently be gobbled up in a “SINK-hole”, if she’s becomes gov.

  3. Grades Says:

    Pony up those transcripts, Adelade

  4. Scott for President Says:

    Sink is the better of the two candidates…Scott never answers a question

  5. Rick Scott is not on the side of the unions Obama and Sink Support Says:

    Sink is fully supported by all unions just like her mentors Obama and Soros.

    They have the AFL/CIO out trying to pass the Soros transaction tax all over the world. Check this out:

  6. da_truth Says:

    It’s a shame that today’s warped political climate allows for a moderate democrat with a strong business background to be slimed by the extremists and party hacks as a liberal. Sink has stronger (and more ethical) business credentials than just about any “conservative” out there. Too bad she’s not running against Rubio, that would really be stark contrast.

  7. Institutionalized Mentally Challenged Comments Says:

    3:14 ~ One can not help but wonder where poeple like you hang out and how you far left liberals can talk and type anything and expect we with brains to believe it! While I agree the political climate is warped it is only warped due to the warped brains of socialist and other ongoing movements in this country today. Alex has a strong institutional background where she has been told what to do and when to do it by her superiors! When she left the banking industry she continued to be controlled by her former collegues and funded millions of their shady investments which ultimately lost billions of my retirement funds. The only one who gained were her friends the brokers who made millions conning her our of my retirement and investment funds! Yea! She is so great she sit right there in her office and let a known criminal steal another $5.7 million of out state dollars and forward some of it to Lebanon before he was caught [NO THANKS TO HERE AND HER OFFICE!] She does what she is told! Period! If you want the likes of Obama and George Soros running the state of Florida then by all menas vote for her! If you want a real businessman who has had to make his own decisions and pay the consequences for same (not the BS spread by his detractors) then by all means VOTE RICK SCOTT! and PS: your remark about Rubio! He already has another obama clone running against him just as dumb and just as sick as Sink! The name is Crist!

  8. chris Says:

    wake up you guys are blind we made the mistake in voting for geogre bush and now you guys voting for rick scott bad judgement call lets get it right alex sink needs to be governor not rick scott the same ppl who will vote for rick scott will be complaining next four years saying he mess this country up.. vote for alex sink

  9. Ant Goin To Happen Again Says:

    The people who pay the bills because they pay taxes that the government then takes and abuses and wastes on theire friends and kins are sick and tired of this crap! We are going to stop it! Period! While the GOP are a bunch of money wasting partiers and since Jebbie and CharLIE have allowed crime and public corruption a free ride basically the GOP is the only party as a whole that can save this great state and the U S of A. no third party will ever work!
    Why? Because it i too diverse! Diversity does not work! Diversity is divide and conquer technique, nothing positive ever comes from that approach!
    Look what diversity done to the Tower of Babel! Everyone showed up and no two could speak the smae language. End of construction on the Tower of Babel!
    If poeple with brains (and that primarily means those over 40!) don’t get this country back on the right track all these spoiled brats we have raised are ging to be living in cardboard boxes under the interstates! That is if they can find a box that someone had enough money to purchase a product that came in it!

  10. Alistair Says:

    As a voter under 40, I can say that its those OVER 40 who have screwed up my country that I’ll have to live with longer than they will. We need some new YOUNG leadership, not these tired old culture warriors. Don’t trust anyone over 40 with your tax money, people!

  11. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Fraud, Inc. or Why Jack Webb Would NEVER Date Alex Sink (D-CAN-FL)


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