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Sierra Club funds ad attacking West over drilling and choosing Klein

by John Lantigua | October 25th, 2010

The Sierra Club has pumped $800, 000 into last minute television ads for three Democratic Party Congressional campaigns around the country and one of them is the District 22 race in South Florida.

“With ‘Big Oil’ doing everything they can to try to buy back Congress, today the Sierra Club launched three new television ads in key congressional races – Michigan’s 7th District, Arizona’s 8th District, and Florida’s 22nd District,” said a press release by the environmental group.

In District 22, U.S. Rep. Ron Klein,D-BocaRaton, is locked in a tight race with GOP contender Allen West.

The ad being screened in South Florida pictures smoke spewing from British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon rig, which exploded April 20 and was finally plugged Sept. 9, not before dumping millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The ad also shows a pelican covered in oil and then superimposes West next to an offshore oil rig.

“For five months BP spewed oil into the gulf – polluting Florida beaches and devastating our economy,” says the narrator. “ But Allen West still supports drilling for oil off the Florida coast. And West says he ‘sees nothing about the situation in the Gulf that will change his mind’”

“No wonder West received thousands in contributions from oil companies,” continues the ad. “Ron Klein has a better way – protect our beaches and develop alternative energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Ron Klein for Congress.”

The Klein/West race is believed to be the most heavily financed Congressional contest in the nation.

The other two ads purchased with the Sierra Club’s last minute money deal with Michigan’s 7th district and Arizona’s 8th District. In Michigan, the Sierra Club is going after former U.S. Rep Tim Walberg,a Republican, who is trying to regain the seat he lost in 2008.

The Sierra Club says Walberg has a record of “favoring oil over clean energy.”

In Arizona, the club is backing U.S.Rep Gabrielle Giffords, a two-term Democrat, who the club credits with trying to limit the U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

“We want voters in each of these districts to know which candidates will fight for what’s best for their constituents and communities and who will side with the interests of Big Oil and their lobbyists,” said Cathy Duvall, Sierra Club’s Political Director. “Voters have a choice on Election Day to vote for candidates who will side with corporate polluters like BP, or who are working to create more jobs and security by building a clean energy economy.”

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21 Responses to “Sierra Club funds ad attacking West over drilling and choosing Klein”

  1. Sierra Says:

    2% of the population in the USA is jewish and yet look how many jews are in elected office and voting to fund Israel with trillions in aid.

  2. Nasty Trend Says:

    Democrats supported Jeff Greene for senator, they support Charlie Crist over Kendrick Meek and now support Klein over Allen West.

    West served his country, Klein has not.

    Democrats in Florida only support white candidates, not black candidates.

  3. Connie Says:

    Sierra has no weight. They did a duel endorsement for one person because they were back and forth on oil drilling.

    So Sierra you threw your reputation out the door already. No guts on your own mission…save your money to clean up the mess.

  4. NOWEST Says:

    Today marks the 67 month anniversary of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf.
    While Floridians across the state were extremely concerned, extreme right wing candidate Allen West continued his mantra to drill off Florida’s coast and even stated we should drill off Palm Beach.
    This is why one should not support short term residents or Out of District residents who do not have the same values as the constituents they seek to represent.
    Allen West will sell our Coastal Heritage to the highest bidder.
    What does he care he does not live on the coast and is not from here.

  5. NOWEST Says:

    6 month

  6. West4President Says:


  7. Jeff Says:

    West doesn’t pay his bills. He threatens his opponents. He does not have the ability to get things done in Congress. Vote Klein.

  8. constitution 101 Says:


  9. Educator Says:

    The Sierra Club???? THE Sierra Club??? LOL Like that’s going to change anyone’s mind.

    And why doesn’t the ad (or the PB Post rag article) mention that Barry Hussein Obama took more money from BP than any candidate for any office in 2008?? Hypocritical LIBTARDS

    And BTW polls show majority of people favor off-shore drilling

  10. Terence Says:

    BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig was in deep water because conservationists block offshore drilling. There have not been problems with offshore drilling, which is what Allen West supports.
    Appreciable clean energy is years away. In the meantime we have projects such as miles and miles of windmills sitting in the ocean off the northeast coast – not an eyesore or a hazard of course.
    Open ANWR, drill offshore and let’s get off foreign oil.

  11. Rubio Wins Says:

    Nasty Trend,
    Were you born stupid, or did you acquire it through the years. Klein served his country more than West. Check the records. Klein didn’t torture innocent Iraquis.

  12. Max Weinberg Says:

    @constitution 101 – The regulations in place when the Deepwater Horizon blew were Bush era regulations. The rig failed because of greed and shortcutting by the drilling company. It amazes me how much misinformation is repeated as truth. How many of you have actually researched the so called facts that you repeat? Not many I’ll bet. Blind ignorance and mob mentality is driving the political process in this country. We are in for a big fall in the not too distant future.

  13. Bob W. Says:

    Oh yeah, we all know what kind of environmentalist a New York/Boca lawyer like Klein is. His idea of conservation is turn up the temperature on his AC when he leaves his mansion in the morning.

  14. David the Star Says:

    Is this a Sierra Club PAC or the actual non-profit Sierra Club? If it’s the latter they should lose their non-profit status – let me correct that – they will lose the status.

  15. Terence Says:

    NOWEST – I presume then that you didn’t support Wexler? Allen West chose this area to settle after finishing 22 years in the military. He lives here now and will probably be here a long time. You blog against West at every opportunity and quite frankly have become a bore with your misinformation.

    Rubio Wins – FYI, Klein has zero military service so he would hardly have any experience with Iraquis (sic).

    Max, I agree with you. With this administration we ARE in for a big fall, again, that’s why Congress has to be more balanced, Obama needs to be more bi-partisan and champions of the people like Allen West need to be elected.

  16. Easy Rider Says:

    No more of my money is going to the Sierra Club. Don’t need for my charitable contributions to be wasted on politics.

  17. Irish Uncle Says:

    West must go East, like into the Atlantic Ocean. He is a radical hate monger, who will be beaten easily by Klein. Remember, Bob, Bikers don’t vote. Seniors like me vote!!!

  18. Bob W. Says:

    Hey “Irish Uncle” you need to go back to Noo Yawk with the rest of the closed minded bigots. FYI a lot of bikers are seniors, and they do vote. Why don’t you leave your gated community sometime, and take a look around at the real world.(and then go back to Noo Yawk!!)

  19. Mike Says:

    LOLLLL Wow…yea “Klein has a better way”. What way is that Ron? In four years in DC exactly what have you done to move us towards that “better way”? Oh that’s right, you can’t campaign on your record because it is awful so it is a 100% negative attack campaign for you. Be a big boy and stand up for the four years you were comfortable in DC.

    So pathetic to read what some people write about Col. West on the internet when in person they couldn’t last 10 seconds in a debate on the issues with him. Enjoy your internet assault, only a few more days until you can help Ron Klein move back home!

    GO WEST 2010

  20. Mike Says:

    Oh by the way…China will be more than happy to drill in international waters off the coast of Florida whether we do or not.

  21. NOWEST Says:

    @Terrance: Finishing 22 years in the military or leaving in disgrace after being found guilt in a court marshal and forced to leave lest he be sentenced to Leavenworth. He lives in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district in Plantation close to the border of the Everglades. Nowhere near the Ocean and couldn’t give a FUUUU about what coastal Floridians like me have come to appreciate after spending most of my life here.
    I don’t spread misinformation just West’s own words and positions on issues here’s some more:

    Allen West on the Issues:
    Supports Privatizing Social Security
    Supports Privatizing Medicare
    Supports a Flat Tax (Poor Pay More, Rich Pay Less)
    Opposes Woman’s Right to Choose (Abortion)
    Supports Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
    Opposes Health Care Reform
    Supports Dismantling of EPA & Dept of Education
    Supports Off Shore Oil Drilling (Even Off Palm Beach)
    Opposes Nuclear Disarmament
    Supports Increased Military Aggression Against Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan
    Supports Permanent Extension of Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans
    Supports Deregulation of Banks
    Supports Deregulation of Environmental Oversight
    Opposes DREAM Act

    The Fact is that we know very little about West’s positions on the Real Issues because he predicates his entire candidacy on Extreme Right Wing Ideology rather than constructive and realistic ways of addressing the needs of Florida and America.
    Damn fool never even voted before 2003 but he is fit to make political decisions for South Florida Residents he vilifies and does not have any connection to.

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