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Scott slams Sink again in (yet another) attack ad

by Dara Kam | October 6th, 2010

GOP governor hopeful Rick Scott released another attack ad slamming Democrat opponent Alex Sink, continuing his negative ad campaign against the chief financial officer.

Scott’s same strategy helped him defeat Attorney General Bill McCollum in the August GOP primary. Scott spent $50 million of his own money in the primary campaign, most of it on ads attacking McCollum.

In Scott’s latest ad, he goes after Sink for spending $400,000 on travel using the state plane, holds her responsible for the state pension fund’s multi-billion dollar drop in value during the 2008 financial crisis and signing off on a $770,000 no-bid contract to her former bank.

Sink and the other Florida Cabinet members signed off on the contract based on the recommendations of the state Division of Bond Finance, she said, her investments are in a blind trust so she did not have a conflict of interest on the vote.

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15 Responses to “Scott slams Sink again in (yet another) attack ad”

  1. Sick of Politics Says:

    So I get it, it is ok for Alex Sink to use attack ads for her campaign, but it is not ok for Rick Scott. Get a clue Palm Beach Post, it works both ways, or are you really just a liberal trash newspaper, if this keeps up with the biased coverage, I will cancel my home subscription, and hope my fellow conservatives do the same.

  2. Jack Gillies Says:

    Check out

    GO RICK!

  3. Jack Gillies Says:

    The Dems are getting ready for a severe beating in November. The liberal lies are finally catching up with them.

  4. Jack Gillies Says:

    The Palm Beach Post refuses to call Alcee Hastings and Bernard Sansaricq for a debate. Why are they shielding an impeached judge named Alcee Hastings from the public?

  5. Truthman Says:

    Looks like Sick Rott is getting desperate.

  6. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Give Rick Scott a bucket, some balls and roll him in Bozo.

  7. brigitte Says:

    Alex Sink is a very ugly, desperate woman who is going to get sunk.

  8. No TRUST in Charlie Says:

    Barack Obama and Alex Sink are on the same page. Alex was by Obama’s side in Miami.



    READ about the foreign countries SUING ARIZONA regarding their immigration law which is the SAME as our FEDERAL LAW

    NO to Obama
    NO to Sink
    They’re the same!

  9. Cathy Code Says:

    Every Rick Scott TV ad that attacks Alex Sink has been full of lies and illogical conclusions made from misleading and off base information. Rick Scott is reprehensible and a cue ball head who will keep stealing our money once he is elected. Columbia/HCA made him rich. Almost half of the people in this state knows he was guilty of stealing 5 billion dollars from Medicare while he was CEO there. Keep your eye on the ugly American who will by Governor and probably President, that greedy white collar criminal Rick Scott. We don’t want bad corrupt criminals in government. The government controls a great deal of money and wrong decisions like the kind that Rick Scott makes could bury us alive. We know he bought hospitals, he cut costs so bad that health care was terrible. It was a serious health risk to go there. Nurses had to leave neonatal babies unattended for over 3 hours at a time. Nurses had too much work to attend to alarms and babies died. Rick Scott schemed to defraud the federal government out of 5 billion dollars. He was subpoenaed and fired. Started another company Solantic. Same model. Cut costs. Doctors were to see 50 patients a day. Imagine that. Is that healthcare or a meat market. Doctors rebelled because they didn’t want to be paid per patient rendered. Solantic continues providing inadequate health care. Rick Scott gets paid what does he care. He runs an unsafe business. He will run an unsafe government.

  10. nemo Says:

    At one time the palm beach post may have been a fair, trustworthy newspaper, I’m not old enough to remember if it ever was. Now, however it’s been reduced to being nothing more than an infomercial for the democratic party.

  11. xxl maroc Says:

    First of all, IT IS NOT THE RESPOSIBILTY of the government to cap an oil well. That is the responsibility of the oil company. The Obama administration had to take over because BP FAILED in it’s responsibilities. The Obama administration did an EXCELLENT job coming up with solutions to problems that no government had to face before. AND THEY SUCCESSFULLY SOLVED the problem. Did the panel mention that? If so, it did not make the headlines.

  12. Sinks Got Her Liers Had At Work On Government Employees Says:

    So pray tell me how after she single handedly lost $266 million of my retirement money is it possible for her minions to go about lying to law enforcement officers and the Florida Department of Corrections by telling them that RICK SCOTT is going to privatize the Fl;orida correstions system???? The Democrats are so UNION connected with the PBA and the FOP they take the Florida UNION employees money in one hand ad use it to support a leberal democrat that has lost million and millions of my retirement dollars! If Florida’s law enforcement community is dumd enough to buy this crap we are in more trouble than just the Obama administration in Washington! Sorry! No! RICK SCOTT is not a UNION man he don’t side up with the SEIU, PBA and the FOP and all other unions who are underhandedly destroying our jobs and sending them overseas while collecting your money! If You like the direction OBama and Sink is taking the US of A then vote for her and Alan Grayson and all of her other connections!

  13. Unreal Says:

    Funny in comparison to the article and the posts attached, only the article seems to be balanced. The article talks about Scott’s ad and gives his position, and gives Sink’s response. Both sides of the coin.
    Most of you posters here are clearly partisan and only see your side of the issues.
    Saying Sink was fully responsible for losing money shows a completely deficiency in the understanding of the roll of government. Most municipalities and government funds lost big during the economic crisis. So did private funds.
    Claiming Scott robbed $5billion while CEO of the company shows no understanding of operating a large business.

    If either of them are too fault it was for not exercising enough oversight over their people, and in Sink’s case, probably not having complete power to make decisions when other government entities were involved.

    To me it looks like neither candidate is capable of leading the state. One is a megalomaniac and the other is not a leader. What a great choice we have.

  14. jac Says:

    He could run that ad for every state. We all lost money in our 401ks and Alex Sink didn’t cause that. Alex Sink didn’t cause the financial meltdown Look at the money he is wasting. But our government fined HCA for OVER INFLATING MEDICAL BILLS. WHO WOULD STEAL FROM THE GOVERNMENT(OUR POCKETS) The FRAUD in this nation is what raises are taxes. Maybe he should have kept selling doughnuts.

  15. Say no to scott Says:

    Scott is a liar and a bigot. Wonder if he has heard about the Hispanic Hero who saved elementary students in Carlsbad CA from a crazed gunman who was ranting about Obama as he was shooting at 6 and 7 year olds? Note how he backtracks from his immigration stance on Univision. What an opportunistic scumbag!

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