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Scott releases tax returns, Sink says not good enough

by Dara Kam | October 9th, 2010

Self-made millionaire and GOP governor hopeful Rick Scott released his tax returns late Friday evening.

The three years of tax returns for Scott and his wife Ann show that they paid more in taxes – nearly $3.7 million – than his Democrat opponent Alex Sink and her husband reported as their total adjusted gross income, $2.9 million.

Scott’s release of the 412 pages of documents includes a side-by-side comparison of his earnings and tax payments with Sink and her husband’s, apparently to illustrate that he’s the bigger taxpayer.

But, according to Scott’s analysis, he and his wife paid a lower percentage of their adjusted gross income from 2007-2009. The Scotts paid 14.6 percent and Sink and McBride, who filed separately, paid a combined rate of 15.8 percent.

Sink’s been after Scott, who made his millions as the founder and CEO of the HCA/Columbia hospital chain, to release five years of his tax returns as she did last month.

But Friday night’s reports didn’t satisfy her campaign.

They want to know why he didn’t release the full five years worth of returns as he previously said he would.

“The list of why Rick Scott can’t be trusted keeps getting longer and longer, and not following through with his promise to release a full five years of his taxes is the latest example of not following through on his word and just another reason why he’s not fit to govern this state,” Sink campaign spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff said in a press release.

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19 Responses to “Scott releases tax returns, Sink says not good enough”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Alex is Sinking. Drowning in a desperate attempt to claw her way to victory.

    Alex is Florida’s Nancy Pelosi. Just what we need, to see her face everyday.

    SINK Stinks!

  2. mike Says:

    Scott says he wants to serve Florida but his actions/inactions indicate otherwise. To be a real servant of the people you have to be open and honest. This guy is always hiding. Anyone who takes a chance on this guy is just asking for trouble. I think Scott has it backwards- he wants Florida to serve him. Go away Rick Scott , we dont want you.

  3. Liberals Breed Liberals Says:

    All of the idiots who try to make something out of RICK SCOTT’s handling of the liberal media are socialist left wingers who like Sink support the Obama!

    The one’s I like the best are the Fatso Sheriff and the Dickless Tracy Sheriff from Gainsville! airing ads supporting the very person who gave away $266 million of their retirement money to the Bank of America! Idiots toting guns and badges! A couple of those State Attorney’s and other cops are not to bright either!

  4. Unreal Says:

    Alex has lost it. I looked through the tax returns and it is clear he has a diverse investment portfolio in securities. What will going back 2 more years solve?

    I did notice one on his 07 business filing, he has $164,000 in revenue and $3.5 million in wages. Not sure what happened there, but maybe he was winding down that company and paid himself out what was left.
    Then he made minimal money in a consulting business.
    Nothing to see here.

  5. bbc Says:

    give it up alex, how does it feel, knowing you are losing your job, losing your grip, losing everything you ever worked for. it just does not seem fair does it. think about it. what someone can do to you with just misleading statements and the outcome. how many people of you fired for misleading statements. feel the love, do you?

  6. nemo Says:

    Alex Sink says…who cares?

  7. Denny Wood Says:

    Sink needs to release the names, addresses and phone numbers of the contractors who rennovated all the restrooms at the capitol building and DID NOT follow the Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines and State Building Code. None of the rennovated restrooms were upgraded with a stall that someone in a wheelchair can use. This is now 20 years of non ADA Compliance, in the building where Sink works. She is no stranger to ADA lawsuits, as Bank of America was sued for massive ADA violations. People in wheelchairs do not get jobs in banks. Or the Capitol building. To best insure future hiring these potential job sides need accessible restooms for wheelchairs. Guests and lobbyists in wheelchairs are really not welcome at the Capitol building. The unaccessible restrooms are like a sign saying “wheelchair users go home.” Sink, McCullum and Crist are disgusting bigots, and their retirement from government in 2010 is an excellent reward for their bigotry. They stole tax payers dollars to rennovate these restrooms wrong, and they have to be repaired by Scott of Federal ADA lawsuit. If Scott does not fix the restrooms and other Capitol Barriers, there indeed will be a Federal Lawsuit launched by the Department of Justice, where the complaint is pending or a collection of disabilities organizations. We will not finish 2011 with our capitol building loaded with ADA barriers for people with disabilities. It is going to happen. It could happen in 2010 if Scott tells the Department of General Services he will fire all of them if the Capitol Building is not ADA compliant by his inaugration date. Denny Wood

  8. Denny Wood Says:

    There is an aging ADA Capitol Report at It was compiled on a Friday, by an ADA Consultant who only does FREE ADA Consulting. I have chosen not to make it a paid service. It was not a complete survey, but it certainly answered the question Toni Jennings asked me as to where the Capitol Building stood on ADA. “Not good” I told her. The sad thing is Lt. Governor Jennings did nothing about the quick survey, and other “leaders” in the House and Senate and Cabinet Officers did nothing to address the survey. And me, the lobbyist, saw all the disability legislation fail. Pay backs in the “Good old boy” Capitol are harsh. It was a reason for not coming forward in earlier years on the Capitol Barriers. Ramps, leading to the Capitol from the Senate Building do not have handrails, a 1972 Chapter 255.21 violation. Can you believe this? I know how the game is played. We make laws, but we do not follow them. Silent no more, and I have posted the many players who obstruct ADA requirements on this same web site. I am supposed to be the spokes person and advocate for people with disabilities. I am ashamed of my failure to make the Capitol building and State Legislature Building ADA Compliant. I consider this my personal failure and I apologize to all Florida persons with disabilities. Denny Wood

  9. bobby Says:

    Hey Ricky How can you run the state of florida if your past experience shows you had no clue what was happening in your own freakin company!! Either you are clueless or you knew fraud was happening. EIther way you look at it, I wouldn’t trust this guy with my children!

  10. Eric Says:

    Tough choice…

    An Obama/Pelosi clone,


    A self made million businessman who’s created jobs and made payrolls.

    Do we elect the politician or the business man?

    Do we want more of what we have, or action leading to jobs?

  11. Say no to scott Says:

    His biggest charitable contribution was to CPR- as in Concervatives for Patients rights. More than $1 million dollars of the money he stole from Medicare to pay for advertisements to try and keep health insurance reform law from passing. How charitable of him!

  12. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Sink, Crist and McCollum: Caught Using “Pimps” to Invest Florida Taxpayer Funds


  13. Dee Says:

    Alex Stink will be another Nancy Pelosi.

    What’s her stance on EPA standards for Florida. Is she going to accept what Obama’s EPA director says?

    Expect your water bill to INCREASE $75 PER MONTH to accomodate what the EPA wants.

    Alex Stink=Nancy Pelosi=Obama

    NOT in Florida!

  14. Maria Says:

    Who cares what Alex Sink says. She’s not the boss.

  15. Wow! Says:


  16. Alistair Says:

    Rick Scott is a crook and Pam Bondi is a coward…this is the best my lifelong Republican party has to offer? No thanks…Sink and Gelber for me this year.

  17. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    What Would Joe Friday Do? Answer: Arrest “THE Florida Cabal”

    Corruption across Party Lines


  18. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Florida Governor Race: Is Alex Sink (Can D-FL) Headed for Federal Prison on Possible RICO Charge?


  19. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Walgreens has $5.00 off on 12-pack rolls of Scott toilet paper. 1000 sheet.

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