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Scott heckler voting for Crist

by Dara Kam | October 28th, 2010

A heckler interrupted Rick Scott’s stump speech in Melbourne this morning for the first time since the GOP gubernatorial candidate kicked off a week-long sweep of the state leading up to Tuesday’s election.

Joseph Concannon didn’t have far to go to voice his dissatisfaction with Scott. Concannon works at Buz’s Automotive repair shop next door to That Little Restaurant where Scott’s caravan made a brief stop.

Scott ignored the interruption as he introduced one of his two daughters to a small gathering of supporters.

“Does she know you’re a crook? We do,” Concannon yelled.

Concannon said he was referring to the $1.7 billion fine Columbia/HCA paid to the federal government for Medicare and Medicaid fraud shortly after Scott was forced out as CEO of the hospital chain he founded.

Concannon was on a cell phone talking to his wife, Stephanie Hosala, a member of the local Democratic Executive Committee. He said she didn’t ask him to come to Scott’s event but he went over to voice his opinion when he saw Scott’s bus arrive.

Concannon conferred with his wife when asked who he backs in the U.S. Senate race.

“Charlie Crist,” he answered.

When asked why he wasn’t voting for U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, the Democrat vying with independent Crist for his party’s votes, Concannon repeated the answer his spouse apparently gave him.

“Meek is so far behind he doesn’t have a chance,” the Palm Bay resident said.

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11 Responses to “Scott heckler voting for Crist”

  1. Ken Says:

    How does this man answer question when his wifey doesn’t answer the phone? We know who wears the pants in “his” family!

  2. mike Says:

    Way to go, Joe! And your wife is pretty smart too.

  3. Fred Says:

    Mr. Scott was NOT prosecuted for any wrong-doing! His health care corporation – like hundreds of others – was caught-up in the intricate web of federal rules about billing issues. His corporation repaid the errors, paid the associate penalty, and the case was closed!

    Mr. Concannon and his wife clearly have no idea of reality when it comes to Rick Scott!

  4. Moderate Democrat Says:

    It is time to unite to stop the extreme far right Rubio.

    Crist is not perfect but he is the only viable option.

  5. WAKE UP Says:

    Just because Scott was not prosecuted doesn’t mean he wasn’t aware of what was happening. Why did he plead the 5th during his deposition? He was the CEO, so if he really didn’t know, then he is just plain ignorant and still a terrible choice to run this state.

  6. JustMeee Says:

    And that’s how you report the news, with a guess as to what his wife apparently told him stated as a fact? What a rag the PBPost has become!

  7. LOL! Says:

    Stephanie Hosala is telling her robot of a husband that she and other Democrats are being held hostage by the first past the post electoral system so they have to quiver and vote for Charlie Crist. If we doesn’t want to be held hostage next time so she can vote her hope not her fear, she should have finished her instructions by saying we need Instant Runoff Voting.

  8. I'm For Scott Says:

    You folks call it dishonest to defend yourself at a depositon? Was he charged with any criminal wrongdoing? No, but nevermind you liberals out there. I suppose you have no problem with Sink hanging out with an insurance lobbyist. Scott will prevail come Tuesday. Like her husband she will go down in defeat.

    I’m for Rick Scott, Florida’s only choice.

  9. EdFulop Says:

    Interesting how the Alex Sink story on this page is a cutesy, self-depricating story about a little old lady who thinks Sink is prettier in person then on TV, and the Scott story gives the Post an opportunity to re-hash the fraud allegations at Columbia/HCA. If Scott saved a kid at the zoo from getting mauled by a tiger, the Post’s story would say that Scott stole a poor animal’s lunch. The fourth estate has become the fifth column for the DNC.

    Re-elect no one. Flip the House.

  10. Crist Sends His Lovers Out To Run Interferrence Says:

    We had been wondering whether or not Stephanie Hosala knew about Orbiting Joe’s down low dark side! how do you think he got to support ole Green Iguana CharLIE? Amazing how ones sex life brings more political power than anything else. The down low’s support CharLIE Crist because as you know he flip flops on that too! Too bad Meek is a much better person for the dems to support but he don’t go for that chet!

  11. Joseph Concannon Says:

    First of all, obviously, I was on the phone with my wife long before I was approached by this reporter. The reporter asked if I was part of the DEC, Im not, but my wife is, who I just happen to be on the phone with…. not to respond to a reporter, but to tell her about the events unfolding behind my place of business. Im voting for Crist, and confirmed with my wife that she still was too. Funny how just last night there was speculation about Meek stepping down to support Crist. The FACTS about Rick Scott’s business dealings as CEO, is what he’s running on. If you want more Bush era crooks and liars running our state, good luck with that! Sink will slide into victory on the 2nd.

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