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Scott campaign welcomes Sink snooper

by Dara Kam | October 26th, 2010

Rick Scott’s campaign took a far different tack with a videographer on GOP gubernatorial candidate’s trail than Republican Congressional hopeful Allen West.

West, who’s challenging incumbent Rep. Ron Klein, supporters were videotaped pressuring a Democratic operative to leave a rally.

But Scott and running-mate Jennifer Carroll were unfazed by the young man with a video camera who shadowed the candidates throughout the first day of a week-long bus tour and apparently has been a constant presence on the campaign trail.

Carroll pointed out the man in the crowd at a barbecue lunch stop in Inverness where she and Scott handed out pulled pork sandwiches to dozens of supporters.

Carroll identified him to the crowd as a campaign worker for Scott’s Democratic opponent Alex Sink and invited him to join in the festivities. One of the GOP candidates’ staffers even offered him a bottle of water and a sandwich.

“Hopefully, you’ll be able to take some information back so she can run a government,” Carroll quipped.

At the next stop in The Villages, Carroll recognized him again and asked him to raise his hand. The videographer obliged.

“Show Alex Sink how government should be run,” Carroll advised.

Sink’s campaign referred questions about Scott’s tracker to the Florida Democratic Party.

“We as a policy don’t release his name – but I can tell you he works for the Florida Democratic Party not the Sink Campaign,” FDP spokesman Eric Jotkoff said in an e-mail.

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11 Responses to “Scott campaign welcomes Sink snooper”

  1. Richard Says:

    Campaigns have trackers. BFD. Not treading any new ground here Dara.

  2. Mike Says:

    I agree. Boring. Try acting like a real journalist and cover the issues.

  3. ukw Says:

    Sorry, big babies from the Democrat Underground — Dara did her job. Otherwise you wouldn’t be whinning about it. Fair story. She would do the same to the Republicans.

  4. AJLind Says:


  5. Boo Boo Baby Says:

    wonder if FDP used the same tracker who used those Gestapo type tactics against Allen West to track Rick Scott. He is such a stalker.

  6. Max Says:

    And Rubio has a blond bimbette recording all of his opponents’ rallies. Big deal!! Live and let live. Guess this is their job creation plan.

  7. vote for sink! Says:

    If Rick Scott has his way with education, the Bush family will continue to profit from FCAT (google Neil Bush profits from No Child Left Behind), classrooms will be overcrowded, teachers will lose their jobs, and schools will be underfunded. This will force parents to resort to the wonderful word “choice” that Scott likes to throw out. Unfortunately, “choice” means that only certain kids will qualify for vouchers. These vouchers may send them to a private school with worse educational standards. They also will probably not be enough to cover an entire private school tuition. The school is probably also further away from the child’s neighborhood public school, making it inconvenient for the parent. The neighborhood school is now left with less funding because that voucher takes money away from the neighborhood school. “Choice” also means web-based learning and home schooling. Our children will sit in front of computers all day and never leave the house, which will do wonders for social skills and obesity. Guess who’s pushing web-based learning and home schooling. Ask Rick Scott and Jeb Bush. Guess who was pushing Senate Bill 6 which would make Florida a very unattractive state to teach in. Ask Rick Scott and Jeb Bush. There are quite a few people who stand to profit from the fall of public education. Do some research to see which legislators (who voted for SB6) have something to gain from “choice.” As for charter schools,
    It’s scary how some people really believe that Bush handed this fabulous, thriving economy over to Obama and then he managed to run our country into the ground in just a few months. The stimulus (speaking of jobs) has managed to save the jobs of many public school teachers in this state and has saved many classes from being cut. Great news for parents of kids in public schools. Bad news for those who believe in “choice.” How about making a great neighborhood public school one of our choices?

  8. Democrat Underground Media (DUM) Says:

    Hey, this guy is most welcome. He is only looking for a “George Allen slip or something similar”. Hey, that surely won’t happen on the Scott/Carroll campaign swing thru Florida. These media guys are D.U.M. (Democrat Underground Media) operatives seeking errors, omissions, mistakes and slips. Carroll and Scott are talking real facts and points they will focus on to fix Florida for the future. GO Carroll/Scott…beat the idealess Sink and her rule over you Democrats.

  9. MCRinJax Says:

    Rick Scott is a racist for calling that guy “makaka.”

  10. MCRinJax Says:

    Also, it was crazy how his supporters stomped on the guy’s head. Then, to add insult to injury, his private security detail arrested the guy as if they had the authority to do that. What a bunch of wackjobs. Wait, am I confusing this situation with several other recent GOP rallies? I guess they’re all the same.

  11. BM Says:

    How can you believe anything the Sink campaign or Sink for that matter says. Not only are they cheats, they are liars as well.

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