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Scott campaign pre-debate stunt: Sink ‘Rolodex’

by Dara Kam | October 20th, 2010

Rick Scott’s campaign staff quietly passed out black index card boxes labeled “Sink” to reporters biding their time until tonight’s gubernatorial debate kicks off at Nova University at 7 p.m.

“Sink has long been one of those behind-the-scenes players whose money and Rolodex help get people elected,” reads a quote from the St. Petersburg Times from 2002 taped to the top of the box.

Inside, Alex Sink’s fake files include a variety of familiar names and their pseudo-associations to Scott’s Democratic opponent.

“Barack Obama” is listed as Sink’s “chief policy advisor.” Bill Clinton? Her “finance and policy advisor.” Sink’s husband Bill McBride is included as “hubby and chair, Trial Lawyers for Sink.”

The candidates will go mano-a-mano live for the first time this evening at the debate hosted by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association.

At their only previous debate, a taped Univision event earlier this month, Scott’s campaign staff handed out whoopee cushions before the match began.

Scott and Sink will go at it again for their second live debate on Oct. 25.

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26 Responses to “Scott campaign pre-debate stunt: Sink ‘Rolodex’”

  1. Swan Says:

    Scott and his Tea Bag followers will have to steal this election to win it. Florida residents are no fools.

  2. Missy Says:

    Florida residents are no fools? Are you kidding?

  3. mike Says:

    Scotts as good as gone. Now we need to work on Rubio. I heard a rumor that Rubio is Sara Palins poolboy.

  4. Lack Of Brains Help the Sinkers Says:

    Law Enforcement officers violate the Federal Hatch Act to go on TV and support “the one” who gave $266 Million of their retirement funds to Bank of America friends to lose in the Peter Cooper Village Manhatten apartment scheme not to mention the billions of other retirement and investment funds sucked right out of Florida taxpayers investment funds and pockets by Obama’s
    Florida helper in chief! Go ahead vote for this heifer if you are that dumb! You will suffer the same as when you voted for Obammy! She steals every dime she can get her hands on! Just as the Bank of America investors, clients and those defrauded by her in the BOA mortgage scams (the ones who did not even require a social security number to close, from illegal aliens) This Sink will Sink Florida even deeper into oblivion!

  5. Paula Says:

    First one person, Sink can’t be responsible for the market meltdown. Rick Scott however ran HCA into a black hole requiring Fla hospitals to remove HCA letters off their buildings for fear nobody would use these facilities. If Scott plans to run the State like he ran Columbia HCA with measurements of patient satisfaction surveys which are usually bull we are all in big trouble!!

  6. Unreal Says:

    Unreal. Should keep that black box as a historic memo of a foolish campaign. I wonder what rocket scientist came up with that idea. Maybe it was the same one that told Scott not to talk to any of the papers. If it wasn’t for the money he pumped into it, he wouldn’t stand a chance.
    Anyone who was undecided before, should know now what a weasel Rick Scott is. He looked like he was lying or evasive in the entire debate.

  7. Blackrock Equals Merrill Lynch Which Equals BOA Equals Alex Sink Says:

    Paula and Unreal you better gets those sinker checks quick! I hear McCollum still hasn’t paid many of his bloggers and he never will!

    Sink’s insider dealings with her friends at Blackrock was rubber stamped by Crist and McCollum. But, it was Sinks roladex former Bank of America friends that she as treasurer of SBA funded $266 million total including $16 million in broker and other fees all to her old freinds with BOA connections! The deal was Peter Cooper Village in New York City! Every dime of this money was lost from Florida Teacher, Deputy Sheriff’s and other state employee’s pension fund! Only her friends made money from this deal!

  8. Unreal Says:

    Instead of spitting out what you have read from someone else. Please name the names of the people that are Sink’s friends that profited from this deal.
    Please tell us the relationship between them and Alex and how they know each other.
    I am an independent voter and was going to vote for Scott until i watched his depo hearing and watched him debate.
    I’m open.

  9. Unreal Says:

    And from what i understand about the issue, and reading about its history, the original developer was a donor to Charlie Crist, and when it was discovered that the value of the equity investment was reduced, Alex Sink started questioning people as to why they had invested in this project.
    Rick Scott clearly lies as a habit, and is evasive on questions as we saw last night. He seems to be the only person putting out information that this was Sink’s fault.
    But i am open if you can provide some evidence.

  10. Blackrock Equals Merrill Lynch Which Equals BOA Equals Alex Sink Says:


    Alex Sink sits on the Florida board that invests public money and bet $266,780,948. million in state pension funds on a huge Manhattan real estate deal called Peter Cooper Villages and lost and Stuyvesant Town and lost every last penny of it.
    Included in the money lost, Florida paid $16 million in fees to real estate developers, bankers and Wall Street money managers who persuaded the state to make the deal.
    State elected leaders with potential influence over the pension funds’ investments received campaign contributions from some of those same corporate giants. BlackRock, which is 49 percent owned by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, gave $500 to Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink during her 2006 campaign.
    McCollum, Crist and Sink, who serve as pension fund trustees, declined to be interviewed. Their aides said there was no connection between political contributions and the investment in the Peter Cooper Village venture. The complexes — Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town — were iconic housing communities, a “city within a city” on 80 prime acres overlooking the East River. Metropolitan Life built the apartments for returning WWII veterans in the 1940s. They became an oasis for teachers, nurses and retirees on small pensions, one of the last refuges for the middle class in Manhattan. The big loser was the Florida taxpayers State Board of Administration, which invests more than $105 billion for 1 million current and future retirees. The SBA is however underwritten by the taxpayers of Florida! On this real estate deal alone, its $266 million is now worth a grand total of $0.00. Worth zero after a New York court ruled for the tenants, SBA managers exchanged e-mails and acknowledged their investment had been “wiped out.” On July 28, Doug Bennett authorized the SBA’s director of accounting to write off the entire $266,780,948.

    On Oct. 17, 2006, MetLife announced the winning bid, an eye-popping $5.4 billion — $400 million more than the asking price — by Tishman Speyer Properties and BlackRock Realty. The buyers put in $225 million of their own money, then passed much of the risk to others. Tishman Speyer and BlackRock each had business and political friends in the state. . Two of its executives donated the maximum $500 to the 2006 political campaign of Gov. Charlie Crist, Alex Sink and Bill McCollum! BlackRock already managed more than $300 million in Florida pension money. They wanted more business. On Jan. 9, 2007, five BlackRock executives visited Tallahassee to make their case to Alex Sink! Among those they met with were Steve Spook; Doug Bennett, the senior investment officer in the SBA’s real estate unit; and Kevin SigRist, the agency’s deputy executive director.
    A few weeks later, BlackRock sent the real estate unit a confidential document outlining the strategy for achieving double-digit returns on the Peter Cooper Village project.
    The 92-page memo revealed that Tishman Speyer and BlackRock planned to weed out rent-regulated tenants and turn the units into a “market-based environment” in seven years. They would woo young, affluent renters and “position the asset for a value-maximizing sale.” Ash Williams, who took over as the SBA’s executive director in October 2008, concedes that in hindsight, the projections made by Tishman Speyer and BlackRock may have been “overly aggressive.” But the documents provided to the SBA show that the agency’s managers were made aware of the risks all along. Line by line across 13 pages, the confidential memo lays out the risks. They included the possibility that Tishman and BlackRock could fall short of cash to pay off debt. “Unless net operating income from the property increases materially,” the memo said, “the partnership will not be able to meet its interest payment obligations in which event it would default.” On March 12, 2007, Steve Spook SBA’s Senior Acquisitions Manager recommended investing $250 million. Two weeks later, Doug Bennett SBA’s Senior Investments Officer concurred. In a three-paragraph memo, Bennett acknowledged that the deal could be a “risky proposition” but said Florida would benefit from increasing its New York City exposure. Kevin SigRist concurred with Bennett, and then-executive director Coleman Stipanovich approved the deal. By September 2008, the investment was in deep trouble. BlackRock and Tishman Speyer were having trouble converting the rent-regulated apartments to market-rate units. Expenses were higher than expected, income,lower. The new owners were running low on cash to cover payments on their $3 billion mortgage. On Dec. 4, 2008, at a meeting of the group that advises the Florida pension fund on investments, a member questioned why nobody at the SBA had mentioned the troubled Peter Cooper Village investment. In April 2009 the agency released copies of appraisals and two redacted reports. Information about fees, expenses and investment issues was blacked out. The agency is still withholding documents about the deal, saying the legal department is reviewing them to determine if they can be released. If Alex Sink should .has nothing to hide with her BOA dealings she should demand the SBA release these documents!

  11. You Want Names Of Corrupt Connections Here They Are Says:

    ROTHSTEIN SCANDAL ~ Sink’s deputy helped law firm

    The chief of staff of Florida CFO Alex Sink recommended the law firm of embattled attorney Scott Rothstein get a shot at representing the state in some potentially lucrative legal work.
    Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein was a Republican ATM. In four years, he and his law firm gave $650,000 to Republican candidates and the state GOP. They gave nothing to Florida’s Democratic Party and very little to state candidates.
    On Sept. 9, the state Democratic Party received a $200,000 check from Rothstein’s firm, money he had pledged at a fundraiser he hosted at his home for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.
    About three weeks after the $200,000 contribution was recorded, Rothstein’s firm landed on a list of law firms being considered for potentially lucrative work with the State Board of Administration — with an assist from Sink’s chief of staff.
    Sink, who along with Gov. Charlie Crist and Attorney General Bill McCollum oversee the board, said there was no connection between the contribution and her deputy’s intervention for Rothstein’s firm. She said she didn’t know her chief of staff had put in a word for the firm until The St. Petersburg Times asked her about it.
    “Any lawyer who approached me or anyone on my staff about SBA type work — we talk to them, we hear them out,” Sink said. “Then it’s understood we’ll refer you to the appropriate person and you need to take it from there.”
    The SBA manages one of the nation’s largest pots of public money — $136 billion in investments for 1 million current and future retirees and hundreds of cities, counties and school districts. In the wake of the financial meltdown, dozens of law firms clamored to represent the agency in securities class-action suits against U.S. companies, seeking to recover lost billions for taxpayers — and jackpot fees for themselves.
    SBA executive director Ash Williams, who reports to the three politicians who make up the SBA oversight board, said he had “courtesy” calls “once or twice” with a lawyer in Rothstein’s firm.
    “They were not shown favoritism,” Williams said.
    It all came to naught last month, when it was revealed that Rothstein is suspected of running a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme from his law office, Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler. He’s awaiting trial on federal fraud and racketeering charges.
    His firm never got the chance to submit its application to represent the SBA in securities lawsuits, a deal that could have netted it millions in fees. But the behind-the-scenes efforts of Sink’s chief of staff, Jim Cassady, show how politicized the hiring process can be.
    Critics question how Rothstein’s firm, with little experience in the securities field, got on the list of invitees.
    “That’s a political decision, let’s be honest,” said Jeffrey Sonn, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer who represents clients who say Rothstein swindled them. “Of course, he would have the political juice to get on the list.”
    In the weeks since the Rothstein scandal broke, much of the publicity has centered on the lawyer’s ties to Gov. Crist. Crist declined to be interviewed for this story. A spokesman said neither the governor nor his aides had contact with Rothstein or anyone in his firm about SBA legal work.
    The contact between Rothstein’s firm and Sink’s office began well before Rothstein made his $200,000 contribution. Records show that Cassady, who will leave Sink’s office next month to work on her campaign for governor, helped arrange introductions for two lawyers from Rothstein’s firm.
    First, in 2007, was Grant Smith, one of Rothstein’s law partners. Smith wanted to pitch a client’s investments and used Cassady’s name to land a meeting with then-SBA director Coleman Stipanovich.

  12. Unreal Says:

    Very interesting.

    So lets say that Rick Scott was Governor. Do you really think that he is of strong moral fiber not to be influenced by big Washington or New York firms who are throwing in money into his future election pool?
    I don’t. With his questionable past, and dealings from his position as CEO of a national corporation, these are exactly the type of people Scott would associate with.
    While Crist and Sink appear to be pawns, I think Scott would be apt to jump right into bed with these type of people.
    None of the candidates in this election are worth anything, and frankly they should probably all be in prison.

  13. No Saints Will Ever Run For Public Office Due To The Abuse Says:

    You know years ago it was the media who hired hit people to attack the non-progressives in order to get the controlable people elected. Onvce the job was done they moved on to another slaughter job. Now the progressives have controlled the candidates to forget decency and stand up and say out of one side of their mouth that they won’t do any negative ads while vocalizing the abusve ads out the other side of their mouths! Unfortunately the public has allowed this county to slip so far into the gutter, that’s all we have to chose from, corruption and gutter politics!

  14. Voting 11/2 Says:

    A vote for SINK is a vote for OBAMACARE

    A vote for SINK is a vote for AMNESTY

    A vote for SINK is a vote for CAP and TRADE which WILL double your energy bill.

    NO to Alex SINK.

    SINK, Sink!

  15. Unreal Says:

    Voting 11/2
    Actually Alex is Governor and does not have anything to do with Healthcare. Charlie Crist would as Senator. Your Attorney General would as the case against it is moving forward.

    Amnesty again is a Senator/Representative issue. Charlie is in favor of Amnesty.

    Cap and Trade is again Congressional. Don’t know that i have heard Charlie’s position but considering that you can’t believe what he says lets go with a support.

    The Governor race doesn’t actually have anything to do with these national issues.

    No to Crist for Senate is more like it.

    Time to sink Crist.

  16. Hum! Governor Has Nothing To Do With National Issues Says:

    Unreal, Where have you been? The governor has everything to do with everything whether you realize it or not. For instance remember when Jeb Bush and his friend Tom Feeney had the NASA contractor dude invent the little “chip” that fixes elections???

    Remember when Jebbie instituted the administrative (you know like Obammy does) order forbidding the recount of any paper ballots and making the electronic election results “the gospel.” If you think for one minute the Obammy administration doesn’t want his friend Sink in the governors office to help sway the state of Florida in 2012, you need counseling! Crist and Gruesome have sunk themselves with the mouths! Unfortunately the unions of Florida along with their pension money losing members have their noses right up the dems butt’s which includes Sink the very one who sunk their money! You can’t fix stupid!

  17. Hum! Governor Has Nothing To Do With National Issues Says:


    December 6, 2004—The manipulation of computer voting machines in the recent presidential election and the funding of programmers who were involved in the operation are tied to an intricate web of shady off-shore financial trusts and companies, shady espionage operatives, Republican Party politicians close to the Bush family, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contract vehicles.
    An exhaustive investigation has turned up a link between current Florida Republican Representative Tom Feeney, a customized Windows-based program to suppress Democratic votes on touch screen voting machines, a Florida computer services company with whom Feeney worked as a general counsel and registered lobbyist while he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, and top level officials of the Bush administration.
    According to a notarized affidavit signed by Clint Curtis, while he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during 2000, Feeney solicited him to write a program to “control the vote.” At the time, Curtis was of the opinion that the program was to be used for preventing fraud in the in the 2002 election in Palm Beach County, Florida. His mind was changed, however, when the true intentions of Feeney became clear: the computer program was going to be used to suppress the Democratic vote in counties with large Democratic registrations.

    According to Curtis, Feeney and other top brass at Yang Enterprises, a company located in a three-story building in Oviedo, Florida, wanted the prototype written in Visual Basic 5 (VB.5) in Microsoft Windows and the end-product designed to be portable across different Unix-based vote tabulation systems and to be “undetectable” to voters and election supervisors.

    Curtis said he developed the voting program and eventually handed off his prototype to Feeney. The program was also reviewed by Curtis’s senior coder, Hai Lin (Henry) Nee, who according to Florida Department of Transportation sources, was an illegal alien working in the United States. According Curtis, not only did Nee review the vote switching program code but he constantly downloaded sensitive data to his computer from NASA’s computers. Nee, according to Curtis, moonlighted at an Orlando company called Azure Systems, described by The Orlando Sentinel as a “three person engineering firm” and one of a number of companies linked to Ting Ih-Hsu, a former Lockheed Martin employee. At the same time Nee was reviewing Yang’s vote switching program, he was also being investigated by U.S. federal investigators for illegally shipping Hellfire missile parts to China. Oddly, although U.S. law enforcement agents had put Nee and his associates under surveillance for illegal exports of technology to China in 1999, he and his colleagues were not arrested until March of 2004.

  18. Unreal Says:

    Whatever your name is. Try to pick a name and stick with it so I can identify with you.

    Where have I been. Lets see. Around long enough to understand how our government operates.
    The problem with partisans is that their knowledge only goes as far as the talking points from Fox or MSNBC.

    However since you seem to be slamming Obama and Jeb in the same breath not sure where you stand but ok.

    There is no person who is against the healthcare bill or unions than myself. Nobody. I want unions abolished completely as they are an unfair and false driver of the price of goods.

    However. The healthcare bill is in the courts right now, and has already had a determination to move forward on a couple of issues. Our attorney general is behind that, and the governor can not stop that. A new attorney general can either keep it going, or drop it. Gelber has said he would drop it. So actually as far as healthcare goes the AG for the state of Florida will hold all the cards.
    Charlie came up with this Florida health plan whatever it is called, but the congressional republicans are going to shut down all of his liberal policies, and they will have a veto proof lock after the election. Alex can’t do anything about that since the legislator sets spending as it is done in Washington.

    Crist needs to go for sure as he has turned into a big liberal and would be a vote against repeal of healthcare in the Senate. He would also support amnesty and has no ideas about fixing the financial problems. Again the Governor has no say in national issues.

    But back to the governors race. You are against Sink but you didn’t say who you do support. I don’t like to assume, but unless you are supporting some third party libertarian candidate for Governor, Scott is the only other option.

    Have you seen Rick Scott? Have you listened to him? The man lies about everything. We already have a Governor who lies constantly and changes with the wind depending on what the result is for him personally. That is worthless.

    National issues are all about Congress and the President. Alex isn’t in either one of those races, and appears to be the lesser of two evils. At least she listens to people, and knows enough about business to not crush us further.
    Rick Scott is crooked as a ? .

    Its unfortunate that we have to choose between two evils, but lets not mix apples and oranges.

  19. The Phantom Says:

    I don’t know who you were talking to either but just for shets and fits can you give one real absolute for sure lie that Rick Scot has ever told? Personally I don’t think you can because simply engaging a persons constitutional right to refuse to answer questions brought on by bureaucratic lawyers is not lying!

    And my I further ad if you want unions abolished then you can’t really support any deomcrat and especially Sink! Check out where her money comes from, she is 100% union owned! If you are really a union abolisher you need to vote Rick Scott! No major business owner in the USA would ever support the unions! PBA, FOP, SEIU and every other crooked union is supporting Sink for Obama.

  20. unreal Says:

    Yes I’m against unions but whoever is governor isn’t going to change that. Once again our senators and representatives will be tasked with shutting down card check. Unions won’t be abolished anyways.
    As for Scott. Failure to answer direct questions in a debate, or to reporters is the same as lying to me. I’ve had a whole lifetime of observing people’s body language particularly in stress situations and his body language screams out that he is hiding things.
    If I was accused of stealing that muchmoney I would probably be cagey with a lawyer also, but then I would go out in the press and prove my innocences in the court of public opinion vociferously.
    Mr. Scott has refused to meet with every single newspapers editorial board to defend himself. Not very honest. At least with Sink you know what she is and can take actions to stave off crazy ideas.
    With people who habitually lie like Crist and Scott you never know what they are doing but have both shown a pattern of conduct to do what’s best for themselves.
    I’m a life long conervative and a tea partier before there was such a thing, but no way can I vote for Scott.
    Government and elections disgust me to the core

  21. Maybe You Dont Know The Same jewish Families Who Own The Federal Reserve Own The Nations newspapers and Other Media Outlets Says:

    Who in their right mind would subject themselves to known enemies in the media? No one would! Its the same as someone like Webster debating the village idiot! a person is a fool to argue with idiots! Especially those controled by the progressives!

  22. unreal Says:

    A smart honest and educated man should have no problem making the village idiot look like an idiot would he? Unless of course he refused to answer questions. A righteous person has no fear of an interrogation

  23. Blackman Says:

    Florida is one of only eight states whose pension is fairly stable and are not in jepordy of going under. Thank you Alex Sink. All stste pensions lost money, thanks to the Bush Administration’s recession. But, good fiscal management by our CFO Alex Sink minimized the damage. I implore all of you teabaggers who claim to believe in good fiscal disciplines to do a little research and stop with all the “talking points” put out by the same folk who got us into this mess.

  24. jac Says:

    A vote for Scott is a vote for Bush/Cheney Financial meltdown of this nation. He is everything we don’t want in FLorida Fraud to a medicaid and medicare helath system not once but twice. He has spent a lifetime using government money to live The likes of many that are like Rick Scott. You may have worked HARD TO KEEP A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD AND FOOD ON THE TABLE BY WORKING MULTIPLE JOBS. HIS PARENTS USED FOOD STAMPS. They enjoyed using government taxpayers money. He doesn’t want less government. How would hid family have survived with out us.

  25. You Socialist Cant Stand The Truth Says:

    Attention all you socialists who support the Sink/ Obama ticket. You see what your friends at NPR done to Juan Williams and he’s one of you!!!

  26. Institutionalized Mentally Challenged Comments Says:


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