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Scott campaign abuzz about Sink’s phone gaffe

by Dara Kam | October 26th, 2010

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott campaign staff were buzzing all day following news reports, tweets and Internet blog posts about Democratic opponent Alex Sink’s cell phone gaffe during last night’s debate.

Scott supporters used Sink’s flub to rev up the crowds at campaign appearances from New Port Richey to Okeechobee on Tuesday.

“Did you watch the debate last night?” Dick Windle, Citrus County Republican Executive Committee Chairman, asked a crowd of about 100 supporters at a barbecue in Inverness. “We caught her playing a little hanky-panky there.”

About an hour later, The Villages public relations executive Gary Lester again asked a gathering of about the same size about the debate.

“Rick’s opponent got caught cheating in the debate last night. Did you hear?” he said.

Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform who traveled with Scott throughout the day, got the biggest laugh.

“I’ve watched western movies so I knew, I knew that you could cheat at cards. But until last night I didn’t know you could cheat in a debate. But evidently Alex Sink has figured out how to do that,” Norquist quipped.

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4 Responses to “Scott campaign abuzz about Sink’s phone gaffe”

  1. vote for sink! Says:

    If Rick Scott has his way with education, the Bush family will continue to profit from FCAT (google Neil Bush profits from No Child Left Behind), classrooms will be overcrowded, teachers will lose their jobs, and schools will be underfunded. This will force parents to resort to the wonderful word “choice” that Scott likes to throw out. Unfortunately, “choice” means that only certain kids will qualify for vouchers. These vouchers may send them to a private school with worse educational standards. They also will probably not be enough to cover an entire private school tuition. The school is probably also further away from the child’s neighborhood public school, making it inconvenient for the parent. The neighborhood school is now left with less funding because that voucher takes money away from the neighborhood school. “Choice” also means web-based learning and home schooling. Our children will sit in front of computers all day and never leave the house, which will do wonders for social skills and obesity. Guess who’s pushing web-based learning and home schooling. Ask Rick Scott and Jeb Bush. Guess who was pushing Senate Bill 6 which would make Florida a very unattractive state to teach in. Ask Rick Scott and Jeb Bush. There are quite a few people who stand to profit from the fall of public education. Do some research to see which legislators (who voted for SB6) have something to gain from “choice.” As for charter schools,
    It’s scary how some people really believe that Bush handed this fabulous, thriving economy over to Obama and then he managed to run our country into the ground in just a few months. The stimulus (speaking of jobs) has managed to save the jobs of many public school teachers in this state and has saved many classes from being cut. Great news for parents of kids in public schools. Bad news for those who believe in “choice.” How about making a great neighborhood public school one of our choices?

  2. AGK Says:

    Sink cheated. Debate rules prohibited her from reading notes or accepting coaching during the debate. She cheated. CNN video tells all. The make up girl even knew it wasn’t right to show it to her so she asked Sink first and Sink said definitely she wanted to see the message. Sink cheated voters. She broke her promise to voters to play by the rules as she has done many times. It would have been nice for liberals if she didn’t cheat but she cheated. There’s no getting around that. She will forever wear the tag “cheater.” She bragged so much about getting high grades in math at Wake Forest. Well, given the cheating at the debate gotta wonder how she got high grades, if she got them at all or if that was just another one of her lies.

  3. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    J’accuse!: My Cousin Got Caught Cheating At the FL Governor’s Debate


  4. Intelligent Voter Says:

    Desperate people will try anything..Scott’s advisors have told him that he’s losing, and needs to kick his campaign up a notch…This means crazier and dirtier attacks..These will backfire and Sink will win by ten points.

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