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Scott bus tour emergency stop – for ‘gator poop’

by Dara Kam | October 26th, 2010

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott made an unplanned quickie stop at a fruit stand in Floral City between campaign aof ppearances Tuesday morning.

Scott bought a bag amber sweet oranges and a treat he shared with reporters as he paid for his purchases with cash.

A young saleswoman convinced Scott to buy a small bag of the Ferris Grove’s delicacies – “Gator Poop.”

The chocolate confection resembles malted milk balls.

“They’re great,” Scott said.

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6 Responses to “Scott bus tour emergency stop – for ‘gator poop’”

  1. unreal Says:

    At least Scott is consistent. He’s been feeding the press a load of poop all along.

  2. Irish Uncle Says:

    Scott is waist high in bulsh**, and he has no boots on..He clearly lost the debate, and Sink is pulling away!!!

  3. comb over Says:

    Sad affair win the usual even-minded CNN let Scott control the debate, plus ignore Sink’s chance to rebute Scott. Funny how Scott seemed to call Sink the insider when she’s only been there 3 yrs…..republicans who do control Tally have been there 12 yrs and support Scott. I was on the fence until last nights debate, now I am for Sink.

  4. Election worker Says:

    Great armchair quarterbacking people. Only thing is, you really didn’t listen. Sink offers no plan, and promises heaven on earth. Yep, government is smart we are all stupid and through the Democrats, they will make us into slaves and them our owners. Too bad you all don’t wake up to see soon you won’t have any rights.

  5. Scott is Crook Says:

    The RPOF POOP Express

  6. Herbie Hancrock Says:

    You can feed the media anything — as long as it’s free.

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