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Scott bus tour day 5: field trips, Jeb!, Haley and tea

by Dara Kam | October 31st, 2010

Rick Scott bookended two GOP rock stars between a Tea Party rally and a private screening of the education documentary “Waiting for Superman” on Day 5 of his statewide bus tour as the clock ticks down until Election Day.

Rick Scott and RGA head Gov. Haley Barbourdd

Former Gov. Jeb Bush kicked off the day with a rally for the GOP Cabinet slate and gubernatorial candidate Scott at an airport hangar in Orlando.

“There’s a cloud on our state. I think there’s a lot of pessimism in our state right now. I think we need a can-do leader that lifts the cloud,” Bush said. “I think he’s the right guy for the right time.”

Scott capped off the day-long flyaround on a chartered plane with a rally near Tampa starring Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the head of the National Governor’s Association.

Both parties consider the governor’s race crucial to the 2012 presidential election.

“But the most important thing is Florida matters. Florida matters to the American economy. Florida matters to the Southern economy. And all of us that live in this part of the U.S., we want Florida to prosper because everybody else prospers,” said Barbour.

Barbour was chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1994 – what he called the “greatest midterm Republican sweep in the 20th century” – when the GOP swept the U.S. House and Senate and picked up 17 governors’ seats.

“Let me tell you, that’s pretty heady stuff for a boy from Yazoo City, Miss.,” Barbour told a gathering of supporters in Riverview.

But, he added: “The 2010 election is far more important to our country’s future than the 1994 election. The Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have yanked our country in the biggest lurch to the left in American political history,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Scott spent about an hour at a Tea Party rally outside Jacksonville where he did some Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama-bashing before attending a private screening in Winter Park of “Waiting for Superman,” the documentary that chronicles California’s education woes. Scott purchased all of the seats in the theater showing the film and invited children from Heritage Prep charter school and their families to join him.

Democrat Alex Sink, meanwhile, gave a speech to the teachers’ union in nearby Orlando.

Scott said he was highlighting the differences between their two education plans in which he proposes an expansion of corporate vouchers and wants to allow parents to send their children to any public school they wish.

“I’m doing rallies with families that care about the education of their children and want choice. My opponent is with the unions who oppose choice,” Scott said.

Scott also entertained a crowd of Cuban-American supporters in Hialeah where he was joined by former Miami mayor Maurice Ferre.

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14 Responses to “Scott bus tour day 5: field trips, Jeb!, Haley and tea”

  1. Blackman Says:

    Rick Scott is a confirmed liar and cheat. Yet the Repubs embrace him as though he is an honorable person. Teabaggers claim to want government thats fair and honest and fiscally sound, yet support a confirmed corruptor of governmental policy practices. I don’t get it! 16 years of Repub led senate, house and governors has cast FL into the worst shape in our history.

  2. Ziggy Ziggy Thats all folks Says:

    Get to know the real (Adelaide McBride) Alex Sink:

    Alex Sink has been a total incompetent since taking office as Florida’s CFO. She has galloped around in the official state plane with her family acting and looking like an idiot.

  3. Ziggy Ziggy Thats all folks Says:

    She let’s Ali Hammoud swindle 5.7 million from state coffers right under her nose! Luckily he was arrested by the FBI at Miami Intl. Airport, but no thanks to her and her staff who denied there was any problems. Much of our tax money wound up in Lebanon! Who was watching the store?

  4. Ziggy Ziggy Thats all folks Says:

    She has been also been implicated in a “Pay for Play” scheme involving convicted fraudster Scott Rothstein. He paid $ 10,000 to her and $200,000 to the Florida Democratic Party.


  5. Ziggy Ziggy Thats all folks Says:

    Not to mention she was also Nations Bank/ Bank of America FL’s president when they were making all those undocumented (no social security numbers required loans that went sour!) Can you say taxpayer’s bailout. Yes the same Bank of America/Merrill Lynch that took around $100 billion in federal bailout money. Plus Alex Sink , as Treasurer of SBA gave her friends at BOA/ Merrill Lynch (Blackrock) $266 Million of the FL Pension money for Peter Cooper Village NYC! A deal she was told was bad up front! Every dollar of this money was lost!

  6. Ziggy Ziggy Thats all folks Says:

  7. Ziggy Ziggy Thats all folks Says:

    Another “Pay for Play”?

    Time for Floridians to dump Alex Sink like they did her husband Bill McBride the ambulance chasing lawyer like Alan Grayson from the Holland and Knight law firm! Why do you think she has shied away from her husband Bill McBride and Barrak Hussein Obama? Cause she thinks they ain’t good for her campaign, that’s why!

  8. FraPat Says:

    Oh my, the Scott campaign workers are up early today bashing Alex Sink. No doubt trying to deflect attention away from the news that broke yesterday about Jennifer Carroll’s document fraud.

    Game changer boys.

  9. beyond bondo Says:

    Thank you Blackman for your comments, it is not Washington that put the State in the hole – it is our State leaders, when are voters going to realize all polictics start locally, you get what you voted for – look at Palm Beach Co. Commissioners – aren’t most of them in jail now?

  10. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Time To Fire The Political Harlots Of Florida


  11. panhandle Says:

    To all my friends who are sane Republicans plesae please be careful what you wish for.

  12. Rawhide Says:

    Ziggy listen to what panhandle says

  13. WWMD? Says:

    I can’t believe the partisanship in this Governors race. All these people (Jeb, etc) hated Scott and now they’re all over him. Republican’s in this state apparently can’t think for themselves and are willing to vote for a crook with absolutely no experience in Government. That should be helpful when the state in is the worst financial state is has been in decades. Scott’s probably going to win and not do anything differently, pushing this state into even more trouble then it’s already in. The funniest part is that all these poor red necks vote Republican when they constantly do things that hurt them. These people are so ignorant that they believe commercials, and don’t understand that the Republican’s fiscal policies favor the wealthy and hurt the middle class. They get them to vote bc they think about gays, god, and guns, instead of what’s best for them and their families. It’s a real shame. This state has been on a downward path for over a decade, and Republican’s have had ultimate power this whole time, but instead of trying something new, we’re going to go backwards by electing a crook who only cares about helping the wealthiest. Wake up people, Republican’s have been screwing you for years, are you that dumb that you don’t see it?

  14. theloneconsumer Says:

    I think it is the cat calling the kettle black, when I see Jeb! Mr. unfiscal conservative . I mean, according to J Garcia reporter story from 2006, Jeb ran up $6 BILLION MORE in a deficit. the only reason Florida had good bond ratings, Jeb pulled alot of poor people from the health care rolls. Medicaid ala Jeb! just got shot down by the feds. Miami has a 5% increase in costs.
    If Jeb hadnt had hurricanes, and got his president brother to cough FEMA money on Fla for every hurricane and ” no name” storm, our economy would have been worse than Charlie Crist’s…

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