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Rubio: ‘We have won the battle of the ideas’ — now get out the vote

by George Bennett | October 30th, 2010

LAKELAND — Republican Senate nominee Marco Rubio began the final Saturday of the campaign urging about 150 supporters who packed into a GOP call center here to ignore polls forecasting big Republican gains and work hard through election day.

“We’ve won the battle of the ideas. We’ve won the battle of public policy. We won that weeks ago,” Rubio said. “You know how you know we won it? Because our opponents stopped talking about those things. They’re not bragging about Obamacare anymore. They’re not campaigning on how well they think the stimulus worked.”

He added: “We have won the battle of the ideas. Now we have to win the battle of the vote, which means turnout. That’s what this is about at this point. I don’t care how far up we are in the polls…People have made up their minds. The only difference between the winners and losers now is who can get their people to vote.”

Rubio has stops in Tampa, Pinellas Park and Pasco County on his schedule today.

5 Responses to “Rubio: ‘We have won the battle of the ideas’ — now get out the vote”

  1. Big D Says:


  2. Robert Says:

    Regarding the post by Big D.:

    There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.

  3. al Says:

    As usual , the enemies of common sense have nothing to contribute, no ideas to discuss. All they always do is profer insults and talk nonsense. Marco Rubio is the best candidate. Anyone can see that.

  4. RD Says:

    Marco Rubio has no new ideas. He can only recycle the same trickle down snake oil. Rubio wants to cut our Social Security benefits, run up the deficit by lowering taxes on the super rich and let Wall Street continue to take wild risks with our money. If you are a billionaire, Rubio is your guy. If you are middle class, Charlie Crist is the choice. And remember a vote for Kendrick Meek is a vote for Rubio.

  5. Paul Says:

    This morning, as always, our cat noisily demanded to be fed.
    It reminded me of those that noisily demand “our benefits”, “our entitlements” (you listening, RD??) They are totally dependent on us, but think they rule us.
    But then I realised that those folks are not at all like our cat. He started to purr, he showed some gratitude.
    Oh yeah, the Tea Party. What it’s all about, just like back in Boston 250-odd years ago, is TAXES.
    “No taxation without representation”

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