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Rubio casts Senate race as referendum on American exceptionalism

by George Bennett | October 3rd, 2010

“For the last 234 years, Americans have built here in this country the most successful society in all of human history,” Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio says. “We should not be embarrassed to say that America is not just unique, it’s quite frankly better than anything else that has ever existed in the history of mankind.”

But Rubio says American exceptionalism is threatened by Democratic big-government policies, so the Nov. 2 election isn’t merely about selecting a junior Senator, it’s “a referendum on our identity.”

Read about it here.

Rubio is part of a tradition that includes Puritan John Winthrop’s 1630 “City Upon a Hill” sermon and Alexis de Tocqueville’s deeming America’s young democracy “exceptional” in the 1830s.


27 Responses to “Rubio casts Senate race as referendum on American exceptionalism”

  1. Vote Says:

    Obama went to Europe, paid for a free concert and told the crowd that America was: “arrogant, dismissive, derisive”

    America gives more foreign aid, assistance then any other entity.

    We need a president who is Proud of our country, not one who degrades it.

  2. Donna in Lake Worth Says:

    Rubio is farther right than Attilla the Hun.

  3. Former Republican Says:

    I am supporting Governor Crist. To hell with the Party.

  4. jeffylou Says:

    Agree with Donna in Lake Worth. Rubio is so far right he hates EVERYONE. Wants to shut down the spigot of ALL government help and watch gleefully as the poor, the ill and the elderly flail in a downward tailspin. He’ll remind himself this is ‘true America’ – capitalism ahead of people.
    People: LEARN about this guy! Don’t vote based on his sweet face and family photos. The guy is draconian!

  5. nativewooder Says:

    To He** with Rubio and his “Big Money” backers! The survival of our country is more important than providing the ultra-rich with another puppet!!!

  6. Moderate Democrat Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  7. Contractor for Crist Says:

    Crist is the only common sense candidate in this election who has always listened to the needs of Floridians. How can anyone trust this Rubio guy?

  8. All knowing Says:

    Beginning to see a little Crist Mo developing; perhaps Rubio has peaked too early.

  9. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Florida Republicans: Stop This Madness and Start Prosecuting


  10. Bob Andrews Says:

    Why is everyone against Rubio? If you don’t like him then just don’t mind him.

  11. ycb Says:

    In Marco’s America, politicians don’t need to have real jobs-they can just
    live large on taxpayers money-Marco never had a real job in his life. in 1998-he got his1st job lobbying fellow politicians for Cardenas’s after law school and his election as City council In 2000 after his election to the Fl House, he got a job with Becker & Poliackoff, to lobby fellow legislators for political favors-Then as Speaker, got another $300k lobby/no-show job, with Broad & Cassell, a $60K part time job created just for him at FIU-a $90k consulting job with Jackson-he spent $16K of other people’s money on himself-although he makes over $300k, failed to pay his mortgage for 5 months- used taxpayer’s moneys to create fake jobs for his friends- if you get caught stealing claim that it was an oversight, flash a smile and pay back what you stole (In the America that most of us live in, we would be charged with grand theft or at the very least there would be an ethic violation filed against us) In Marco’s America, he has the audacity to sell himself as a fiscal conservative-worst some buy it-do they really? or have they chosen to just stick their heads in the sand to protect the Republican Party? Marco is a fiscal opportunist who has made a career out of living large on the Republican Party’s money and the taxpayers money -stand up against corruption-stand up against Marco and stand up for the people of Florida, stand up for honest government, stand up for Charlie Crist a man who has served our state as an an attorney in the private sector, a staff attorney and political organizer with Sen. Connie Mack, a State Senator, a Secretary of Education, an Attorney General and Governor with great honor and distinction.

  12. ycb Says:


  13. swathdiver Says:

    Our education system is pathetic. Look at the posts above folks. These people are completely ignorant when it comes to what America means.

    They have a warped view (I doubt most have never read) the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They have NO IDEA what the concept of American Exceptionalism means.

    Most importantly and yet terribly sad is that these folks deny God and because they do they cannot see.

    America would not exist if not for Divine Providence. The history of the world under secular and Godless rulers is TYRANNY and America was created to be the Shining City on a Hill, a Beacon to all oppressed peoples that if you could make it to our shores legally, you too could practice your religion in peace and make the best use of your God-given talents.

    And yet, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Fascists, Communists – ALL forms of STATISM advocate TYRANNY because they have no understanding of where our rights come from, they come from nature’s law; GOD.

    Statists are parasites, they create nothing and destroy everything, including lives.

    Statists like those posting above me believe GOVERNMENT has the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY. In order for the government to be so empowered, the INDIVIDUAL exists to serve the Government. The opposite of the Biblical principles the American Republic is based on.

    Liberty or Tyranny folks, what’s it gonna be???

  14. swathdiver Says:

    Hey YCB,

    You define most of the Democrat Party. Biden NEVER had a real job.

    John Kerry got out of the Navy after playing John Kennedy and got a government job. Same with Teddy, Obama and tens of thousands of other Democrats. Statists are parasites on society, they do not creat, tney destroy.

    $300k no show job? You mean like Michelle Obama??? Where’s your outrage over her salary doubling after her husband was elected to the Senate? Where’s your outrage over her patient dumping scheme?

    Do the ends justify the means or do you believe in hypocrisy???

  15. Tampa Farmboy Says:

    To all of those who support Crist – exactly which position do you like? The one he had yesterday, today or tomorrow? There is no bigger opportunist in politics than Charlie Crist.

  16. Crist Supporter Says:


    This Crist supporter is for the candidate who is man enough to state his position, listen to the opposition, and publically state that just maybe the other side has a point. When did it become a crime to admit that you may have made a statement in haste? When did it become un-American to listen to your constituents and see their side of a position and do everything within your power to do the right thing? Get over it; Charlie Crist is a man of intergrity and one who is not afraid to admit that someone else may be right on an issue. THAT is the man I will be supporting in this race!!

  17. Jackie Says:

    Charlie and Rubio are the same..just with different talking points…How sad that all those that made the deal to push anyone but Meek in his own party because of Wexler and shady deal making are going to be the same ones who are going to cost this country everything

    Bobby should of counted the vote Hillary huh?

    See what happens when you are a selfish piece of

    Lock Bobby with Rubio & Crist up in the same housing place..JAIL

    Let Irv Serve

  18. stuntmanmike Says:

    ycb: You are a truth teller. Keep fighting the good fight.

  19. Julie in Lantana Says:

    Decision made. My group of friends down here in Southern PBC is backing Crist.

  20. brigitte Says:

    Dear Charlie : I want you to know that you can count on my vote. Sincerely. Brigitte.

  21. Charlie Cox Says:

    Daytona Beach has earned the dubious honor of becoming one of the most corrupt cities in the United States. Corruption is so ingrained and so well organized that even the people in charge of prosecuting it are under control of the people benefiting from it.

    From the purchase of overpriced land from political cronies, to the sale of the personal residency of a city commissioner to the city by over twice its just value, to the financing of personal hobbies and indulgences of tycoons at taxpayer expense, Daytona Beach has turned into Capone’s Chicago.

    The end result is a city in despair, high unemployment, low morale, rampant crime, homeless roaming the streets and an overworked police force that can’t keep up.

    Learn more about this poor city in badly need of Federal intervention The Daytona Post – Daytona Beach Unfiltered News

  22. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Florida is a banana republic. The papayas are coming! The papayas are coming! The papayas are coming. Add crushed ice, milk and sugar. Shaky. Shaky.

  23. RealAngst Says:

    swath…how odd is it that you would bring up education. This state has been Republican led for almost 30 years. I do not support Meek, and Crist was around in some capacity for most of it. So please explain to me how some Cuban-American is going to change all that? We are a two, sometimes 3 language state where there are numerous options given to Hispanics and Haitians. Will that improve English? Rubio has flip flopped on the other Republican bugaboo, immigration, yet the powers that be in the party neglect to tell the truth. The “Bush kept us safe crowd” act as if he wasnt POTUS on 9/11 and they did NOTHING to secure the borders AFTER 9/11. Now that there is a Dem in the WH, its the immigrants are coming, the immigrants are coming. America is a melting pot of people and ideas, of religions of all manner and a desire to practice those religions freely. Yet people like you want the bogeyman to be around every corner. As for insider crap that goes on with no show jobs, tell me a party that ISNT guilty of it and I will be impressed. Both are hypocrites and until they are caught and called to task, it will continue. Rubio screwed the people he represented in Dade county, go look at his voting record. If you want him in the Senate, you may get him. I hope not, but you may. I would rather see Crist there than some teabagger who cares more about his potential earnings than his responsibility as a US Senator. Really? You bring God into this why? If my religion doesnt match YOUR religion, is mine false? Is having no religion because you question the authenticity of a story in a book written by man some offense? The crime is those of you who use fear and religion to get your way, or at least try to. I will vote for Mr. Crist who was a good Attorney General and a reasoned and balanced Gov.

  24. swathdiver Says:


    Since 1980 Democrats and Republicans have each governed Florida with roughly equal time. It is expected that Rubio will govern with Judeo-Christian values and sweep out the RINOs and Statists. If he fails to do so, he too will be replaced by Conservatives. The Republican Party of Florida is run by RINOs; they are only reluctantly supporting Rubio. Whereas the Democrat Party has closed ranks to protect their statists, the Republican Party is being reformed and RINOs are being forced out. Conservatives have made tremendous strides but it will take a few election cycles to fully clean house.

    Some progress was made in securing the border and entry points after 9-11 but it was not enough and President Bush’s popularity plummeted because of his failure to do the job right. President Obama has been dismantling what little his predecessor did thereby enacting the largest voter registration drive ever seen.

    Don’t fall for the leftist tripe that Conservatives are against immigrants and immigration. We’re against illegal immigration and do not like the statist contrived red-tape and policies that makes it so difficult for people to legally immigrate to America.

    I’m sure you’re correct that people regardless of political party partake in no-show jobs. As long as they are in the private sector, it’s not illegal just probably immoral.

    I’m so glad you asked why I bring God into this. Without God, our United States cannot survive. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It will survive under the rule of no other. Do you know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy?

    In a Democracy the people are the highest source of authority. Our Founders correctly referred to it as “mob rule”. Rights are granted and taken away at the whims of the people. Should they decide that murder is no longer a crime, then, it’s no longer a crime.

    On the other hand, a Republic, which defines the government of the United States, is the recognition that the principles of civil government come from the Bible. Its citizens voluntarily submit to it because they recognize that God is the ultimate source of our rights. Murder will always be a crime because of the inalienable rights granted to every person by God.

    Nobody can take away your inalienable rights. The purpose of government is to protect those rights for you. In order to secure them, governments are instituted among men. Sound familiar?

    The reason for mentioning the terrible state of our education system is because of the posts mentioned above. These folks have no concept of what America is. No understanding of American Exceptionalism or Free Enterprise. If they had been raised with a reverence for God, a thorough understanding of the Bible, a strong background on Constitutional Republics, learned about the Founding Fathers and the purpose of the American Revolution, Statists like Crist and Meek would never get elected, maybe the bar for morally upstanding citizens would be so high that even Rubio would not make the cut. I hope for my children’s sake that is the case when they come of age.

    I don’t know what your religion is. This forum is really not the place for such a discussion. However, you may send me an e-mail and we can discuss it there. Swathdiveratyahoodotcom.

  25. RealAngst Says:

    Swath..I abhor the very idea that a Constitution which promises FREEDOM OF RELIGION would be used by people who have the audacity to believe that their God is somehow greater than the beliefs of anothers God. Christianity is one of the youngest of the mainstream religions and the reason that the Founding Fathers inserted the Freedom of Religion is because they were opressed or forced to believe a certain way. You want to see a return to that way of life? I do not. One of the most beautiful things that makes America EXCEPTIONAL is the FACT that for the most part (recent events notwithstanding) we have learned to accept people of all faiths. I do not fear Muslims as a religion any more than I fear a Christian or a Jew. It is the Radicals who would harm us because of a belief that they are like you, superior based upon a religious belief or system. More people have been killed and maimed in the name of religion in history which should tell you all you need to know. The extremists among us are the problem, freedom is the solution. None of your freedoms have been taken away, none of your “exceptionalism” has been diminished nor has your ability to express yourself been curtailed in any way. Yet the argument from the “extreme right” is that all of these things have been abridged. Well sir, I submit to you that they have not. I didnt vote for Mr. Obama nor was I a supporter of Mr. Bush. I believe that Mr. Bush, his policies and his ill concieved war against Iraq, a nation that had NO ALLIANCE with Al Queda, no involvement and no part in 9/11 caused this nation irreparable harm. His arrogance and desire to rid the world of Saddam Hussien has left Iraq vulnerable to Iran and resulted in the loss of American lives for no purpose. When one considers the fact that the United States put Hussien in power, armed him and supported him up until his invasion of Kuwait, it makes you question the true purpose. We as a nation have not even exacted the payment in oil from Iraq yet the payment in America lives can never be repaid. As for the borders, I find it quite telling that you would state that Mr. Obama was somehow dismanteling that which Mr. Bush put into place, when a Republican Senator blocked the appointment of the man chosen by the POTUS for more than 18 months. For what reason? Political, of course. The RINO’s that you speak of support Mr. Scott for Governor, even after the man took the 5th on 75 questions in a deposition about FRAUD against the State of Florida? This nations founding principles are not defined by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann and Racheal Maddow. But for you, or anyone to state that there is a requirement of some sort of religious argument to be made as to the foundation and principles of this nation is on its face a falsehood. Our rights as a people may be God given, no matter what God you believe in, but they are enforced by humans, flawed, selfish, irrational, entitled and believing that they are superior humans. They make mistakes, they mis-speak, they lie and above all else, they look out for number one. Rubio is no exception nor do I find his religious beliefs to make him exceptional. Sean Hannity is fond of calling Mr. Obama the “annointed one” which to me is highly offensive as is his intent. Is Marco Rubio the annointed one in Florida? I think not. The same premise that was used to elect Mr. Obama, voting along racial lines will swell Mr. Rubio’s votes at the polls, no doubt. But when you look at Mr. Rubio’s voting record, it says something quite the opposite.

  26. swathdiver Says:


    There is only one true God, with a capital G. All the others are the little g. Whether you believe in Him or not He loves you and wants you to know Him. God created America to be the beacon of Liberty, the Shining City on a Hill for all other countries to emulate. As long as her people stay faithful to His Son, He will continue to pour out of His Blessings.

    I fear we have the government we deserve because our nation as a whole has stopped honoring the Lord, 50,000,000 dead children since 1973 is America’s genocide, the wanton, selfish murder of those least able to defend themselves. It is my hope that you understand and acknowledge that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values of the Bible. I do not want to force anyone into any religion but would be delighted if you chose Eternal Life instead of the Lake of Fire by accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. Someday you will be held to account for your time here on Earth by Jesus, whether or not you believe.

    Mohammadanism is a totalitarian political movement whose goal is world domination. Those who do not submit are killed. It is not unlike Communism. So these “radicals” as you call them are only doing what’s called for in their book. Their prophet was a man, a homicidal maniac and child molester. Jesus is God and still alive today.

    I will not take issue with your point that more people have been killed in the name of religion if you accept the premise that Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc. is a religion. These Godless movements have murdered several hundred million people and enslaved billions on earth. Even during the darkest days of the Anglican and Catholic churches (which do not follow the Bible), they murdered far fewer than a million people. More are killed in the name of Islam every year than died during the Crusades or Reformations. The values of the Judeo-Christian religions, coupled with morality provide the basis for peaceful co-existence and self-governance. That is the history of the world.

    In another post I gave examples of where our rights have been taken away and that we’re living in Tyranny. Here’s a couple more: When the government passes legislation without reading it, without debate, in the dead of night, that’s tyranny.

    When the government passes legislation benefiting individuals and their companies with perpetual bailouts at the expense of the taxpayer and demonizes that person and company while accepting campaign contributions from them, that’s tyranny.

    Tyranny is when the government forces companies to remove ingredients from our food which is not constitutional.

    For over 300 years in America election sermons were given at the pulpit. Candidates were brought in and their conduct and policies were compared with God’s Word. In the 1950s then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson snuck in wording in a piece of legislation that silenced them, curtailing their Free Speech rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. That’s tyranny.

    One has to ignore a lot history to hold the view that Al Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq before 2003. Iraq was complicit in the 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center, not 9-11. Nobody in the Bush Administration ever made that claim. It was the Democrat Party who kept trying to perpetuate that lie. Saddam was taken down because he violated 14 UN Resolutions and was endeavoring to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. All the ingredients to make such weapons including shells with mustard gas were found.

    Saddam Hussein was a Marxist. I have never heard the story that the United States put him in power! How so??? How did we arm him? I think I remember 6 Bell Huey helicopters but they were not armed nor equipped for deploying armaments. What did we arm him with? Were we supposed to be repaid in oil???

    You stated, “But for you, or anyone to state that there is a requirement of some sort of religious argument to be made as to the foundation and principles of this nation is on its face a falsehood.” It’s not a requirement, it’s a fact. You don’t have to believe it but it is true. One can point to chapter and verse in the Bible where each foundation of our Republic comes from.

    Thank you for underscoring my point. Man is flawed and only the best should serve in civil government; those who are self-governed by religion and morality. Not all put themselves first. I don’t anymore. George Washington is perhaps the best example. Many of our Founders and their families did indeed give their lives and fortunes so we could have this conversation today.

    Obama is the one who figured himself as a messiah. He’s the one who plays with lighting and sound to make it look that God is shining light on him, says “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for” and on and on. Hannity is just needling him.

    Where have you examined Rubio’s voting record? I would like to examine it myself.

  27. val Says:

    Satan has deceived the whole world until the heel of time when a woman shall bruise him Gen 3:15 by exposing his lies and delivering the true word of God Rev 12 to the world to prepare a people for the Lord’s return. Check out the exposing of Satan’s lies at

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