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Rod Smith rejects Rick Scott’s Obama-liberal ‘metaphor’

by George Bennett | October 21st, 2010

Rod Smith and Alex Sink

Democrat Alex Sink’s running mate says Republican Rick Scott’s repeated invocations of President Obama “as a metaphor for all things liberal” won’t work in Florida governor’s race.

Rod Smith, the former state Senator who is Sink’s lieutenant governor pick, says Scott keeps bringing up Obama — including the term “Obama math” in Wednesday night’s debate — because he’s afraid to discuss the issues and his own past, which includes $1.7 billion in Medicare fraud fines paid by Scott’s former hosptial chain.

Liberal metaphor

“He is trying to link Alex Sink and Rod Smith to everything Obama — that’s his clear strategy. And the fact is that Alex is a fiscal conservative and I’ve probably been considered the most conservative Democrat in elected office in the last several years. So that’s not going to work,” Smith said while campaigning in West Palm Beach this morning with U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.

“He has to try to nationalize this election. He has no plan for Florida and he has no record to run on,” Smith said.

Asked his own thoughts on Obama, Smith answered: “It isn’t what I think of President Obama….He (Scott) is using Obama as a metaphor for all things liberal. That’s what he’s trying to do. He uses ‘Obama’ and ‘liberal’ interchangeably. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not — I think it is not true.

“But the fact of the matter is these are buzzwords trying to corner the Sink-Smith ticket as a liberal Democratic ticket because he knows that their ticket is way to the right and has no plan for Florida…..We’re a moderate ticket that has a plan for Florida that will work.”


22 Responses to “Rod Smith rejects Rick Scott’s Obama-liberal ‘metaphor’”

  1. Obama-Sink 2010~! Says:

    Its amazing how the golden hopey changey Obaama has turned politically radioactive as all of his promises go unfulfilled.

    Smith won’t even comment about what he thinks about Obama…..obviously he does not want to be associated with Obama.

    How things have changed…..

    We just need non politicians in office, citizen politicians, not carreer robber theif politicians.

    (Asked his own thoughts on Obama, Smith answered: “It isn’t what I think of President Obama….)

  2. Jan Says:

    Even if you don’t like OBAMA-everything, it doesn’t mean that you should support a guy like Rick Scott! I take an honest Obama-supporter over a proven crook every day!

  3. Cynical Idealist Says:

    Obama-Sink 2010~!

    Smith knows anything he might say about his opinion on Obama would become the story and he wants to keep the media spotlight focused on their opponents and what they want the media to print/broadcast about Scott/Carroll.

    You have no idea how the game is played in the media….What a freaking moron!

  4. Mike Says:

    Who cares what Rod Smith says?

    A vote for Sink is a vote for

    Obama,(Sink stood beside him)

    Obamacare (Sink willl drop FL’s lawsuit against Obamacare),

    more taxation(expiration of taxcuts means no more deductions of $1000 per child, drops to $500 per child),

    Cap and Trade (a tax on energy, your energy bills will double),

    EPA enforcement (did you read the insert in your water bill, or did you just throw it out? INCREASE of $75 per month!)

    Redistricting (Sink will assure that voting districts are redrawn to assure more Obama liberals are elected)

    NO TO SINK, cause if she is elected that’s what Florida will do..SINK

  5. angel Says:

    so Rick Scott spends $??? million dollars, of his OWN money, to get a $125,000 job?
    there must be something seriously wrong with that man.

  6. Herb Says:

    And there’s plenty wrong when Smith won’t man up and tell us about his support for Obama. One’s a crook and the other’s a liar. Pick your poison.

  7. unreal Says:

    I like Alex but don’t call yourself a fiscal conservative and support nationalized healthcare. Costs are rising on business already. Alex needs to suck it up and reject the healthcare bill and support its replacement

  8. bobby Says:

    Please show me a quote where Alex Sink says “I support the healthcare bill” not parts of it, but the entire thing.

  9. Maybe Sinks Standing Army is to combat the Felons She Licensed Says:

    Alex Sink, assault rifles and budget proviso

    Tucked into the state budget, Republican legislative leaders are pushing language that would ban CFO Alex Sink from buying assault-style rifles for white-collar fraud investigators in her office.

    Sink’s Department of Financial Services has purchased 182 assault rifles – costing $255,000, according to Sink’s office – in the last two years. Sink, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says the rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators, but the Legislature’s Republican budget writers argue the rifles are expensive and unnecessary. Typically, fraud investigators have carried pistols.

    Sink bought the rifles without competitive bids from Tampa-based SRT Supply, Inc., which is on a state contract with other law enforcement agencies. (Incidentally, the president of SRT was arrested on federal bribery charges in January in an unrelated incident, the St. Pete Times reported).
    The rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators who deal with “dangerous people,” said spokesman Kevin Cate – arsonists, sophisticated car insurance fraudsters, money launderers. If Republican legislators are taking a shot at Sink with the assault-weapon purchasing ban, “that’s a shot at officer security,” Cate said.
    Sink said: “I rely on my law enforcement people to evaluate what the risks are and what they need. I’m going to do everything possible to protect them.”

    The language was inserted by Rep. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla.
    “I don’t find that a good use of taxpayer dollars,” he said. “When last did (the fraud investigators) have to pull their weapon? I’m not aware of anything in the last two years that they pulled it, much less fired it. If they’re going to be making these kinds of raids, every sheriff’s department in the state has a SWAT team with those kinds of weapons. I just don’t think that’s a wise use of our tax dollars, so we’re going to try to stop it.”

  10. Dan Stone Says:

    The problem with everyone is that they are so tied up with their own party that they don’t see past that. I am an independent and have been since I first voted in 1968 while I was on my second tour of duty in Vietnam. The Democrats are liars and the Republicans are thieves. . . or is it the other way around?

    The problem with America is not that the Republicans, who are now so far to the right of conservative that they think that Sarah Palin is actually presidential material, try to block everything that the Democrats want to do. And the Democrats, who are so far to the left of liberal that, think it is the government’s job to become our parents. The problem is the partisanship that dominates Congress and the Florida Legislature and impedes progress. Those of you who are Democrats or Republicans and take the party’s talking points as the truth are like sheep and, quite frankly, it is people like you who have put this country in trouble. You won’t listen to the other side, regardless of who the other side is, and you cannot come up with solutions that work for Americans first, No, you come up with solutions that work for the party first, and then we, the American electorate, finds itself somewhere in line down below lobbyists.

    Wake up people!! Political partisanship has moved us so far from our core American values that most of you don’t remember them. Just remember two things. First, the only way back to center is to reach across the aisle in Congress and accept each other’s good ideas. Second, to support only those candidates who are, or appear to be, honest and who wish to serve to help find a better way. I know that we, in Florida, don’t have any candidates who fit that requirement at the present time, but there are better men and women who could serve than the ones running for office today, especially to sit in the governor’s chair.

  11. Rational Democrat Says:

    we are not voting for or against Obama…we are voting for Scott or Sink..Scott is a liar and a thief and a hair away from being a convicted felon. Scott avoided answering every question in last night’s debate. Sink has my vote.

  12. Gird Your Loins Says:

    $215 BILLION, not millions, additional funds needed for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Thanks, democRATS! Vote them ALl out of office. They supported this. It’s time to show our disappointment in their CHOICES.

  13. Lets Get To Work Says:

  14. Carlos Says:

    I will vote for none of the above…sink for VP that is joke..she is boring and dumber than Scott ….which is not something to brag about.

    I am voting for none of the above

  15. unreal Says:

    What exactly is alex’s plan for Florida. As usual in negative campaigns we here a lot about how bad the other guy is but not what the candidate will do. IN DETAIL. You know discuss problems that will arise and how they will be dealt with.
    If Alex wants to trim another 700 million from the budget. Where is she taking the money from and how will she deal with the opposition of well entrenched bureaucrats, most of whom are democrats.
    Some will lose their jobs.
    Politicians are weak and don’t give details, and then they cover up that weakness by getting into a negative campaign.
    I didnkt care about the charges against Scott because it was a democratic hit job on him to avoid discussing details of policy with the public. It was what I saw in the debate and his video deposition that made me not like him.
    Tell us what alex will do to bring back jobsN particularlÝ construction that drives our economy where we have over 30 percent unemployment and closed manufacturers?
    Oh yes vote NO on 4 unless you want the economy to tank permanently.

  16. Tricky Ricky Says:

    Scott is a labeler and a name caller. He refuses to talk and answer questions..VOTE FOR SINK!!!!!

  17. Institutionalized Mentally Challenged Comments Says:

    Sink knows she can get her extra billions from the TaxObamaAFL-CIO Plan which her UNION friends are working on as we speak!

  18. Rosena Villani Says:

    This is probably one of the better articles I have stumbled across on this subject. Have you though about the other side of the topic of natural health? Personally, I think a decent case could be made either way, but let me know if you know of more sources on the Web to verify what you are discussing.

  19. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Fraud, Inc. or Why Jack Webb Would NEVER Date Alex Sink (D-CAN-FL)


  20. Latashia Wallwork Says:

    Great info here. Still looking for additional info on travel tips and would be thankful any advice. Thanks!

  21. Keith C. Says:

    isn’t a problem with construction as the backbone of the economy? how long can that really last, that is how much more can be built? You can not renovate libraries and schools forever to create jobs for contractors and developers. IT is a false premise to appeal for and just a lie to see it as sustainable. How about using that money for these construction purposes and investing in investing higher paying higher tech jobs, and bringing in industries that can offer them with tax breaks not spent on upholding a stupid status quo.

  22. unreal Says:

    Our economy isn’t recovering because construction is at a stand still. Construction unemployment is over 30%. Its our nations largest industry. Manufacturing jobs support construction and relayed industries. Government construction iswhere money is wasted. Commercial andindustrial cons needs to b revived. No on amendment 4

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