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RFK Jr. endorses Crist, says Meek can’t win, slams Rubio and his ‘angry’ supporters

by George Bennett | October 13th, 2010



DEERFIELD BEACH — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. broke with his Democratic heritage this morning and endorsed indie Charlie Crist for Senate, arguing that Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek can’t defeat Republican frontrunner Marco Rubio.

The liberal scion apparently doesn’t think much of Rubio — or his supporters.

“Mr. Rubio has a radical vision, a narrow vision, an I-can-be-as-stupid-as-I-want vision of this country. It has appeal when people are angry, but it’s not a good long-term plan,” Kennedy said, according to our Jane Musgrave, who was on the scene at Shelby’s restaurant.

As for Democratic nominee Meek, who consistently places a distant third in polls, Kennedy said: “If I thought he could win, I’d be down here campaigning for him.”

When asked if Meek should drop out, Musgrave reports that Kennedy said: “In a politician’s life we all have to make decisions that are bigger than ourselves. I hope he looks at the entire political landscape as he assesses his future in this race.”

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, praised Crist as a champion of the environment.

Kennedy’s cousin-in-law, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsed Crist Tuesday. Schwarzenegger is married to Maria Shriver, a niece of Robert F. Kennedy.

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17 Responses to “RFK Jr. endorses Crist, says Meek can’t win, slams Rubio and his ‘angry’ supporters”

  1. v Says:


  2. Boca Jew! Says:

    Democrats nominated MEEK during the Primary! Get rid of the Democratic party in South Florida because we obviously DON’T COUNT! Absolutely Shameful that you all have turned your back on the only true democrat. Is it because he’s black?

  3. Keyser Soze Says:

    MEEK SHOULD DO “THE RIGHT THING” and urge his supporters to vote for Crist. I am not a fan of Crist, but he would be a much better senator for all Floridians than the right-wing nut Rubio. Meek needs to realize he isn’t going to get the huge African-American turnout Obama got in 2008 and can’t win without it. Meek should do what is best for the state by throwing his support to Crist. But, of course, being the self-serving politician he is, Meek won’t do that.

  4. Garl Says:

    Of what worth, really, is an endorsement from the nephew of a President elected 50 years ago? The left continually talks about the right’s ongoing reverence for President Reagan, given how long ago he served. But Kennedy was elected 20 years before Reagan, and the Democrat party, at least once every four years, carries on as if JFK had just passed. Come on, folks, this guy’s endorsement means NOTHING.

  5. Squeeze on the black man Says:

    Got to love those liberal democrats who swear they’re always there to support the minorities!

    RFK Jr. isnt his father. RFK Jr is bizarre. He stated that there would be no snow or cold in DC because of global warming.

    He’s bizarro and has led a wacky drug induced life.

  6. Freed, K.L. Says:

    As a lifelong Democrat, I am disgusted with the snake oil salesmen that have hijacked the party and will be protesting with my vote. Go Rubio, if only to ground and reign in our out of control party!

  7. St Pete Native Says:

    Lots wrong with this mssg from RFKjr for Crist

    1) if RFKjr thought Meek could win he would campaign for him (Meek). sounds to me RFKjr doesn’t have principles, just wants to hitch onto a winner.

    2) Charlie wants to set a new tone in DC, yet stands by as RFKjr calls Rubio & supporters narrow & stupid. Really, RFKjr sounded rather angry.

    3) Charlie again cancels a visit with the Holocaust Ed Center for this endorsement. Guess he doesnt need the Jewish vote anymore, he has RFKjr endorsement. Seriously, has Charlie lost his mind – an endorsement from RFKjr or follow thru with the Jewish community he’s been begging support from for months.

    4) How is Charlie a champion of the environment? The intent of the Sugar deal was hardly about the environment, it was about big business.

    good grief. Charlie’s campaign is a disaster, surely to go down in the history books as worst run.

  8. Seen This Before Says:

    Time for the black man to step aside, says RFK, Jr. Oh, and take everyone supporting that angry, extremist, Allen West with you!

    I guess Kennedy/Crist message is that since I don’t agree with them, I must be an angry, bitter, dumb, selfish, homophobic, xenophobic neanderthal, and a polluting, no good, carbon burning, Bambi killing, gas guzzling SOB.

    You know, for someone who isn’t exactly enjoying “Camelot” at home, RFK is pretty good at labeling me & others like me as “extreme”, and “angry” and “stupid” and “radical”. Pretty judgmental guy …

  9. Jojo Says:

    Marco will be our next senator from FL. Deal with it. We need people just like him, the more the better, in Congress to stop this Obama TRAINWRECK!!! RFK Jr? That’s just too funny!!!!!

  10. rawhide Says:

    Listen all Fl Republicans, step up to the polls hold your noses and vote for Scott and Rubio.

  11. FELICE Says:

    Charlie is a joke and his record shows it.
    Just because he was on a committee does not make him good on the issues…look at his record.


  12. unreal Says:

    Seen it Before,

    Isn’t that the truth. If you don’t go along with the insanity that is the leftist agenda you must be a bible thumping racist radical.
    Sorry lefties, some of us use that lump that is three feet about our rear ends to make informed educated decisions, not blinded by pure partisanship.

  13. Lemminghunter Says:

    Isn’t RFK, Jr. the same dimwit who blamed Katrina on Republicans’ failure to support the Kyoto Protocol?

    This is the crackpot calling the tea kettle black…

  14. joel Says:

    I thought we were done with those drunken bum Kennedys. Where did this slug come from? His endorsement is as valid as his grandfather’s fidelity to his wife. Drunks and whoremasters-every damned one of them.

  15. swathdiver Says:

    Did the enviro whacko fly down in his private jet or drive his prius?

    RFKJR is doing it only because the Democrat Party told him to.

    These surviving Kennedy’s have little in common with John and Bobby. You see, they were both anti-communists and indeed were killed by Communists. All the rest, including this loon RFKJR embrace it.

  16. Mitch Dworkin Says:

    As well intentioned as Rep. Kendrick Meek may be, he is not a serious candidate to win the Florida Senate race according to every credible poll. It is time for Meek to get out of the race and endorse Gov. Crist (who he may disagree with on some issues but who he would more than likely consider to be in the mainstream) as opposed to Marco Rubio who is a fringe tea party candidate and radical Jim DeMint clone who Meek would probably not view as being in the mainstream.

    I think that Kendrick Meek needs to answer these three questions which I think are very fair to ask:

    1) Do you (Rep. Meek) want to be responsible for electing Rubio which will help increase the tea party’s chances to repeal health care legislation and financial regulations passed this year, and to phase out Social Security and Medicare in favor of personal savings accounts? Is this what you really want to be at least partially responsible for just by staying in a race that you know you cannot realistically win?

    2) Do you (Rep. Meek) want to help increase the chances that Jim DeMint may be considering a run for the Mitch McConnell’s role as Senate Minority Leader if his tea party disciple Marco Rubio wins? Is this what you even want to possibly see happen in the Senate?

    3) If Marco Rubio being elected helped Jim DeMint and his colleagues to allow the tea party to take over the Republican Party, do you (Rep. Meek) want to live knowing that you helped to make it happen by electing Rubio because you were a spoiler candidate on the ballot and would you want this to go down on your personal legacy just like how Ralph Nader helping to elect Bush in Florida in 2000 is all that he will basically remembered for despite all of the good that he did before 2000? How could you live with yourself being “the Florida Ralph Nader of 2010″ if the tea party is successful in their efforts of taking over the country in 2012 and your helping to elect Rubio in 2010 by being a spoiler on the ballot played a role in this happening?

    Unless stopped, the tea party could take over the GOP now & the country in 2012!

    Submitted by Mitch Dworkin on September 30, 2010 – 1:45pm.

    Please seriously think about these honest questions Rep. Meek and do the right thing by getting out of a race that you cannot realistically win and where your presence is only being a spoiler candidate to help elect Marco Rubio who will be a disciple of Jim DeMint if he is elected to the Senate.

    Mitch Dworkin, M.Ed.

  17. Edna Says:

    What a JOKE, you traitor, RFK! Crist is a “champion of the environment?” Is that why he was for offshore oil drilling (before he was against it?). Crist is a REPUBLICAN. RFK has endorsed him in an uncalled for betrayal of the DULY NOMINATED CANDIDATE of the Democratic party! Kendrick Meek is a solid, consistent Democrat and TRUE “champion of the environment”, as he has consistently opposed offshore oil drilling and will prioritize the greening of Florida’s economy, which will be good for both jobs and the environment. RFK is a rhymes-with-bass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I implore my fellow FL Dems to vote for Meek! When Dems vote for Dems, Dems WIN! We can do this thing.

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