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PBS/League of Women voters scraps debates because GOP candidates are no-shows

by Dara Kam | October 13th, 2010

The League of Women Voters and PBS canceled debates between the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial candidates because GOP candidates Marco Rubio and Rick Scott refused to participate.

The League’s president Deidre MacNab said the debate, scheduled for Oct. 14, would have been the only one to reach all television viewers throughout the state.

The League could not get Gov. Charlie Crist, the independent U.S. Senate candidate, to confirm to appear either, MacNab said, meaning only U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, the Democrat in the three-way U.S. Senate race, had agreed to show up.

PBS The NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff had agreed to moderate the debate.

Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott has agreed to debate Democrat contender Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink on Wednesday at Nova Southeastern University and on Oct. 25 in Tampa. The U.S. Senate debates will take place the night before both gubernatorial debates.

Scott also has refused to meet with editorial boards throughout the state, setting a new precedent for statewide candidates.

“I think it’s very disheartening,” MacNab said. “We have one of the highest unemployment rates, one of the highest mortgage default rates and one of the highest number of uninsured citizens in the nation. It’s really unconscionable when voters are forced to make their decisions on sound bites and commercials.”

Democrats in both races and the Florida Cabinet races have complained that their GOP opponents won’t agree to the public debates.

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16 Responses to “PBS/League of Women voters scraps debates because GOP candidates are no-shows”

  1. Lola Says:

    My women’s group in Central FL scrapped our debate plans because democrats refused to come. So, I guess we are even.

  2. Educator Says:

    Maybe if they were run by and moderated by people and organizations that would remain unbiased these debates would go on.

    Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff???? PO-LEEEZE

  3. Dumb Blondi Bimbo Says:

    Pam Bondi also has refused meaningful debates. She doesn’t want the public to know how stupid she really is.

    Why isn’t the Press holding them accountable? The Press should be screaming this from the headlines that these republicans refuse to debate.

  4. NoneyaBiz Says:

    Lola… what women’s group is it that your are referring to? What channel was it to be broad cast on? Who was the moderator for this so called debate. Nothing was ever advertised. And no Television stations had a request for air time. Please enlighten us… otherwise I will assume you to be a liar.

    Educator… PBS is about as moderate as you will find these days. Who would you suggest for an unbiased moderator???

  5. Lola Says:

    That’s okay NoneyaBiz I already think you are an ass. So we are even.

  6. NoneyaBiz Says:

    So, Lola… you are a LIAR! Thanks for confirming.

  7. mike Says:

    nice to be able to call out one of these republican liars. this should be a headline by itself. avoiding debates and throwing lies around. cowards who want to further mess with my life. i am ashamed of anybody who calls themselves a republican. should have gone through with it and given meek the free air time. npa’s running for offices should have been invited also. why just the big names?

  8. Jan Says:

    Be honest,if you are a crook like Scott or a right-wing nut like Rubio would you like to participate in a discussion where you can’t write the questions asked?
    Scott puts his mother up on TV to win vots for him. What a shameful performance!

  9. unreal Says:

    More reason to have public financing only, and statutory debate and townhall appearances by candidates after the primaries for all major political races. Governor, AG, Senators.
    Put a panel of one indie, one right wingers, and one leftist to ask each of them questions.
    3 debates to all be televised on state wide television paid for with public funds. The major TV stations could bid for the best price way in advance and schedule the debates way in advance.
    None of this nonsense like Bondi pulled that she um….had something else to do that day… or had an emergency doctors appointment.
    Both parties are scared of the voters and rightly so.
    We don’t want to hear how bad your opponent is, or listen to what you WONT do.
    Tell us what you will do.
    I would love a yes or no format to the debates but that is just wishful thinking.

  10. Joe Says:

    NoneyaBiz “… PBS is about as moderate as you will find these days.”


  11. NoneyaBiz Says:

    So Joe… who is more moderate?Seriously??? I bet you have never even listened to PBS. If you had you would know that it is a NON PARTISAN programing station. But, you are probably a whacked out Teabagger that only listens to the Fox Propaganda station.

  12. Monica Says:

    Absolutely do not blame these candidates. These are biased groups. If one reviews their history, they endorse democrat candidates.

    They are a front for democrats.

    Ditto the Palm Beach Post. There is no balance, just negative articles on republicans and positive articles on democrats.

    If reviewed the PB Post’s past endorsement heavily favor democrats.

  13. Luis Says:

    No to public financing of campaigns. It’s taking more money from the electorate and giving it to candidates.

    Though it’s a ‘stale’ economy and no COLAs were given to those on Social Security, Congress got a THREE PERCENT RAISE (3%)!

    That’s the crooks in Washington. Take, take, take and Ron Klein is one of them.

    Get government out of your life. Less government interference.

    There is no balance in the news. The educational system has failed the public by churning out biased reporters.

    Their personal ideas, feelings, thoughts, political affiliations and relationships interfere with balanced reporting. THERE IS NO BALANCE in Florida or across this nation.

    Find your own truth. You now have the means, but dig deep. The Search Engines allow people to $pay$ for their positioning on searches.

    dig DEEP!

  14. Jan Says:

    Have posters like Monica ever considered that there are as well a lot of Republicans who are sick and tired of the crooks who have taken over the FL GOP? Look at what’s considered the leadership of the GOP! Who wants to be affiliated with them — or even vote for them?

  15. Say no to scott Says:

    Scott is a coward. He won’t answer any questions that he feels are “unfair” to him and is afraid of “taking the fifth” on television. Puleeez wake up Floridians, he says he’s different and will do things differently, but if he has a plan and wants to explain it, he gives up the chance because he is afraid of what people might ask him. We can’t have a scaredy cat in the governors mansion in times like these. We DO need a real politician who will work with others and be a governor for all the people. Businesses are not run that way, they ignore anything that doesn’t have to do with the bottom line. Scott spends millions on ads that either attack or don’t say anything meaningful, but when he can get a chance (for free) to speak to the people he feels should trust him to be their governor he opts out.

  16. Sandy Says:

    Bravo Luis! You have stated the biggest truth. There is absolutely no balance in the media – they ALL have their own agendas. Everyone MUST be diligent and research each candidate. The information is all there. It is not difficult to find – just takes time. So, perhaps turn off your TV and as Luis says – begin digging. Try to avoid those places that promote obvious bias. You really can find the truths.

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