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On the trail with Rubio: Elvis, Stones comparisons and jabs at Alex Sink

by George Bennett | October 29th, 2010

ORLANDO — Republican Senate nominee Marco Rubio is getting rock star treatment as he barnstorms in the final days of the campaign, and it isn’t just because of his big black charter bus.

Rubio appeared with chief financial officer candidate Jeff Atwater and agriculture commissioner candidate Adam Putnam in front of enthusiastic crowds at multiple stops today. In Melbourne, where a crowd of more than 500 showed up at a rally in a park, Putnam compared introducing Rubio to “opening for Elvis.” In Daytona Beach, where it was Atwater’s turn to introduce Rubio, he compared his task to opening for the Rolling Stones.

Rubio is spending more time promoting other GOP candidates — and taking jabs at Democratic governor hopeful Alex Sink.

In addition to saying good things about Atwater and Putnam while they shared the stage with him, Rubio put in a word at every stop for attorney general candidate Pam Bondi and her pledge to continue Florida’s lawsuit challenging the individual mandate in the new health care law.

Rubio also promoted GOP governor hopeful Rick Scott and reminded crowds of the flap over Sink reading a staffer’s text message during a commercial break in the last gubernatorial debate.

“Our next governor has to be someone who gets their ideas from common sense — not from a Blackberry,” Rubio said in Palm Beach Gardens. He made similar references in Melbourne, Daytona Beach and Orlando.

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4 Responses to “On the trail with Rubio: Elvis, Stones comparisons and jabs at Alex Sink”

  1. mike Says:

    Rubio says “Our next governor needs to be someone who…” Let me accuratly finish that sentence for Mr. Rubio. Our next governor needs to be someone whose company was NOT convicted of 14 felonies. Our next governor needs to be someone who is NOT getting ready to face more felony charges. Our next governor needs to be someone who did NOT steal billions of dollars from the US government through medicare fraud. Our next governor needs to be someone named Alex Sink and our next senator needs to be someone named Charlie Crist.

  2. She Be's Smoking Them Left Handed Cigarettes Says:

    Mike ~ You are as full of chet as a Christmas Turkey! You socialist kool aid drinkers have done enough to destroy the greatest nation on earth in the last couple of years and we the people are getting damn tired of working a feeding a keeping a roof over your sorry arses! Whoops! That’s not politicall correct! Oh Yea! That’s another thing we are damn tired of being politically correct for you sorry nation destroying, ant eating, wrecktum sucking scum nutz! Get off the couch right now and run out into the traffic at the nearest freeway! Problem Solved!

  3. Same ol Same ol Says:

    I love it!

    Rubio and West are on a roll.

    Not perfect people by any means (but then neither are you and I) and much better than the other choices.

    Fight Organized Crime,


    We have two major political parties: the Republicant’s and the Democrazies.

    Don’t forget to note on your calendar . . . Nov 2 — Throw out the trash.

  4. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Charlie Crist: From Governor to a Truck Stop Hooker


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