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Nelson: Sink will win by a wide margin

by Dara Kam | October 22nd, 2010

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, on the stump with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink this afternoon, exuded confidence over the chief financial officer’s chances of defeating GOP opponent Rick Scott next month.

Although recent polls have showed the candidates neck-and-neck, Nelson insisted Sink would win.

“I think she is ahead now. She is ahead in the polls. And I think by the time all these ballots that have been counted on election night…She’ll win by seven points or more,” Nelson said.

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18 Responses to “Nelson: Sink will win by a wide margin”

  1. Michael Smyser Says:

    I happen to agree with Sen. Nelson despite his being a Democrat and campaigning for Ms. Sink. I cannot honestly believe anyone could and would vote for a person like Rick Scott other than the fact archiac fact of voting straight party(I thot such a philosphy went out with my parent’s generation of the 1940′s. Scott has so much baggage he is disgusting in every sense of honor, intellect, and a gentle heart. He is a dishonor to the Republican Party and to our Nation. He refused 75 times to discuss his involvement with the Medicare fraud of a company he WAS IN CHARGE OF. 75 times. What more do we need to hear.

    Are we Americans that arrogant to vote for someone like this crook..regardless of his party. Just amazing. Guess its the mentality of watching reality tshows rather than reading a book or newspaper and eating junk food or tv dinners rather than healthy foods like veggies, fruits, or fish.

  2. sinked Says:

    hopefully this is just wishful thinking by incumbents trying to protect each other to keep screwing us over

  3. BM Says:

    Why should anyone believe him?

    He was wrong on Obamacare.
    He was wrong on Stimulus.
    He was wrong on Cash for Clunkers.
    He is wrong on Cap and Trade.

    Hey, maybe he is Alex Sink’s Twin?

  4. adam Says:

    I’m a Republican who actually likes Nelson, but if Alex Sink wins by 7+ I will eat my shorts…

  5. Gary Moran Says:

    I pray that when Floridians go to the polls they will not put a public menace like Rick Scott in the Governor’s chair. The 5th Amendment 77 times is all that needs to be said. But wait, his 7 Point plan is baseless, ludicrous, without substance and is an insult to anyone with a grammar school education.

  6. Bella Says:

    FL Senate is really up in the air at the moment. I’m interested in seeing the polling over the next few weeks.

  7. Kevin Says:

    I have to admit, I would have voted for Charlie Crist this year if he were running for Govenor, however, Alex Sink is the only honest choice this year. I used to work for a HCA hospital and what Rick Scott did to that Corporation was criminal and probably calls for Scott’s actions to be reviewed again by the State Attorney’s Office. To any Republican that actually cares for his State, please don’t vote for govenor, if you can’t vote for a Democrat.

  8. Bill Has Always Been The NASA Senator Says:

    Bill was really ntuz in the old days! then he rode on the shuttle and it seemed he acheived some brains for a while. Maybe because he had to lay off the “stuff” for a while and got straight! He’s caught up in the Obama shet whether he likes it or not, hence he was probably forced to make this dumb statement. He knows this is his last term. 2012 like obammy he will be history. They know the folks with brains are tired of this shet!

  9. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Bill McCollum: Typical Political Parasite


  10. angela Says:

    Sad that Nelson is in denial.

  11. marc cooper Says:

    go to (not a typo) to see her running away from office.

    She is a fraud, she declines debates and is profitting off of the ignorance of the voters.

    This is an important office, look up the link and let your friends jknow what a rfaud she is.

    Vote for Dan gelber, a centrist democrat, a proven leader, respected by all, to stop the corruption in Tallahassee.

    Pam Bondi claims to bein the next attorney general to bring jobs to Florida. Wrong office genious,

    Vote for Dan Gelber.


  12. Zagare Says:

    Nelson voted for Obamacare, so why would I care about his opinions anymore? He’s dead to me.

  13. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Fraud, Inc. or Why Jack Webb Would NEVER Date Alex Sink (D-CAN-FL)


  14. JACK GILLIES Says:

    Nelson and Obama need to start packing their bags… 2012 is right around the corner.

  15. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    I Refuse to Show on my Blog Charlie Crist Heckling Marco Rubio On CNN
    Here is why:


  16. kate Says:

    Nelson is outdated and irrelevant. Don’t bother writing or emailing him about an issue…he only provides robo answers that have nothing to do with your question or opinion. What a sorry excuse for a representative.

  17. Irish Uncle Says:

    Adam, start eating those shorts now, Sink easily won tonight’s debate, Scott is a slippery snake. Sink will win by 10 points or more

  18. george Says:

    First of all, Bill Nelson, YOUR next to get voted out! Second, as of today, Scott is up by 1.6%! Seeing how Sink was caught cheating in the CNN debate yesterday and Scott’s now been endorsed by Bill McCollum, the lead will probably widen over the next few days. I also project the Bill McCollum with take on Nelson in the next election.

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