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National stakes: Obama in SoFla for Klein on Monday, Boehner in WPB for West

by George Bennett | October 10th, 2010



Underscoring the national significance of the congressional District 22 race, President Obama will visit Alonzo Mourning’s house in Coral Gables on Monday to raise money for U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.



House Minority Leader John Boehner, who hopes to become speaker if West and other Republicans unseat Dems in November, will appear with West at a Monday morning breakfast meet-and-greet in suburban West Palm Beach.

Klein and West debated today on WPLG Channel 10. Read about it here.


12 Responses to “National stakes: Obama in SoFla for Klein on Monday, Boehner in WPB for West”

  1. Former SEC Lawyer Wants SBA Missing Funds Investigated Says:

    July 21, 2010
    Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum, Alex Sink urged to investigate pension staff
    Former SEC lawyer Edward Siedle pens a column in Forbes in response to a recent St. Petersburg Times investigation: … Contrary to statements by SBA management, the SBA is no model of sound asset management. The SBA has made horrendous blunders in the recent past, including, most significantly, mismanagement of the local government investment pool. Many unanswered questions remain regarding the near collapse of this fund, including just how much taxpayer money was lost. While the SEC investigation of the matter has not resulted in any public enforcement action, that is no endorsement of the SBA’s handling of the matter.
    To restore public confidence, an investigation into personal trading activities of all investment staff should be undertaken immediately and the results made public. Nothing short of full disclosure and investigation of any potential related harm should be acceptable to participants and taxpayers.
    Personal investing by state government employees responsible for investing public pension assets poses very real dangers. On the other hand, allowing these state employees to engage in such trading provides no real benefit to the funds, participants or taxpayers. Where the risk to the funds and taxpayers is great and any related “reward” nonexistent, prudence should dictate that the conduct be prohibited.
    As a Florida taxpayer, I believe it is unjustifiable for the state to risk public pension assets by allowing its employees to personally invest in the shadows. I have written the governor, chief financial officer and the attorney general asking them to investigate.

  2. Where is he meeting Sink and Crist so he can continue to help their campaigns Says:

    Why are they being slick? Does Obama think he’s already got Sink and Crist in the bag? Pretty obvious he don’t like Kendrick Meek. I’ll bet that ticks ole Carey Meek off after all she done for Obammy! Suits them all right !

  3. Mitch Says:

    Time for Change-NO to Klein. He has supported Obama’s healthcare (which he is exempt from), the Stimulus, the no COLAs for Social Security recipients (but Klein gets an automatic pay raise); Cap and Tax (your energy bills will double), Race to The Top and Amnesty…meaning all those here Illegally WILL get Social Security, and they haven’t even paid into the program (thank the democrats from voting to give immigrants Social Security.

    Ask Klein about MEANS TESTING for Social Security. You have saving, investments, property, you get no benefits or sharp reduction in benefits.

    Klein supports ALL Obama’s programs. Will someone ask him about Race To The Top in front of Obama>

    Will someone ask Klein about Open Borders and Amnesty?

    Ask Klein if he is getting an AUTOMATIC RAISE.

    Ask Klein if he is for MEANS TESTING for Social Security.


  4. Beth M. Says:

    RE: Today’s TV appearance/debate:
    Now who shall I vote for…the crib note cheater who after 4 years in Congress still doesn’t know the essential issues from memory who repeated 2x how “important” it is to live -with a silver spoon in his mouth- in Boca Raton for 25 years (in a huge mansion/home either his parents or his in-laws –or both– bought for him and his wife; OR, the extemporaneous charismtic triple digit IQ prepped (with his i’s dotted and his t’s crossed)??

    Allen West outshined Ron Klein in every way. If this was a beauty pageant and this, the Q & A deciding round, West won it hands down.

    Then again, perhaps, it’s time for Klein to take a sojourn, find a great plastic surgeon, and get a nose job. All you saw was his huge profiled nose.

    Never once looked into the camera at his constituents. His former “small business of 65 employees” is merely as a silent partner in a Boca law firm. You LOOK at the jury in the courtroom, Ron!

    By the way Ron, 4000 units a day of fish oil would greatly enhance your memory. (Brain Food) You wouldn’t need to rustle scribbled papers. Then again, you could resort to the teleprompter, like your mentor.

    Klein was Wexler’s poodle, and now he is Pelosi’s French Poodle!

    Wag the dog!!

    Read more:

  5. Sam Says:

    Beth you need to wake up – and so does West. Every day he’s finding more and more he’s out of his league big time. Go ask his homeowner’s association if he can be elected secretary there! Keep West on youtube, keep Klein in congress,

  6. NOWEST Says:

    Allen West will be a rubber stamp for John “Boner” and the failed economic policies of George Bush Republicans, favoring corporate interests over those of citizens. Blah, Blah, Blah…

  7. Mike Says:

    I thought it was hilarious that when asked by Michael Putney why he felt Allen West is an extremist, Klein remarked something about stem cell research. Are you kidding me Ron Klein? What a joke.

    Klein is getting desperate I guess. I don’t think there is one incumbent I’m voting for in november.

    Let’s force the change in DC by not letting those fools who have been there for years return to business as usual. I’m talking about both parties!

  8. Morse Says:

    1. Ron Klein followed Nancy Pelosi’s advice and phoned in to HIS townhall meeting on healthcare. He couldn’t not face his constituents. That Ron, is cowardly.

    2. Just imagine if elected again, Ron Klein will again fail to man-up and show-up to discuss his votes and stance on many future subjects. ie, Means Testing on Social Security.

    3. S FL needs needs new representation. NO to Ron Klein

    4. It’s the Obama agenda Ron Klein supports.

    5. He lives in a MANSION in Boca Raton. He’s a LAWYER! not a soldier for the people.

    NO to RON KLEIN or see the continuance of no jobs, more taxes, fees, licensing and support for Nancy Pelosi.

  9. Pressing Issue Says:

    They’re printing more moneyin Washington today.

    More debtfor you to payoff.

    More debt for your children to payoff.

    More debt for your grandchildren to payoff.

    Ask Ron about supporting Amnesty and giving Social Security to immigrants.
    They controlled Congress and voted for this.

    You can thank democrats for giving Social Security to immigrants who have not contributed to the fund.

    Make them legal, they get Social Security.

    Social Security is taxed…thank the democrats who controlled Congress and passed this.

  10. Jack Gillies Says:

    WAIT A MINUTE; is this the same Ron Klein that does NOT return phone calls from the people of D22? Is this the same Ron Klein that REFUSES to return e-mails from the people of D22? Is this the same Ron Klein that DUCKS “open” town hall meetings with the people of D22? Is this the same Ron Klein that is SCARED to death to have a “real” debate with LTC Allen West in front of the people of D22? Well it is! Congressman Klein, the people of D22 have had enough and will retire you on November 2nd!

  11. Jack Gillies Says:

    If you are happy with the Klein-Pelosi-Obama disaster… then Ron Klein is your man.

    GO WEST!!!

  12. Beth M. Says:

    Allen West Shines:

    10-10-10 debate video:

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