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Meek says flap “has been good for my campaign”

by Jeff Ostrowski | October 30th, 2010

Senate candidate Kendrick Meek says the attention focused on whether he’ll stay in the race has energized his supporters.

“This has been good for my campaign,” Meek told reporters this afternoon in Wilton Manors. “We’re seeing a surge in voter participation.”

Meek said he has been getting calls and e-mails from supporters urging him to stay in the race.

“It’s inspired them to vote,” he said. “It’s inspired them to call their family members, it’s inspired them to continue to insure that democracy reigns.”

Friday’s headlines were dominated by stories about former President Bill Clinton asking Meek to quit the race. Meek says Clinton raised the topic but didn’t encourage Meek to bow out.

However, Meek said Crist earlier this week pressed him to leave the race. One day this week, Meek said, Crist called Meek’s cell phone at 4:57 a.m. and left a message. And, Meek said, in a face-to-face conversation, Crist asked him to drop out.

“I said, ‘That’s a non-starter,’” Crist recalled.

Meek said Crist then offered a small cross and asked Meek to keep it while he mulled over his decision. Meek, a Democratic Congressman, is running a distant third in the polls behind Republican Marco Rubio and independent Charlie Crist.

6 Responses to “Meek says flap “has been good for my campaign””

  1. Good Bye Choo Choo CharLIE Says:

    CharLIE signed SB-550 into law and now starting Jan 1st, 2011 all 2.6 million septica tanks in Florida will have to be pumped. Minimun is 900 gallons each! Is this really over 2.3 billion gallons of poop we got to find a place for? Where does CharLIE think they can put all this poop? Is this man crazy? Not to mention the nutz in Tally to passed the bill to begin with!

  2. Good Bye Choo Choo CharLIE Says:

    Is CharLIE kin folks with Obama? They both have the same last name!

    Obama Bin Lying

    CharLIE Bin Lying

  3. Error Says:

    ( “I said, ‘That’s a non-starter,’” Crist recalled.)

    This was the quote by Meek. Crist did not say that.

    Please Correct


  4. trueservice Says:

    The desperate sleaze ball is Meek. Crist clearly mentioned in that message that he was returning Meek’s call, Meek in turn never mentioned that he called Crist. Meek clearly ORCHESTRATED THE WHOLE THING TO GET THE PUBLICITY HE COULD AFFORD. What a sleaze

    Meek has always been fighting for 2nd place — if he thinks this getto politic will help him reach goal, we shall see.

  5. Carol Anne P. Says:

    Everyone knows that this bs with Crist is about little Bobby get a job…sorry Charlie and sorry Bobby…this time the voters had enough of you trying to screw the voters.

    No job for you or Aaronson…get packing for jail

  6. Jan Says:

    Meek will be the big winner of this election: He handed Rubio the Senate seat on a silver platter. Is Rubio now buying Meek’s Mom a new white Cadillac?

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