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McCollum likely to vote for Scott, still no endorsement

by Dara Kam | October 12th, 2010

Attorney General Bill McCollum said he is likely to vote for GOP governor candidate Rick Scott but still won’t endorse him.

Scott, who had never run for office before, defeated McCollum after a brutal primary in which Scott spent $50 million of his own money, much of it on negative campaign ads targeting McCollum, who spent decades in Congress and as a lobbyist, as a career politician.

McCollum said he has “big differences” with Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, primarily about her opposition to his lawsuit against the federal government over health care reforms.

“I cannot vote for her for governor,” McCollum told reporters after a Cabinet meeting this morning.

Although McCollum has refused to endorse Scott, McCollum said he will “probably” vote in the governor’s race.

“And if I do I’m leaning towards voting for Scott. But I haven’t made that decision formally yet. Haven’t decided. I’m weighing it right now,” he said.

He said he hasn’t decided either whether he will formally endorse his former opponent but that he’s offered to meet with Scott “more than once and no meetings occurred to this point.”

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6 Responses to “McCollum likely to vote for Scott, still no endorsement”

  1. Get Real Says:

    It actually seemed like McCollum was actually being honorable by not endorsing Scott due to his feeling he was dishonest (lets not forget he stole billions from Medicare). But to then vote form him is absurd. If he believes Scott is dishonest how can he possibly vote for him.

    So he may disagree about Sink on Healthcare is that a reason to vote for someone that robbed the government and taxpayers???!!! While the Health Care bill is not perfect at least we are moving forward is some way. The true bottom line with Health Care is how to bring down the cost for services period.

  2. rawhide Says:

    like all good Fl Republicans step up hold your noes and vote for Scott.

  3. Sandiees Says:

    Really Bill! Just because he is a Republician you are going to vote for him. He rob the taxpayers! That just shows that you DON’T care about the people of Florida. There is no way I going to vote for someone who stole millions from taxpayer.

  4. bobby Says:

    Not all Republicans are falling for fraudster. Myself and most of my Republicans cannot vote for someone who knowingly or unknowingly allowed fraud to occur in their own company. Im sick of my fellow Republicans putting “R” before honor and dignity.

  5. brigitte Says:

    Its time for McCollum to stop the whining and face reality. He needs to realize that he has only two choices – he can choose the lib or he can choose the conservative. If he’s the conservative that he proclaims to be, then he should’nt have a problem making his mind up. Go Rick!!!

  6. Dmann Says:

    Who the hell cares who you vote for? Vote for yourself or vote for Sink, or vote yourself off the island, it’s one damn vote and you lost the runoff, get over it!

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