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McCollum endorses Scott for governor…finally

by Dara Kam | October 22nd, 2010

After more than two months since GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott defeated him in a brutal primary election, Attorney General Bill McCollum finally came out in support of his one-time foe.

“Florida is facing a critical time. Our state needs conservative leaders who will grow our economy and create jobs. We need merit pay and an end to teacher tenure in our public schools, major litigation reform, smaller government, low taxes and a repeal of Obamacare. With this in mind, I will cast my vote for Rick Scott for Governor. It’s the better choice for Florida,” McCollum’s less-than-enthusiastic statement, released by the Republican Party of Sarasota, read.

McCollum, at one point a shoe-in for the nomination, lost the GOP primary after Scott spent $50 million of his own fortune on campaign ads attacking the former Congressman for being a Washington insider.

McCollum said recently he would not endorse Scott’s Democratic opponent Alex Sink, in part because she supports the federal health care law over which McCollum has sued the federal government.

A federal judge recently allowed McCollum’s lawsuit to proceed.

McCollum was the final holdout among state GOP leaders who at one point pilloried Scott, who was forced out of the hospital chain he founded shortly before Columbia/HCA was forced to pay $1.7 billion in fines to the federal government for Medicare fraud.

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14 Responses to “McCollum endorses Scott for governor…finally”

  1. rawhide Says:

    He held his nose wore a mask, spit three times crossed his fingers then said the words, like a good Republican.

  2. Finally Says:

    Not that he needs the support of the RPOF culture of corruption who should be headed to the federal pen, but. it is the right thing to do as long as he still holds voting rights, which hopefully if the feds would do their job won’t be long!

  3. What choices we have! Says:

    I can’t disagree with McCollum. I would’ve held my nose and voted for him as well if he had won the primary. Sink vs. Scott is truly a choice of Twiddle ding(bat) vs. Twiddle dumb(you add the ending). Hopefully there will be some better choices on both sides of the aisle 4 years from now. These two make indecisive (what party am I?) Charlie look appealing.

  4. Finally Says:

    Rick Scott might be a lot of things but he don’t suck up to Sink and the Obama unions including PBA and FOP. Hang on this will be one lell of a race. Good people who support what is right against Obama and his controllers like Sink, Soros, Ayers and others. Even Rahm Emanuel has flew the coop!

  5. Denny Wood Says:

    Hopefully the ADA violator sleaze will not taint the Scott campaign. McCullum has never had restrooms on his floors that people in wheelchairs could use. Rennovated restrooms too, with badly spent tax dollars by these Cabinet level ADA violators. See the ADA Capitol Report at Scott could sink by reading and acting on this report of the ADA violators including Sink. Denny Wood

  6. Denny Wood Says:

    Scott could sink Sink by reading and acting on this ADA Capitol Report of the ADA violators including Sink. Denny

  7. LB Says:

    “McCollum gets approval to lobby the next governor, and now says it should be Scott”

    Pay to play at it’s best! Did you pay with your soul Bill, or did you not have one to begin with, after calling Rick a croook? I get it…let me lobby and make money and you’ve got my support Rick. Done Deal $$$$

  8. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Bill McCollum: Typical Political Parasite


  9. angela Says:

    He did the right thing. Rick Scott is our only hope.

  10. Jan Says:

    Angela says: “Rick Scott is our only hope.”
    If that’s true we all better order the moving van! This already is Fraud Friendly Florida — the icing on the cake would be a crook as Governor!

  11. Zagare Says:

    The election proved once again that McCollum is a loser, but his endorsement of Scott only proves that he is a hyprocrite too…..I guess it’s better to find out now instead of after we might have elected him.

  12. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Fraud, Inc. or Why Jack Webb Would NEVER Date Alex Sink (D-CAN-FL)


  13. Bob C Says:

    McCollum needs merit pay for this: McCollum had the state of Florida pay psychologist and professional homophobe George Rekers over $100K to testify about the supposed moral and psychological defects of queers in the litigation over “gay adoption.” Ironically, Rekers was later outed for hiring a fetching male escort from “” to “help with his luggage” whilst on a European vacation.

  14. RealAngst Says:

    Sorry Bill. I voted for ya, but I can not vote for this POS.

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