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LeMieux joins Scott for some Palm Beach BBQ Monday; Clinton visit includes Sink

by Dara Kam | October 31st, 2010

U.S. Sen. George LeMieux will join Rick Scott and running-mate Jennifer Carroll in West Palm Beach for some (more) barbecue at the Park Avenue BBQ and Grille around noon tomorrow.

The GOP gubernatorial candidates will also visit their campaign headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale and a school in Davie before a homecoming party in Naples Monday evening capping Scott’s weeklong tour of the state leading up to Election Day.

Scott’s campaign rented the Cambier Park Bandshell and will have a live band to greet Scott, who moved to Naples seven years ago. Scott and his wife Ann’s pals Wayne and Susan Mullican, who joined the Scott family on the bus tour Sunday, took out a full page ad in the Naples Daily News to advertise the event.

Democratic gubernatorial contender Alex Sink will be onstage with the most sought-after Democrats nationwide tomorrow evening: Former president Bill Clinton, who’ll be in the Sunshine State stumping for pal Kendrick Meek. Clinton’s visit – his twelfth for Meek’s U.S. Senate bid – comes after a shakeup over reports that Clinton tried to persuade Meek to drop out of the U.S. Senate race.

Bob Graham and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson will also campaign for Sink in Ft. Myers on Monday, but not only AFTER Scott has already left town.

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4 Responses to “LeMieux joins Scott for some Palm Beach BBQ Monday; Clinton visit includes Sink”

  1. We are Close to the tipping point Says:

    Races are close all over this country. We are very close to the tipping point! That become a reality when we have more takers than givers! Watch every race and you will see the public employee unions SEIU,FOP,PBA and all unions supporting the takers! Leeches! The tail is wagging the dog all over this country. Its the government employee’s unions demanding more and more with no concern that we are at the brink of a great depression! They think Obama will just keep printing money! But we have to pay the interest on the money we print to the world bank owners Rothchilds, Carnagie, Rockafellers and more! Once this great country tips it will be much like the fall of Rome! But simce we haven’t taught history in 40 years young people have no idea what it means!

  2. Ron Says:

    REbalance our government. NO to ALL democrats.

    Our Congress is dominated by democrats-Nancy Pelosi.

    Our Senate is dominated by democrats-Harry Reid.

    The Executive Branch is democrat-Barack Obama

    and Obama nominates lifetime judicial nominees.

    That is not healthy for our country. All democrats should be voted out and that is just to re-balance our country, not dominate it.

    Remember Obama has the veto pen. Make voting simple: NO to ALL democrats to REbalance our government.

  3. JJG Says:

    I wonder if Scott used any of the $315 million he stole from taxpayers while at
    Columbia HCA to pay for the BBQ?

  4. KAK Says:

    Has not Florida been governed by the Republicans for the past 12 years. We do need a change. Alex Sink!

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