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Klein backer with biker ties calls West-Outlaws criticism ‘unfair…dirty politics’

by George Bennett | October 19th, 2010

Former Democratic state Rep. and former Pompano Beach mayor John Rayson is backing Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein’s reelection bid. But Rayson, an attorney who used to represent a group of South Florida motorcycle clubs, says it’s “unfair…dirty politics” for Democrats to criticize Republican challenger Allen West for his brushes with the Outlaws biker club.

West said he’s not associated with the Outlaws, but was once shielded by some of them when he had to do a cellphone interview in a crowded club. He also told a supporter in an e-mail to make “no more references to ‘criminal’ “ in describing the Outlaws.

The national Outlaws organization was called a “highly organized criminal enterprise” in a June federal indictment of 27 Outlaws leaders. The Florida Outlaws website includes a page honoring “Brothers in Prison.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Friday said West was tied to a “criminal organization” because he defended the Outlaws in the e-mail and spoke at an August gathering that included clubs associated with the Outlaws. On Monday, the Florida Democratic Party said a West supporter was wearing a South Florida Confederation of Clubs patch, and that confederation “has ties to the Outlaws organized crime syndicate.”

Rayson used to represent the Confederation of Clubs, which he said includes the Outlaws as well as Christian riders, veterans organizations and other biker clubs.

Some Outlaws might be involved in crime, Rayson said, but “I haven’t seen criminal activity. I think a lot of them are like painting contractors and electricians and plumbers and have families. I think things have changed…It’s not like the TV show Sons of Anarchy or anything.”

Asked about the West-Outlaws criticism, Rayson said: “I think it’s unfair. I’m not a West fan but I think that’s dirty politics.”

17 Responses to “Klein backer with biker ties calls West-Outlaws criticism ‘unfair…dirty politics’”

  1. Lauren Says:

    @AllenWestFL22 incites biker gang to accost FL Democratic staffer

  2. Easy Rider Says:

    Calling it “unfair…dirty politics” is the understatement of the year. How about “filthy” or maybe “despicable.” As hard as it is to believe, the Dems can fling the mud with the best Repubs. West probably won’t win, but when the Repubs take control after the November election, Obama and his minnions will truly have an excuse to whine.

  3. Louie Says:

    Criminals ?

    I don’t know… when I walk into my local Library, the bronze plaque with the PBC Commissioners on it, has three convicted Federal felons….at present count.
    And every other month here another elected official is getting a rap sheet.

    Let’s be careful about who we call criminals.

  4. _ Says:

    So the Dems have nothing when it comes to issues, so their best effort is to call the opposition witches, motorcycle gang members, taliban…etc….? Are you kidding me? Pathetic!

  5. _ Says:

    Lauren, I did not hear West incite anyone. Some veterans didn’t want Klein’s people at their event, big deal, where is the outrage from you guys when baton wielding black panther party members block entrances to voting places?

  6. Born to Be Wild Says:

    West, just ride off into the sunset on your Harley, cuz you’re not welcome here…YOU LOSE

  7. Mellisa Says:

    The mag/rag West wrote for is trash and the bullying tactics used by his biker buddies at his recent event is not defensible.
    Does West run with an ugly crowd?
    He seems to be their mascot.

  8. Flexor Says:

    Thank goodness there is some sanity in the Klein camp. They are absolutely NUTS!

    Let’s not send this millionaire back to Congress.

    Let’s give WEST a chance, if in two years you are unhappy, vote him out.

    But no one is ever going to have a chance if the South County democrats DICTATE who runs, who wins in the democrat races.

    There are many democrat minorities in Klein’s district and they NEVER get a chance to run because others get to the head of the line.

    Shake up the South County democrats. Out with Klein and demand a minority candidate in the next election.

    Let the democrat Caribbean, latino, black candidates rise up. Not the same old type of candidates dredged up by condo commandos from NY

  9. Rob Says:

    Do the democrats ever discuss the stimulus, Obamacare, the wars, social security, taxation.

    They are obfuscating these topics by making personal attacks.

    That means it’s bad news for the people of this district.

  10. _ Says:

    Folks, this is all you need to know.

  11. beth m. Says:

    Why not do a follow-up story to inform the South Florida jewish constituents of Mr. Klein’s ties to J Street.
    I am sure he would greatly appreciate the free publicity:
    ” Take the pro-Palestinian lobby J Street for instance. If Obama’s policies towards Israel were popular, J Street wouldn’t be concerned about The Washington Times’ recent exposes about the group.

    Those reports revealed that contrary to repeated claims by J Street’s leaders, the virulently anti- Israel George Soros is one of its largest financial backers. Moreover, again, in spite of the group’s denials, J Street’s senior personnel set up meetings with US lawmakers for notoriously anti-Israel Richard Goldstone. Indeed, J Street’s co-founder Daniel Levy accompanied Goldstone to his meetings on Capitol Hill…In Florida, Democratic congressman Ron Klein is expected to lose his reelection bid against Allen West. Although Klein is Jewish and West is African-American, West has been running to Klein’s right on Israel to great effect. Klein has also participated in J Street events.”

    sounds like a juicy investigative story, n’est-ce pas?

  12. LL Says:

    I just watched the video. I have seen more violence at the Palm Beach County School Board meetings!! Pretty shaky “evidence” if the Klein camp is relying on this to save them.

  13. West is Toast Says:

    check column in PBPost today about West’s Wheels on the Road connections.
    West’s campaign just went up in smoke!!

  14. madmama Says:

    Again, this is like the pot calling the kettle black! Right here in district 23, we have an impeached judge sitting in office. Congress has more crooks than ever thought possible. You lefties are such HYPOCRITES!!!!
    Where’s the outrage over Tim Geitner???? Charley Rangel???? Maxine Waters????? The Black Panther’s blocking the polling place?????
    That’s why I left the Democratic party! The party of so- called tolerance is only tolerant if you agree with what they say (as seen on the View recently!). Your name calling….is childish and stupid because you can’t argue the issues. Your Saul Alinsky tactics are disgusting…the ‘gig’ is up by the way!!!
    We have become a broken society when personal attacks, lies, distortion of the facts are today’s “Romans at the Colosseum”.
    Keep the masses distracted by BS…….that’s what you think you can do.
    Well, it ain’t going to happen!
    There are many of us who are super charged up and ready to fight back!
    And after Nov. 2nd, it will be Allen West leading the charge!!!

  15. RealAngst Says:

    Another shocker that West, in addition to being a mindless dolt, is biker trash as well. Not the weekend warrior kind who buy Harleys and get some tats to look cool, but someone who actually hangs out with the Outlaws? A real criminal gang who deal in drugs and prostitution? Say it aint so Lt. Col.!! Here I was thinking you are just another pompous military officer with no abilty to think for yourself, and you go and prove me wrong by hanging with a Biker Thug gang. Did you know that a vast majority do not like Blacks of any gender? Your racial comment about the POTUS was very disturbing to this bi-racial Republican who will never vote for you or anyone like you.

  16. NOWEST Says:

    Allen West on the Issues:
    Supports Privatizing Social Security
    Supports Privatizing Medicare
    Supports a Flat Tax (Poor Pay More, Rich Pay Less)
    Opposes Woman’s Right to Choose(Abortion)
    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Supporter
    ANTI Health Care Reform
    Supports Dismantling of EPA & Dept of Education
    Supports Off Shore Oil Drilling (Even Off Palm Beach)
    Opposes Nuclear Disarmament
    Supports Increased Military Aggression Against Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan
    Supports Permanent Extension of Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans
    Supports Deregulation of Banks
    Supports Deregulation of Environmental Oversight
    Opposes DREAM Act

    The Fact is that we know very little about West’s positions on the Real Issues because he predicates his entire candidacy on Extreme Right Wing Ideology rather than constructive and realistic ways of addressing the needs of Florida and America.

  17. Hiccum Blurpaedius Says:

    West is a terrorist that gets rewarded for performing mock executions. Tax sucking maggots like this should not be allowed to run loose in my country.
    We need civil war so the Republicans and democrats can kill each other. Then we can restore our nations heritage they way it was meant when my ancestors first chased the tyrants out of Boston in 1775.
    Then I can get the monitoring device out of my back the Reagan administration stuck there.
    God is a piece of feces. Exterminate the Palm Beach Post

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