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Kathy Mears heads to Webster campaign

by Dara Kam | October 4th, 2010

Longtime legislative staffer Kathy Mears, whose most recent government post was as Gov. Charlie Crist’s liaison with the legislature, has gone to work for her former boss Daniel Webster’s campaign for Congress.

Webster, a former House Speaker who also served as Senate Majority Leader before leaving office due to term limits two years ago, is running against U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, the outspoken Orlando Democrat who consistently gets into trouble for his controversial remarks.

“Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly,” was Grayson’s analysis of GOP opposition to Democrats’ health care reforms in Sept. 2009 and likened the current health care system to a holocaust. Grayson also suggested that former VP Dick Cheney was a vampire.

More recently, Grayson got into hot water for running a campaign attack ad calling Webster “Taliban Dan” in which he uses a video clip of Webster saying wives should submit to their husbands and accusing accusing the Christian conservative of wanting to “impose his radical fundamentalism on us.”

Webster was actually instructing husbands not to rely solely on the Bible’s instructions for wives to submit but to pray for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church.

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10 Responses to “Kathy Mears heads to Webster campaign”

  1. Suze Says:

    Grayson is a disgrace

  2. Lou Says:

    The dEMONcrats trot this out for every ELECTION.

    Just remember that DEMONcRATS voted for ObamaCare, (while they EXEMPTED themselves and their families) that includes a $500 BILLION DOLLAR MEDICARE CUT.

    Thanks to the democrats your TAXES are going up (they’re letting Bush tax cuts expire) Instead of getting $1000 credit per child, you will only get $500 per child.

    A relative dies and leaves YOU money, sorry, Obama wants the government to get MORE of that inheritance, because the government knows how to spend it better than YOU.


  3. Republicano Says:

    Is this a joke? Like bringing in new people less than a month before an election makes a difference? Webster should have this in the bag! That guy Grayson has done himself in!

  4. Johnny Lightning Says:

    Kathy is a class act.

  5. Charles Says:

    Mears is not a a class act and her tactics during the Crist administration demonstrate why Charlie is failing so miserably in the Senate race. If she was so classy I think she would have landed a better job than this.

  6. Johnny Armada Says:

    You never worked for a scumbag before?
    Cut the kid some slack.

    Maybe Charlie wouldn’t listen, maybe she made some mistakes and now she’s going back to her roots. Who knows? I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Tell me, is there a better job than working on one of the most talked about races in the country?

    She’s a talented political operative and Webster needs all the help he can get against the most diabolical bully in Congress.

    What are you doing to beat Grayson?

  7. Robin Says:

    In response to the falsehoods and misinformation previously posted.

    There has been no 500 billion cut to Medicare. As someone on Medicare the only “loss” I’ve experienced is the loss of a co-pay for my annual mammogram. The “500 billion” is a projected savings over 10 years. I thought you guys were suppose to be all about more efficient government.

    If you benefit from the Bush tax cuts, congratulations on being wealthy at a time when so many in the middle class is suffering. Ditto having so large an estate you have to worry.

    BTW, don’t forget to thank President Clinton for instituting the original per child tax credit.

  8. Neil Enblowme Says:

    It’s ironic that someone would bring up President Clinton, who first coined the term “cut” when the level of ‘increase’ in Medicaid was going to be ‘reduced’ back in 1995 and 1996. Now it’s “savings.” How quaint.

    They’re your rules sister, we just have to play by them.

    And BTW, parents and families who save money and sacrifice (that means ‘go without’ to you MSNBCers) to give their kids more than what they had, that money doesn’t belong to government.

    It belongs to the family or whoever the savers intended it to go to, not sleazy politicians.

  9. Bruce Wilson Says:

    “Webster was actually instructing husbands not to rely solely on the Bible‚Äôs instructions for wives to submit but to pray for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church.” – That’s wildly misleading. Have a few quotes

    “I enjoy the advice he’s given. I think it’s been a major part of my life. I’m not ashamed of that. What he has said I believe to be the truth.” – Dan Webster, on Bill Gothard, as printed in the Florida St. Petersburg Times, February 16, 1997

    “Gothard even advises a wife whose husband chastises her to say, “God, thank you for this beating.” – Time Magazine, May 20, 1974, Obey Thy Husband

    “Wives are instructed to submit to their husbands.” – Bill Gothard, 1982, Rebuilder’s Guide (published by the Institute For Basic Life Principles)

    “In their advice to women, the books [Gothard's books] read like sharia law, with strict instructions on how to dress, date, and run a home, and with strict consequences for disobedience.” – Hanna Rosin, God’s Harvard (HarcourtBooks, 2007), page 92

  10. Neil Enblowme Says:

    More out-of-context and misleading lies from from the left. Thanks Bruce, now go back to drinking your Kool Aid.

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