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Jeb Bush scolds Crist for his Social Security attack on Rubio

by George Bennett | October 5th, 2010

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

Former Gov. Jeb Bush, victim of an infamous telephone scare campaign aimed at senior voters before the 1994 election, accused Gov. Charlie Crist of the same tactics today after Crist released a TV ad criticizing Republican Senate rival Marco Rubio’s stance on Social Security.

Bush lost a close 1994 challenge to Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles. Crist, then a Republican state Senator, chaired hearings in 1995 that helped reveal that the Chiles campaign had authorized thousands of phone calls from phony groups to seniors claiming that Bush opposed Social Security and Medicare.

“Charlie Crist used to believe that scaring seniors to win votes was wrong. I know this first-hand because in 1995 he spoke out forcefully in my defense when the very same kind of false attacks were made against me,” Bush said in a statement today.

Crist campaign spokesman Danny Kanner said there’s an important difference between the Chiles attacks of 1994 and Crist’s new ad.

“Those were untrue. This is true,” Kanner said.

Crist’s new ad says Rubio wants to “balance the budget on the backs of seniors.”

He cites Rubio’s openness to raising the Social Security retirement age and changing the way annual benefit increases are calculated for future retirees. Rubio has stressed that he favors no changes for current retirees or for those who are 55 and older and approaching retirement. But he says Congress must eventually take steps to address the long-term solvency of Social Security.

Here’s the complete statement from Bush, released this afternoon by the Rubio campaign:

“Charlie Crist should be ashamed of his false attack against Marco Rubio on Social Security. Charlie Crist is purposely trying to scare seniors in order to win votes.

“The fact is, Marco Rubio will protect Social Security. His own mother relies on Social Security and he has repeatedly stated that he would not support or propose any benefit reductions for current retirees or people who are close to retirement.

“Charlie Crist used to believe that scaring seniors to win votes was wrong. I know this first-hand because in 1995 he spoke out forcefully in my defense when the very same kind of false attacks were made against me. It is sad that he has become so enamored with winning political office that he has abandoned the very principles that steered him into public service in the first place. I am disappointed, but can’t say I am surprised.”

18 Responses to “Jeb Bush scolds Crist for his Social Security attack on Rubio”

  1. No Me Gusta Marco Says:

    Hi Jeb!
    Um, I hate to break it to you: No One Cares what you Think.
    Please return to the rock you crawled out from under.
    Your family wiped your asses with the American Dream.
    We will never forget or forgive…

  2. Jim Says:

    Umm Jeb. Take your brother and Crist and crawl under a rock.

  3. Jim Says:

    Umm Jeb. Take your brother and Crist and crawl under a rock.

  4. Educator Says:

    Hey Jim and No Me Gusta Marco Says…

    You guys sound like you have been forcefully teabagged. You should just enjoy it. You 2 have been swallowing it all for the past 2 years. What else is new?

    2 ignorant LIBTARDS

  5. Jan Says:

    Jeb Bush should rather hide instead of telling others what to do and how to govern. When he was Florida’s governor he created the economic mess we are in now. Charlie inherited only the mess King Jeb caused with his decisions — allowing special interest to run wild in Florida.
    Bush should be ashamed of himself for leaving Florida’s citizens with a economy that will haunt us for many years to come. He is the last person who should tell others how to govern. HE FAILED FLORIDA!

  6. d Says:


    Of course you would come out in Rubios defense you endorsed him….I believe Rubios quote in late January was this “is giving people the option of taking some of their Social Security money, at least a portion thereof, and investing it in an alternative to the Social Security system itself.” I am a Republican but he said it….I think that was your brothers plan was it not

  7. Clowns to the left;Jokers to the right Says:

    The puppet master speaks for the puppet.

    Next Rubio will call on Palin to speak for him.

  8. holy sht Says:

    There’s always an underlying adgenda whenever any of the Bush’s speak so you know you had better cover your a**. No single family has done so much to destroy individual rights in our history. If Jeb hates Charlie, then I just became a Crist man.

  9. brigitte Says:

    Shut up Jeb! Go Charlie!

  10. bss Says:

    All you BUSHES need to go back to the cows**t state you came from and plant your feet FIRMLY in the manure you created. But before you plant those feet, put your heads BACK UP YOUR A$$. And STAY THE F OUT OF FLORIDA FOREVER!!!

  11. Common Sense Says:

    Just what about Crist’s statement is a scare tactic Jeb?? What’s the matter? You’re boy losing his footing?
    Common Sense tells Floridians that any opponent of yours is a positive for OUR state! Charlie Crist will continue his winning momentum regardless of who’s strings you pull….

  12. dick Says:

    Crist is out. Forget about it. Jeb Bush did a good job while in office. Charlie speaks out of both sides of his mouth and you’d better not turn your back to him.

  13. Ray Castrogiovanni Says:

    This is coming from a family that is profiting from the FCAT. The same man who used Dade county insiders to make $$$. The same man who got involved with a Venezuelan “sham man” The decendent of the skulls. The same group who controls the world. The family that is in bed with the Watanabbi’s of Saudi.
    Wow I really like you.

  14. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    If my memory serves me correctly wasn’t Jeb Bush’s son convicted of burglary? He should be more concerned with being a better father.

  15. Col. J.c. Mescavidge Says:

    Yes, and his daughter has a drug problem.

  16. brigitte Says:

    Libs arent the only ones who dislike Jeb and rubio.

  17. Frank Says:

    Gov Crist will say or do anything to get elected! How low is it to scare Seniors! Crist just lost my respect!!!

  18. Oleg Daguganow Says:

    Frank they will all say or do anything for a vote. However, Marco is a real study in dirt. Florida is in for a special intrest ride.

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