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Hours before Obama visit, Klein touts three Republican endorsements

by George Bennett | October 11th, 2010



WEST PALM BEACH — President Obama’s visit to Coral Gables later today to raise money for Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein underscores the high partisan stakes in the congressional District 22 race.

But Klein, facing a tough challenge from Republican Allen West, sought to emphasize his bipartisan appeal this morning by appearing with two elected Republicans — Palm Beach Mayor Jack McDonald and Riviera Beach Council Chairwoman Dawn Pardo — who are endorsing him. Also backing Klein at the city waterfront was David Brady, the Republican who got 23.3 percent in the Aug. 24 primary against West.

McDonald endorsed former Republican U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw against Klein in 2006. But he and Pardo praised Klein for working with their municipalities as a congressman. McDonald also called West “extreme, divisive (and) irresponsible.”

Klein supported the stimulus and health care bills and other major Obama-backed initiatives. But mindful of the swing nature of District 22, Klein noted that he criticized Obama’s pre-Deepwater Horizon willingness to expand offshore drilling.

“When I agree with President Obama I’ll say I agree and when I disagree, I disagree,” Klein said.

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22 Responses to “Hours before Obama visit, Klein touts three Republican endorsements”

  1. Educator Says:

    It is obvious who the winner will be. How many deomcrats are endorsing West?

  2. Full Metal Jacket Says:

    Give it up Klein…your a spineless lapdog! You have ZERO chance in this election, and bringing Obuddy in is a critical error. Good riddence!!

  3. Jack Gillies Says:

    WAIT A MINUTE; is this the same Ron Klein that does NOT return phone calls from the people of D22? Is this the same Ron Klein that REFUSES to return e-mails from the people of D22? Is this the same Ron Klein that DUCKS “open” town hall meetings with the people of D22? Is this the same Ron Klein that is SCARED to death to have a “real” debate with LTC Allen West in front of the people of D22? Well it is! Congressman Klein, the people of D22 have had enough and will retire you on November 2nd!

  4. broward Says:

    how has jan sobieski not commented yet??

  5. Beth M. Says:

    RINO = Jewish contributors for McDonald in Palm Beach

    Pardo: Defendant in Riviera Beach VOTER FRAUD: “Qualified voter of the city”

    Brady is a wash — sore loser

    “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” Winston Churchill 1874-1965

    You can wish and hope all you want, unless dead jewish war veterans vote for Klein, West will prevail.


  6. Beth M. Says:

    Dawn Pardo’s Credibility
    An unregistered lobbying for Viking, Pardo solicited tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for her candidates from Viking in exchange for supporting their redevelopment of the city marina. She was part of the process that tainted the integrity of the RFP for the redevelopment of the City marina, along with refusing to disqualify Viking once they had failed to meet numerous deadlines to sign DDA as required in the RFP. An interesting study in contradiction, this supposed woman of integrity has a dark side. Evidence will be forthcoming about how she was fired for embezzling money from a prior employer. Check out the sick email she forwarded to Lozman discussing former Commissioners Norman Duncombe and Jim Jackson. Interestingly, once in office Pardo had done absolutely nothing to get two child predators out of the City marina.

  7. Jack Gillies Says:

    Great information Beth M!

    Klein is constanly putting his foot in his mouth.

    GO WEST!!!

  8. Paul Says:

    What’s with the President coming in for a “private” gathering? Is Mr. Klein STILL afraid to face his constituents?

  9. Jack Gillies Says:

    Where was the Palm Beach Post yesterday when Alcee Hastings was put in his place by Bernard Sansaricq?

    When is the Post going to set up a debate between the two of them?

  10. Beth M. Says:

    10-10-10 Debate video

    a contest between a crib note whiner and an extemporaneous triple digit iq articulate knowledgeable HONEST PATRIOT AND WAR HERO!

  11. Jack Gillies Says:

    Ron Klein is very smart. He knows if he came out from behind the rock he hides behind, he would be exposed as the ultra-liberal he is. He is not a man, but a mouse.

  12. Aubrey Says:

    Barry ACORN S.E.I.U. Soetoro has become an embarrassing parody of himself. He has zero credibility. He is a desperate Street Punk Radical. Klein is no more than a Barry lapdog.

  13. Reply Says:

    David Brady is a Democrat recruited as a Republican to run in the primary against Klein. This a all just a bunch of junk political moves by Klein. Stay tuned for more foolishness.

  14. Reply Says:

    Pardo is a crook.

  15. Plain As Day Says:

    Klein used to be a respected Congressman. But with all of his negative political ads, his unwillingness to speak publically about the issues, his false attacks, his use of lapdogs to do his dirty work, leaves him a man of no credibility and no integrity.

  16. What! Says:

    Mr McDonald, what can be more extreme than printing someone’s social security number, sending them out to 100,000 people then insisting that men withPTSD get combat dogs. What a world you live in. that and the corrupt Pardo. You will all end up in the same stew.

  17. DEMONcRATS Says:

    show up and vote November 2nd. Put your vote where your postings are.

    Klein voted along with President and Nancy Pelosi.

    Klein is another lawyer, living in Boca Raton. He KNEW the law when he sent out information against his opponent that INCLUDED the oppenents Social Security number.

    Ron give us YOUR social security number.

    Ron, did you ask Nancy Pelosi to have a vote on YOUR automatic pay raise, while voting against a COLA-Cost of Living Adjustment for those on Social Security.

    Ron, did you ask Nancy Pelosi to stop giving Social Security to those who have not paid into the system (immigrants)

    Ron, are you for Amnesty?

    Ron, are you for the EPA restrictions that will raise our water bills in Palm Beach County to $75 PER MONTH!

    Ron, are you for Cap and Trade (Tax) which will raise Floridians’ energy cost-doubling it.

    Ron, did you vote for the STimulus and is there really a 17% unemployment rate.

    Damn shame! NO to Ron Klein

  18. tuffsheet Says:

    Anybody…I mean anybody who sides with Piggylosi is a dufus! She is exactly the reason why we need to get rid of all the incumbents and start all over again. Mr. Klein, you were too busy following instead of leading! Your afraid to say NO to your party!

  19. BC Says:

    Typical liberal tactics:

    Run like a conservative or moderate, rule like a liberal.

    You would think that they would learn to rule from at least the center. Though I’m no fan of Clinton, he at least did that much.

  20. madmama Says:

    I second the idea to have Sansaricq debate Hastings (the crook!).The fact is, the Democrats have nothing to run on and they won’t debate the issues. All they have are personal attacks. They throw in some Saul Alinsky tactics by trying to drudge up any lies they can to smear their opponents.
    When are you Democrats going to come to your senses????
    I was a Dem for years and grew up in a Dem family…but realized that they are pitting the rich against the poor, black against white, conservatives against liberals…just to stay in power. The future of our country is at stake. It’s time to take the blinders and rose colored glasses off and realize that this divisiveness will only bring us down! I had to pick a side..I switched parties because I realized that personal responsibility, getting a hand up..NOT a hand out…is what made this country great! Government is NOT the answer!

  21. Chance Skahan Says:

    Thank you for giving us some savvy ideas on this topic. I have discovered a wide variety of reliable suggestions about natural health and some unreliable information. Do you have any more good information or places on the Internet that I can find more detailed information? This would be much appreciated! Either way, keep up the good work!

  22. VOTERITE Says:

    I would not be proud of being endorsed by those RINOs. Ron, you are bad for this country. Allen West is a superb human being, courageous, honest and deserving of our vote.

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