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Hotel and restaurant association to hold claims workshop in Panhandle Monday

by Dara Kam | October 1st, 2010

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association will hold the first of 19 workshops on Monday in Pensacola for business owners struggling to get their claims paid by BP claims czar Ken Feinberg.

The association hired a legal dream team to negotiate with Feinberg, who balked at paying for damages to businesses not directly impacted by oil-stained beaches caused by the April 20 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

The lawyers will be at the Hilton Pensacola Gulf Front hotel from 10 a.m. to noon C.T. and will give an overview of the claims process and help assist business owners to figure out whether they are eligible for payments and, if so, how much. They’ll also provide individual assistance.

The FRLA recently won a concession – of sorts – from Feinberg. He said he’d take into consideration tourists’ perception that Florida’s beaches were tar-infested, even when they were not, and the overall damage to Florida’s tourism brand caused by the oil spill.

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3 Responses to “Hotel and restaurant association to hold claims workshop in Panhandle Monday”

  1. Marc Cooper Says:

    Florida Panhndle voters, business people, and residents need to vote for Dan Gelber for attorney general.

    Dan Gelber has been critical of the BP disaster since its inception. Recently, he has written Feinberg a letter chastising him for the manner in which the claims have been handled.

    Ultimately, it is the attorney general who will litigate for the state any and all claims borne out of the Deep Horizons mess.

    The race for the attorney general is unlike all other races in this election. We are deciding who we hire as a lawyer to represent us. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly, this is not a beauty contest, and we should not cast our vote based on Sarah Palin’s suggestion.

    We are deciding to hire a lawyer to represent us. Experience, character and intellect should guide us in deciding who to vote for.

    Vote for Dan Gelber!

  2. Unreal Says:

    Marc you sound like a Gelber rep. He wrote a letter. Oh boy. Dan can stand in line with the string of letter writers in Tallahassee. That doesn’t make him special.
    The first thing our leaders need to do about the claims process is call Feinberg what he is. A BP lawyer. He is judge and jury for claimants, and attempting to pay people what he thinks they will win in court. That was not his job.
    Until our leaders say enough of that and take a new direction, they are all doing our citizens a disservice.
    What needs to happen is for our Governor, AG, Senators and Congressmen to go to Washington and meet with Obama. And subject themselves to a smigdeon of the pain and suffering Florida residents are experiencing. Stand outside the White House with the press in mass until Obama has Feinberg turn over $2billion of the fund to the state of Florida, so they can pay claimants directly with a liberal interpretation of OPA.
    Mr. Feinberg isn’t even following OPA, yet he maintains a very narrow and strict determination of the payment of claims along the desires of BP lawyers.
    A letter isn’t going to cut it and our leaders need to realize that business are going to continue to fail by receiving small portions of their claims.
    It is clear it is BP and Feinberg’s intention to drive out seafood based businesses by paying their employees money to go elsewhere. Without the businesses, there will be fewer future claims when the real destruction to our fisheries happens.
    When will we get leaders with the guts to risk their own jobs to do what is right instead of protecting themselves?
    Dan isn’t special sorry Marc.

  3. Tom Shrieves Says:

    good article for job

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