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HCA whistleblower says Rick Scott “should have known” about fraud

by Jeff Ostrowski | October 8th, 2010

John Schilling acknowledges that he has no evidence that Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott knew about the massive Medicare fraud at Columbia/HCA. But he doesn’t believe Scott when the former CEO blames underlings for the fraud that led to a  $1.7 billion fine.

“I can’t say what he knew or didn’t know, but he should have known what was making up the majority of the revenues of the company,” Schilling said today.

Schilling is a CPA who worked at Columbia/HCA, including a stint as an FBI informant. A registered Republican until Scott won the primary, Schilling said he switched his political affiliation to independent. He’s in Doral today for the first debate between Scott and Democrat Alex Sink.

“He was a hands-on CEO,” said Schilling, who lives in Naples. “He was probably aware of a lot of the activity.”

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21 Responses to “HCA whistleblower says Rick Scott “should have known” about fraud”


    I get tired of all these political campaigns where some guy comes out from behid the scenes and tries to convict one of the candidates of a crime. Who cares what this guy thinks.

    Look: if authorities didn’t charge him, arrest him, or convict him, we as citizens have to come to one of two conclusions – 1) there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of any crime, or 2) the authorities were incompetent.

    What do you believe?

    I don’t think the authorities were incompetent, but even if they were, Scott gets a free pass. It is unethical to try and convict him now in the press. It’s just wrong. To me, its the same as the nuts who are saying Obama wasn’t born in the US. Too bad. He’s already president and we elected him. Case closed.

  2. bbc Says:

    are you kidding me. this is all there is on this issue. of course scott is innocent. this fool just made alex look like a bigger fool for having him there. if the fbi found nothing, then there is nothing. nice move alex, you are dumber than I thought.

  3. abc Says:

    kyra, you are just as dumb for letting her do this.

  4. bbc Says:

    will she be seen with obama this week, or is she scared??????

  5. BM Says:

    Should have, could have, would have! Looks like this guy is a fortune teller, or maybe he just reads tea leaves for fun. The guy wore a wire for 18 months and got nothing on Rick Scott and yet says he should have known.

    I can hear the FEDS now. “Mr. Schilling, if you wear this wire we will protect you. You will get millions of dollars and maybe even a book deal. You will never have to crunch numbers again.”

    Yet, not one shred of evidence that Rick Scott knew or did anything.

  6. Corrine Brown's Wig Says:

    Ha ha ha, it’s hilarious to see all of Rick Scott’s paid shills on here today. Don’t you guys have anything important to do? You know, like steal another $300 million from the taxpayers?

  7. Rick Scott Says:

    I know nothing.
    Except how to insulate myself from criminal conviction and give myself a golden parachute with enough money to run for office and pardon myself from any future convictions.

  8. Jack Gillies Says:

  9. bobby Says:

    Doesn’t matter that Rick wasn’t convicted of anything. I’m a die hard republican and i don’t trust this guy. Why on earth would we want someone who had no clue (ya right) what was going on in his own company to run our state. Im not a huge fan of Alex, but i’d rather either not vote or heck, even vote for her. Its funny how she has always been labelled a conservative democrat until the election. What is sad is all my fellow Republicans voting for this guy just because he’s spending millions and millions convincing he’s the “conservative” and Alex is all of a sudden a “obama liberal”.

  10. Ellen Rentz Says:

    The investigator’s have been quoted as saying they very much wanted to interview Rick Scott, but his high priced lawyers protected him everytime. After that point, the government just wanted the money. They even filed the 14 felony charges against Columbia/HCA subsidiaries,I.E. nursing homes, home health care, etc. because if they had charged the hospitals they would no longer have been allowed to do business with Medicare. And as bobby says, until now Alex Sink has always been known as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate and guess what she still is. And she is by far the most qualified candidate running for Governor and has been since the beginning. This Rep will be voting for Alex Sink and she is going to win. She just won the debate today and she will win them all because Scott has done nothing but run from the press and he will never answer the moderators hard questions in the debates. My beautiful native state does not need or want “The Madoff of Medicare” to be Governor!

  11. Cathy Code Says:

    Rick Scott is guilty of scheming to defraud Medicare out of over 5 billion dollars at Columbia/HCA. Rick Scott is the lowest, cruelest employer you could have. He is a lying machine. Some say he ran Coluimbia/HCA like he was the Godfather. Terrible behavior and an awful leader of a company that toped the worlds record for Medicare Fraud because Rick Scott pushed people so hard that they broke and if they were an economic asset he fired them. He did the same thing at Solantic where he fires people if they don’t work12 hours shift and unethically monitor from 50 to 70 patients. Babies have died at his companies because the hospitals can not monitor patients correctly.

  12. Cathy Code Says:

    Schilling said a few months ago, “I find it somewhat ironic, here you have someone running a multibillion-dollar company and he is not aware of what is going on and yet he wants to be governor. Is he going to not be aware of what is going on in state government? I just wouldn’t trust him.”

  13. Say no to scott Says:

    Scott is shady. Taking the 5th to avoid self-incrimination, using a family tragedy falsely(google sidney miller) to gain favor with the conservative base, commiting Medicare fraud, and spending millions (the money he stole from taxpayers to bashing the Health Insurance reform that helps the American poor and middle class (the ones he stole from) is beyond shameful. whenever I see that ad with his mom, I have to change the channel. You know you’re character is in the toilet, when you resort to using your mom to boost your image.

  14. Rudy Gonzales Says:

    I used to work for HCA and they got into trouble with the federal government on Medicare Fraud on at least two(2) occasions. The top dogs of this corporation must have known of the discrepancies. Too many top dog, high-paid well lawyered-up CEO’s and CFO’s will stall and throw others under the bus.

  15. James McLamb Says:

    I see two possibilities and neither of them speak well of Mr. Scott. Either he knew what was going on in his company and let it happen (therefore he is dishonest) or he didn’t have a clue and was an incompetent CEO. In my view either of those traits (dishonesty or incompetence) disqualify him for the office he is attempting to buy with his ill-gotten gains.

  16. Ellen Rentz Says:

    Amen, James, Amen! There are truly only two possibilities. And he is running for Governor of Florida on his business record which one possibility or the other shows his business record stinks!

  17. kate svagdis Says:

    Corrine Brown’s Wig-and who should talk! oh you’re talking about Corrine

  18. kate svagdis Says:

    to all those who may have policies and procedures at work. Do you all follow the policies and procedures to the ‘T’ or do you ever take shortcuts and does the owner of the comapny know???
    for those who have children and you taught them the rules, manners, acceptable behavior-do they follow your rules all the time-like now???

  19. kate svagdis Says:

    Rudy, I too worked at HCA-if you saw wrongdoing, did you take on the responsibility and report it to the state, or just talk about it now without fear of losing your job?? Have you ever walked up to a CEO of a company and told them of misdoings or possible illegal activity-I have walked right up to a president and CEO of a different company and told him straight up what was happening. Have you ever submitted complaints to the state in writing. If you haven’t, then you are part of the problem you accuse Rick Scott of being.

  20. Ellen Rentz Says:

    @Kate, am a registered Rep and would bet you my last dollar that Scott masterminded the entire scheme. If not, why would his company have all of the funds set aside in case they got caught. They knew they were breaking the law and it wasn’t simply filing the wrong codes. They were charging for services that weren’t rendered period. Upgrading is what people in the business would call it. The only difference in then and today’s world is the Sr.’s now on Medicare look at those statements when they get them for services performed and when they see services or treatments they didn’t receive, they report them themselves. Doesn’t take a Medicare auditor to catch them. Of course, when a company is keeping 2 sets of books, one for them and one for the Gov. auditors, it use to be hard to catch them. With more informed consumers now it is harder to conduct the kind of scam Scott’s company did.

  21. Theresa Rodriguez Says:

    @Ellen – sorry but you are wrong. If you really read the entire whistleblower statment you would know that he said this was happening BEFORE Rick purchased Columbia/HCA. How did he mastermind it? Also wasn’t going on in all hospitals so it was not a company policy to defraud.

    My understanding is that the investigation started AFTER Rick Scott so vehemently opposed HillaryCare and was only brought back up because he vehemently opposed ObamaCare. Wake up people – the government is turning us against each other and causing us to make nasty and/or negative comments to each other keeping us divided.

    United we stand – Divided we fall – don’t let them do this to us.

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