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GOP chair claims racism in Dems support of Crist

by Jane Musgrave | October 14th, 2010

The chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party today accused local Democrats of racism for abandoning their party’s candidate in favor of independent candidate Charlie Crist.

“This is racial politics at its ugliest,” GOP chairman Sid Dinerstein said. “The white Democrats, the ones who supported Hillary not Obama are teaming up with Charlie to throw Kendrick under the bus so they can say more nasty things about an Hispanic American.”

Democratic leaders, who gathered to support Commissioner Burt Aaronson’s decision to endorse Crist, vehemently objected to Dinerstein’s characterization.

Marvin Manning, president of the Century Village of Boca Raton Democratic Club, said 70 percent of voters in Century Village supported Obama in the 2008 general election.  “I totally reject any issue of racism,” he said.

“Mr. Dinerstein should be ashamed of himself for invoking the racial issue,” said Stanley Siegel, a member of a PAC that voted Monday to ask Meek to get out of the race.

Andre Fladell, a south county political activist, agreed.

“It’s a reckless comment which was made to create a very unhealthy result,” he said. Democrats who are endorsing Crist over Meek simply believe the governor can beat GOP candidate Marco Rubio. “It’s about viability. Period,” he said.

61 Responses to “GOP chair claims racism in Dems support of Crist”

  1. NoneyaBiz Says:

    Sid… WE are the same people that chose to vote for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Go stick your head back where the sun don’t shine. Seriously!

  2. floridaforall Says:

    I am a black democrat and a very strong supporter of Crist because he is a good man who has served Florida with great integrity. He, without doubt, has a better chance to beat Rubio. Let’s stick with the record; there is no room for the race card in this election. When Floridians can’t pay their mortgages, they don’t care about whether politicians are black, white, yellow, etc, they only care about the person whom can best represent them.

  3. Lisa Says:

    The reality is all these old boys and a few dumb chicks in the bunch are racist and anti-semetic on both sides.

    Why don’t you all get out of the way and let voters decide.

    Where is the Democratic Party chair saying..hmmm hmmm hmmm nada grow a pair.

  4. tim Says:

    these condo-dems are the same people who voted for Obama. This isn’t about racism- this is about Sid and the Republican party trying to make a story.

  5. Herbert Hoover Says:

    Sid – you are so warped you are beyond help. A democracy means you vote for the best person, not a party!! Communist regimes force their citizens to vote for a party. Go stick your head up N. Korea’s Prime Minister’s a**, and go s*ck off Ahmadinjad!!

    You are an a**!!

  6. RJN4181775volunteer Says:

    The Math:
    Registration thru August 2010

    Rep: 4,021,420
    Dem: 4,621,557
    Other: 2,528,244
    Total: 11,171,221

    If Dem leaders had backbones, and Dems voted, statewide there are 600,000 more Dems, thus Meek wins. That’s the math, not polls…shame on you who chose to support Crist. You can also take credit for Governor Scott.

  7. d Says:

    Thats because he knows if Meek gets out of the race Rubio will lose.

  8. Bill W Says:

    Hey Sid, what do you call the Republicans supporting Alex Sink?

  9. Anyone but Rubio Says:

    d @2:53 is exactly right! Sid is trying to make this an issue because he knows that Rubio is only pulling a little over 1/3 of the total vote in all polls. Charlie will, win meaning Rubio will lose (and probably have to file bankruptcy, because his only means of support is his CCE.) So, there are many more people in FL that don’t want Rubio that those that do. And of course Jeb (of the Bush crime family) did away with the runoff system in FL.

  10. lol donkey Says:

    Sid Dinnerstein = ham on rye

  11. Richard Nixon Says:

    Sid…let me first say “I am not a crook”! So I ask you why Florida got into such a mess when Rubio was Speaker of the House, and why did he mishandle state funds when in office? Is he a crook???

  12. sid dinerstein Says:

    I’m not making the issue. Burt is.
    I support Republicans.
    Burt supports SOME Democrats.
    If you don’t believe me, ask Alcee Hastings and Kendrick Meek. They, like me, know Racism when they see it.
    Where was Burt when I was fighting for school choice for our neediest kids?
    Where was Burt when I was fighting for lower taxes to reduce unemployment and foreclosures on our county’s poor?
    Why didn’t Burt kick Aronberg out of his “non viable” race against Gelber?
    Racism. Racism. Racism.


  13. Pat Says:

    In this instance, Sid is wrong. But how could he look people in the face and support Rick Scott and Allen West? Hopefully, there will be Republicans with good sense that will vote for Alex Sink and Ron Klein.

  14. Lame Says:

    The Republicans (or maybe just Sid) are saying this because they are afraid of Meek dropping out and then Rubio losing.

    So it’s racist for a white Democrat to not support a black Democrat against a white NPA candidate? Is it so much of a stretch to see that maybe they know that Meek simply can’t win and would rather support Crist out of fear of Rubio? Just common sense, not racism. Meek simply has absolutely no chance of winning.

  15. Lame Says:

    Pat at 3:26…I guess in Sid’s book any white Republican voter (pretty much most of Congressional District 22 Republicans) who doesn’t vote for Allen West must be a racist. Guess it has nothing to do with said voter simply not agreeing with West’s rhetoric?

  16. Honest Abe Says:

    Come on Sid…Burt is making the issue?? Who brought the R word up first…let’s see…by GOLLY it’s Sid. Go stick your head in the toilet cause your head’s full of s*it!!!

  17. Seen This Before Says:

    After watching Meek’s devastating ad, using actual clips of Charlie against him, any true liberal Democrat should feel abandoned if Meek were to drop out.

    Is the liberal brand in the State of Florida so bad that even a duly elected Congressman – the son of another Congressperson, is not even a viable candidate? Are liberal Democrats so weak that they would endorse a life long Republican over Kendrick Meek?

    Sad state of affairs in Donkey-land. (BTW: If Meek were to drop out, Sink’s legitimate chances towin will drop precipitously, since if Meek drops out, many black voters will just stay home).

  18. Kevin Says:

    Ridiculous!! Besides Charlie is not white, he’s sort of reddish brown.

  19. Analytic Says:

    In the final analysis, Sid believes you should vote for a party, not the best person. Herbert Hoover above was right, and Richard Nixon raised some great questions.

    People, vote for the best person. Rubio will take away the older generation’s social security and medicare and use that money for his personal affairs.

  20. Wonder Says:

    Ask black voterS what they think of Sach, abruzzo, aaronson, Vana, Gelber, Klein, Deutch, Wasserman-Schultz, Jeff Greene who are all throwing Kendrick Meek under the bus.

    Just like Obama, who endorsed Meek, Kendrick should stick to his beliefs and show he will not buckle under these self-absorbed party hacks who seek to control the democrat party in Florida.

    One will neve achieve, if they get off the bus.

  21. Waz Up Says:

    Sorry folks, Sid the Kid is right on this one. The numbers don’t lie. If every Democrat voted for Meek, he would win hands down. Remember, Charlie is the “true conservative,” so he would pull votes from Rubio.

  22. Lib Says:

    Burt Aaronson had Irv Slosberg licking the deli floor to get back in his ‘good’ graces.

    Evil in Palm Beach County. It’s the NYers trying to tell those who work their way up, what to do.

    Kendrick proved himself by besting Jeff Greene. Did the Aaronson crowd sponsor Greene?

    Stop believing the Aaronson lies, manipulations. If you don’t blacks will be licking the deli floor Burt wants clean.

  23. Real Dem Says:

    Sid Dinerstein,
    Any Dem has more tolerance in their little pinky than your entire party has money shoveled from corporate interests.
    Rubio is the Anti-Christ or at least shares many political positions with him.
    Do you guys recruit straight from Hell?

  24. unreal Says:

    Pathetic. The dems brought it on themselves to some degree for calling everyone who disagreed withObama a racist, so I don’t agree with him making these claims, the left are the ones that like to throw that word around.
    The better question is, why do the dems like kendrick will lose if charlie dropped out, when they have the higher percentage of registered voters?
    Maybe its because their roles have some element of racist renecks who would never vote for a black man.
    So rather than try to educate their own party membersn they sell out a good man.
    Very nice. Glad I’m not a lefty.

  25. Garl Says:

    Bravo, Sid. I suspect you don’t really believe what you said, but chose a little tit-for-tat. Crying “racism” is what the Dems always do, usually with as little justification as you have now. I LOVE it!

  26. Kenia Says:

    that’s right, ask and quote a resident of Century Village about Meek dropping out. That’s the hotbed of the go-to quotes for jewish people.

    Kendrick Meek’s primary democrat challenger, Jeff Greene, touted his mother’s endorsement from where….. Century Village!

    Robert Wexler, used his father, who lives in Century Village to push his favorite jewish candidate.

    Don’t bother with quotes from highly populated areas of jewish people.

    Ask those at the Urban League, at NAACP, ask Black Educators.

    Get rid of those oldy goldies in Palm Beach County politics. They are destroying latino and afro american chances of gaining office.

    Tell me there are NO LATINO democrats!
    Tell me there are NO Afro American Democrats!

    Why only jewish democrat candidates?

    Discrimination! NO to Crist! NO to all jewish candidates who seek black votes.

  27. kathy Says:

    It’s all just politics as usual. Only the usual is getting nastier and uglier by the minute. Yes, I always vote, but usually for the lesser of two evils. My mute button is about worn out on my t.v. remote.

  28. LOL! Says:

    Anyone who knows anything about the group of idiots and hobby puppet masters called the Palm Beach County Democrats, knows that Burt’s “endorsement”, not that anyone should care, was a foregone conclusion when Andre decided long ago he hates Meek and like Charlie. After that, all these weak in the knees “leaders” simply asked Andre how high they needed to jump.

  29. wyn Says:

    Sid, why weren’t you so vociferous in telling Marco Rubio that his use of the GOP credit card for personal use was unethical. Sid, I think its time for you to step down. Florida needs to get rid of all the privileged old timers Republican and Democrats alike. Personally, Kendrick Meek should step down he has no chance of winning and by staying he’ll let that unethical GOP puppet Rubio win. Meek needs to think of the greater good. If he really wanted to win, he would have shown his face in palm beach county and other counties before August.

  30. Nicole Says:

    Shelley Vana is being ‘coached’ by Burt Aaronson. He tells her what to do.

    Ever see Aaronson ‘handle and guide’ Vana at commission meetings?

    Vote her out in the next election. She’s one of those perrenial political candidates. She runs for one public office after another.

    We don’t need these people who are professional politicians who can’t work a regular job, but feeds of the public funds.

  31. Loxahatchee Says:

    When did it become the right of the Dem Leaders to pick a candidate over what the voters chose in the primary. It a joke what they are doing to Meek. He earned the nomination and now they want to take it away from him. Don’t do it Meek you stay in there and fight for what’s right! You have been doing that for your whole political career. Crist is a Chameleone and the Palm Beach Dems are not to far behind.

  32. The truth about sid Says:

    Sid, why don’t you mention all of the democrats that your board supports and endorses and gives money to. You support republicans??? That is a joke. You cut deals with Andre Fladdel to get democrats elected. You refuse to back your republican candidates. You put out a stupid commercial and you can’t even spell correctly. For you to bring up racism shows how stupid you are or it shows how stupid old Jews are for being racist. Either way, you are stupid. Loser members of your board run attack ads against republican candidates and you sit by and let it happen. You also will not run republican candidates in certain races when your masters tell you not to. YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN PALM BEACH COUNTY!!!!!!!!! As long as you are chairman of the republicans, democrats have nothing to worry about!!!!

  33. Seymour Says:

    How sad that such people would be willing to support someone who thinks Sarah Palin would make a great president, who called President Obama’s health care legislation ‘scary’, who supports Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, and who may even caucus with the Republicans. How sad that they are willing to “overlook” the fact that Crist executed a young Jewish man — Martin Grossman — who was convicted on the basis of testimony that Crist knew was recanted, just so Crist could score some extra political points in his Republican primary campaign. And the greatest irony of all? CRIST CAN’T WIN, because many Democrats simply will NOT vote for him. The ONLY way to defeat Rubio is to unite around the Democratic nominee. How sad that these fools don’t realize it and are willing to tear the Democratic party asunder in their irrational desire to elect one of the worst political opportunists in American history. Did we learn nothing from 2000 and Ralph Nader? If we all support our nominee, we will have a Democratic Senator. If you vote for Crist, Rubio wins. Can’t you see it?

  34. Clowns to the left;Jokers to the right Says:

    The party hacks on both sides are not to be trusted including this knucklehead Republican Duperstein. The parties are broken. Do not listen to the party bosses who know nothing.

    Now is the time to for the responsible center to unite behind Governor Crist.

    Give em hell Charlie!

  35. Concerned voter Says:

    The Republican hack’s cry of racism is obviously self-serving and foolish.

    It does not matter if Meek was polka dot. He is not going to beat Rubio.

    The only racist here is the wingnut chairman of the PBC Republicans.

  36. unreal Says:

    Concerned Voter:
    The problem here is that the racial problem that exists is within the Democratic Party. Turning a blind eye to it and passing it off again to the right is typical.
    The Dems hold the registered voter lead in Florida. IF they were organized, then there would not be a question that Meek is a viable candidate. But somehow much of the party thinks he is not.
    What is the reason democrats think Meek will lose when you have the majority? (if Charlie was out of the race)
    Seems like you would be better served to back Meek totally and everyone abandon Charlie. He needs to go anyways he is only in for himself. Seems odd that isn’t happening. What about the historic significance of a black senator from Florida?

  37. Max Says:

    Thank you Sid for solidifying my vote for Crist. The fact that this Democrat is voting for Crist has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the fact that the candidate who is on the ticket representing the Democratic Party has done NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, the entire time he has been in Tallahassee. Most of us had no clue who this man was until just a few brief months ago. Why would anyone vote for him?? Therefore, the only two options on this ticket are Crist and Rubio…and it would be a cold day in he** before anyone who gives a damn about this state would vote for Rubio. Crist may not have done everything you or I would have wanted, who possibly could? But, he has done a tremendous job serving the best interests of Florida for the past 20 years. THAT is why I am voting for Crist!!

  38. @Max Says:

    You really don’t have a clue who Kendrick Meek is. He hasn’t been in Tallahassee, he’s been the U.S. Congressman from FL CD-17 and serving in Washington, DC.

  39. Max Says:

    Unreal: welcome to the new age where party lines mean nothing. This is a remarkable time in political history when we are finally given the option of a strong candidate who does not have to be responsible to the party hacks. Elections are no longer about “this party” being better than “that party”; this is about choosing the right candidate, not because of the party they represent, but because of the fact that they are free to represent us, the citizens. Meek is Week and the ones who speak up and recognize this, like Sachs, Aaronson, Vana, etc… are the heroes of the citizens. I admire their strength in going against the system, just as Crist has, to do what is right for our state! As previously said: Give ‘em hell Charlie!!

  40. unreal Says:

    Max: Nice attempt but that does not fly. I personally am independent and don’t support any party or individual. I am for sure not in favor of the current democratic platform.
    By saying that the Left are supporting Charlie out of a ‘new idealism’ is simply false. Sounds good, but it is false.
    Am I to believe that the left in Florida has suddenly tired of Obama’s platform, and that Meek doesn’t represent their views?
    Sorry but that is bogus. The true fact is that all the Dems supporting Charlie, aren’t doing it because they like Charlie, they do it because they can’t stand Rubio and are afraid of a republican majority in Washington.
    Lets not mix truths here. If Charlie wasn’t in the picture, the Dems would be all over Kendrick.
    Unfortunately Charlie is a self serving weasel who doesn’t believe in anything except himself.
    Meek at least is someone who stands up for what he believes in, and can be respected.
    I have no respect for Charlie and hope that he goes down in flames. A career politician is more of the same, so please don’t try to hand me some garbage about how the Dems suddenly have a ‘new vision’ and that vision does not correspond to Obama’s plans.

  41. Moderate Democrat Says:

    I like Charlie and I don’t like Rubio.

    Meek got his seat from his Mother and has no record of any significance.

    I am voting for the best man regardless of color or party. That man is Governor Crist.

  42. citizen view Says:

    wow sid, i think you hit a nerve!!!!!
    ‘they protest too much!’
    ‘south county democrats’ don’t like anybody out of the condo mindset.

  43. Richard Reichenbach Says:

    The insurance companies and banks are hoping Rubio gets in. For sure they will raise their rates and fees and partisan politics will destroy any chance of the two parties working together to bring our economy back.

    Crist has a proven record of standing up to the insurance companies and consumer gouging especially when it comes to utilities and as a Governor has reached out to both parties for solutions that helped the state of Florida.

    Rubio will feather his own nest and we will have to live with it for many long year. Is it worth the gamble?

  44. Boca Jew! Says:

    I will walk next to Hastings. The Democratic Party in PBCounty and South Florida is absolutely pathetic. What is Aaronson’s plan once Rubio becomes Senator? Start sucking up to him? If Meek walks from the race, I as a Democrat will support Rubio because Charlie Crist is a desperate ‘real conservative’ politician.

  45. Centralize Says:

    Let’s wrest control of party politics from South County.

    South County has for years dominated the ‘news’, the control of who is going to run for office and has been the ‘mouthpiece’ for the media. Time to centralize and that means get rid of Aaronson and his cronies.

    There are a lot of qulalified people who can take Burt’s place. Burt is old NY, we need vital new leadership, not the alienating dictatorship emanating from South County.

  46. Howard Says:

    The truth is that they are racist and so is Sid’s party. All of these characters in South County are trying to surpress the vote.

    Deutch, Wexler, Aaronson, Abruzzo, Slosberg, Sachs, Vana…..

    We need new leaders and some with chutzpah.
    Enough with the lack of leadership

    Vote Bud, arrest Wexler, Aaronson, Abruzzo, Sachs and give a buzz to Slosberg and Vana

    The people of South County are tired of this.


  47. Test for Drugs Says:

    How many of you could be tested for drugs at work?

    Love Rick Scott’s idea of testing dor drugs for all those who receive government assistance.

    It’s a great idea! NO assistance if you are on drugs.

    Let’s do it!

  48. Lady1 Says:


  49. STEP DOWN SID Says:

    Sid, you need to do the party a favor and just step down. Stupid bonehead comments like this is exactly why your term as chair has been nothing but an utter failure, you have not had a single republican elected to an office bigger then county wide since you took charge, YOU are the reason people hate the republican party. As a member of the party and the REC i will vote for anyone but you in december when your are up for election. No more deals, no more bizpac controlling what happens, no more secretly endorsing dems to push your personal agenda, NO MORE ACTING OUT WITH MESSAGES LIKE A JACKASS THAT THE REST OF THE PARTY DOESNT SUPPORT!

    what was with that damn commercial you made!!

    save yourself the embarrassment and step down, you wont stand a chance in the election.

    a concerned rec member

  50. Independent guy Says:

    It is time for the responsible center to unite behind Governor Crist.

    The party hacks Hastings and Duperstien can not dictate to us who to vote for.

    Give em hell Charlie!

  51. da_truth Says:

    Sure, the GOP loves Hispanic Americans. Except for the fact that Rick Scott wants to bring Arizona’s immigration law here, which would allow any Latino in Florida to be pulled over for suspicion of being an illegal.

  52. trueservice Says:



    For your information, we are also intelligent, thinking beings, just like any other ethnic group, we too can do the math. A lot of us understand that if Meek has been campaigning for close to 2 years, longer than both Rubio and Crist and yet was not able to get black folks in his own congressional district to come out and vote for him during the primary then, what is the likelihood that Meek is going to be able to get black voters to come out in larger number for the general? Meek has been consistently polling in 3rd place. Does Meek or anyone else expect black folks to suddenly have an epiphany and discover that Meek is black; they are black and that they must come out for Meek because he is black?

    Please give us a little more credit than that, this is the 21st Century, we black folks, no longer live on a plantation under the strict control of our master. If you understood that, you would have also appreciated our individuality as a people and treat us, especially during each election cycle accordingly as oppose to always rely only on our perceived master to deliver our “black votes”. If some of us don’t participate in the electoral process is only because of the insistence of a few to decide for us and their persistent attempts to conspire with our perceived master to undermine our individually.

    At this point, a large number of us who like Meek , have painfully realized that Meek cannot win this election. Because Meek cannot win should we resign ourselves to handing the election to Rubio? Hell no. We have too much to lose with Rubio , that is why we’ve decided to rally behind Crist, notwithstanding the insistence of the leaders of the Democratic Party to continuously substitute their judgment for ours.


  53. Dede Says:


    Stop drinking the crazy juice. Look at Charlie’s record. He is a Republican and the Democrats who have endorsed him made a deal with some in the Republican party.

    It has been Crist’s camp that put Green up in the primary because they racist.

    It has been the Crist camp that are trying to get him out of the race

    Crist has always been a strong Republican for 25 years but you don’t want to talk about that right?

    He is more full of >>it that the a baby’s diaper.

    His voting record has always been the same as Rubio and he is the one who worked with the same guy who surpressed the voters rights in 2008 by not having our votes count in the primary. He also is trying to surpress the vote now.

    Crist also is the same chain gang Charlie
    Crist same pushing against public ed..vetoed one bil when he could not win as a Republican

    Crist prolife policy READ

    He is also the same one who that he was going to be VP with McCain and pushed Sarah

    He is also the same one he wants offshore oildrilling

    He is also the same one with the help of Wexler, Aaronson, Deutch, Sachs, Abruzzo that are making backroom deals with crazy Obama

    None of them love you enough to care about the policies that affect you. You might as well move. Also to pretend you are black is wrong.

    The voters need to vote and if you are dumb enough to listen to the corrupted leaders on who to vote get the government you deserve

  54. Suzy Says:

    Hastings was for Hillary from the beginning
    It was Wexler, Deutch, Sachs, Abruzzo and Slosberg who have been pushing Obama from day one.

    Meek and Schultz too were pushing Hillary.
    This is about a bunch of South Florida corrupted leaders and the puppets they control

    YES they are racist…I heard it directly from the horses mouth.

    They are sick and they should all step down
    Wexler..oh yeah he did
    Sid: phony that he cares
    Siegal chair:…..loser
    Vana and Sachs as bright as a lightbulb
    Abruzzo….bada bing bada boom

    Yes on Amendment 4
    No to these corrupt politicians

  55. Livingproof Says:

    Hey da truth. You are the oist dangerous voter. Stupid and uninformed.

    Az immigration law doesn’t not allow for people to be pulled over for suspicion of being an illegal alien. They need to be stopped or detained ALREADY.


  56. luckydog Says:

    Funny how the GOP supports West a black candidate and DemocRATS support Crist a white candidate. Yoose iz stoopid! I can’t blame you Dems from the north, your substandard yankee schools have damaged your ability to think logically or you are senile. If your education were any good, you would not say New Yoik, youse guys, Lar instead of law, turdy turd st. instead of thirty third st., Bwoklin instead of Brooklyn, Joisey instead of Jersey, Haalem in stead of Harlem, etc. Also your incessant use of The F word,and GD, and MF is a sign ot ignorance.

  57. Blackman Says:

    I was thinking; if Crist would drop out, then Meek could win. But neither man will and neither man should. But Sid, you are a low-life for even introducing racism into the debate. Crawl back to your rat hole where you belong. If Rubio wins, then we will all suffer for it – Democrats and Republicans.

  58. BrendaStarr Says:

    Sid, Sid, you silly ole man. I know few Dems who will NOT vote for Crist. Meek is a fine person but in no way could he beat that criminal on the right nor Charlie. Racism has become a tired and over-used meme. Perhaps you, Sid, should just retire, get out of the way. Meek has a bright future, somewhere down the road in Florida Democratic politics, it just is not now. Go Charlie!

  59. brigitte Says:

    Charlie is my one and only.

  60. A Lifetime Democrat Says:

    as a lifetime Democrat, I believe in compromise…Meek has no chance to win. Therefore, rather than allow Rubio, whose first act will be to declare war on Cuba, I will vote for the only candidate that has a chance to defeat baby-faced Marco Rubio, who is one scarry Cuban dude.

  61. Nancy Says:

    I am a Republican and will, of course, vote for Marco Rubio. But my feelings are that if the Democratic party here asks Meek to drop out so they can support Christ, it is a terrible thing. Why would any other black Democrat ever run again if his party will not support him. What would the Democratic party have if Christ won except a turncoat??? It is a sad state of affiars when the party will not support it’s candidate. While I don’t agree with Kendrick Meeks philosophically, he seems like a nice and responsible man. As to voting for the party instead of the man – that is what I was taught to do when a young voter. The REASON: when you have a certain view of government and how things should be run, you vote for the party that expresses that view. Most of us cannot really KNOW for sure which man is the very best. So, I vote my party philosophy. That has always gotten the results that I wish for. In general, the democrats feel one way is best, and the republicans feel another way is best. While both are trying to do what they think is right. I hope some of you will rethink voting for the man or woman.

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