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Gelber’s campaign denounces fliers calling AG candidate “toxic to Jewish education”

by Andrew Abramson | October 27th, 2010

Dan Gelber’s campaign continues to denounce mailers being sent out to the South Florida Jewish community, saying that Gelber is “toxic to Jewish education.”

Gelber’s campaign director, Christian Ulvert, called the attacks from the Committee for Florida’s Education, Inc. “disgusting.” Gelber, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, is a Jewish state senator from Miami Beach.

“There is no doubt in anybody’s minds these are mailers closely aligned with Pam Bondi and her campaign,” Ulvert said.

A spokeswoman for Bondi, the Tampa-area Republican prosecutor running against Gelber for attorney general, said her campaign had nothing to do with the mailers.

Bruce Udolf, a Boca Raton attorney and former assistant United States attorney, came to Gelber’s defense on Tuesday, writing a rebuke to the mailer’s accusations.

“The most inflammatory claims deal with Senator Gelber’s call for investigations of how voucher money was being spent.,” Udolf wrote. “The truth?  Senator Gelber expressed deep concern that one school receiving voucher money, the Islamic Academy of Florida, sent $350,000 overseas to fund terrorist activity!”

Udolf’s letter was signed by 100 high-profile South Floridian members of the Jewish faith, including U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and former Congressman Robert Wexler.

Here’s a partial excerpt from Udolf’s letter:

“If  this ‘Committee’ were truly interested in providing access to Jewish education for needy children, they could have accomplished that with all the money it is spending to finance these defamatory pieces.  But, of course, the purpose of these flyers is not to ensure “access to Jewish education for needy children.”   They were bought with undisclosed, anonymous money in an effort to get Senator Gelber’s opponent, Pamela Bondi elected.

Not true, Ms. Bondi?  Then renounce these despicable practices immediately.  The Attorney General is supposed to do justice.  To allow such lies to stand unchallenged while you reap their political benefit without absorbing their taint is unworthy of a person who would presume to lead our state’s highest law enforcement office.  Your deafening silence on this issue speaks poorly for your sense of justice and your candidacy.”

Bondi’s campaign responded:

“Our campaign had nothing to do with these mailers. Pam has pledged to run a campaign about the issues affecting Floridians and to talk about the clear choices voters have between her and her opponent. Unlike Mr. Gelber, who has resorted to “everything and the kitchen sink” gutter politics and attack ads, that is exactly what she has done.”

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4 Responses to “Gelber’s campaign denounces fliers calling AG candidate “toxic to Jewish education””

  1. No to Gelber Says:

    The whole of South Florida is toxic.

    Gelber needs to be defeated. He will not get sympathy from the public.

    Gelber is another of Robert Wexler’s candidate. They’re buddies.

    By any chance is Eric Johnson, Wexler’s former Chief of Staff, running this Gelber show?

    No sympathy, the democrats are down right evil and need to be voted out of every office they are running for.

    Keep Florida safe: NO to Gelber. He’s part of the George Soros group, probably funded by Soros also.

    Soro underwrote electing Secretaries of State in all 50 States. They control the election results.

    Now, apparently, more trouble is afoot with Gelber running for Attorney General to control lawsuits filed. Just like the Black Panther lawsuit that was dropped. Ditto for the ObamaCare lawsuit filed by the current AG.

    If Gelber gets into office, he WILL drop the lawsuit against ObamaCare.

    Keep Florida out of the hands of the extremists like Gelber and Soros. they seek to control.

  2. Gelber is bad for Women Says:

    Dan Gelber is not good for women in Florida. it’s attack , attack, attack.

    Just look what the democRAT, Kevin Rader, is doing to Lizbeth Benacquisto. He and his cohorts are attacking her and insulting her because she said that she was raped.

    Gelber is of the same quality as Rader. Democrat thugs, who are run by “Middle East” employed Robert Wexler.

    The Middle East is Israel. Wexler is pulling the strings in Florida and he gets his orders from those in the Middle East.

  3. marc cooper Says:

    I thought Gelber was toxic to jews, now all of South Florida is toxic?

    What other excuses are you going to flex prior to the election.

    Pam Bondi is the inferior candidate in this race. Once you understand this, assuming intellectual honesty, you can have your Tea Party party.

    Just do admit she is empty, and not a worthy candidate.

  4. neroli Says:

    The charges against Dan Gelber and Kevin Rader are baseless last minute desperate attempts of losers to try to even the playing field. The Democrats are winning and Floridians are too smart to listen to Tea Party lies.

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