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Gelber hammers Bondi over big business ties in first TV ad

by Dara Kam | October 8th, 2010

Dan Gelber slammed his GOP attorney general opponent Pam Bondi in his first campaign ad, accusing the former Tampa prosecutor of being too close to her business backers to go after corruption.

Bondi, who has never run for office before, won the endorsement of the state’s two biggest (and influential) business groups – the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Florida – in the three-way GOP primary and in the general race.

Gelber, a state senator and former federal prosecutor, has made going after public corruption one of his top priorities in the campaign.

“While she protects insiders, I’ll take them on,”

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10 Responses to “Gelber hammers Bondi over big business ties in first TV ad”

  1. Jack Gillies Says:

    Gelber is the life-long politician that we are ALL voting out this time.

    GO PAM!!!

  2. Sheri Says:

    My husband and I are voting for Gelber for Attorney General. Gelber will work to protect consumers, Seniors and the people of Florida – not the special interests.

  3. Sequitur Says:

    Jack, although Gelber is NOT a lifelong politician, when did experience become a bad thing? Gelber is far more distinguished prosecutor and understands the Legislature and Cabinet. Don’t throw away your vote on Bondi, Dan Gelber will be an Attorney General for all Floridians.

  4. Marc Cooper Says:

    Pam Bondi is not qualified for the office of the attorney general. Pam Bondi lacks the experience in state politics to not get played by the special interest. Just because Sarah Palin says she is good for the state doesn’t get her the judgment to be able to look out for our best interest. Pam Bondi is bad news for Floridians.

    Vote for Dan Gelber!

  5. Unreal Says:

    Hey Dan if you get in could you start with cleaning up all of the corruption in the Panhandle first before you move onto Palm Beach? The Panhandle is so thick with political corruption you couldn’t miss it with a mile long stick.

  6. mike Says:

    gelber wants to go after govt corruption, blondi after gangs. which hurts more people?

    gelber will dump the anti-obamacare lawsuit, blondi will push it. i dont want my tax dollars spent pursuing on such a weak issue as fed govt right to make people pay for something – hello fed income tax.

    and personally, i would be hiding my palin support if i was blondi.

  7. Unreal Says:


    Palin is all ‘blondi’ has at the moment really.

  8. Marc Cooper Says:

    Mr. Unreal, it seems like you have come around. You sound good. Congrats.

    You can vote down party line in all other races, governor, senator, congressman, on and on. If you are a republican and marco rubio floats your boat so be it. If rick Scott doesn’t make you sick, then vote for him. But the race for the attorney general is different.

    Partisanship should not control who you hire as the next attorney representing your interest in some many different areas. The breathe of the varied topics that the AG has jurisdiction over is enormous.

    This is not an office where no or limited experience is a plus. If I were running for this office I too would want to hide from the opportunity to be confronted by my limited knowledge in so many areas.

    Pam Bondi is not willing to confront the fact that the attorney general’s office is too big a step for her to be taking at this moment in her career.

    Florida voter’s should not have to feel the brunt of her learning curve.

    Vote for Dan Gelber!

  9. Alma Jones Says:

    Very nice article and thanks for useful information

  10. vote for dan gelber! Says:

    The Florida Chamber of Commerce heavily backed Senate Bill 6 and sent out sneaky surveys to teachers on school-wide, county-wide emails with questions designed to trick teachers into giving answers that would be used to support SB6. They also dedicated their website to SB6.
    I wouldn’t consider it a compliment to be endorsed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. I’d be very suspicious.
    Dan Gelber is an honest, smart man who doesn’t have a corrupt bone in his body. He will fight for truth and justice. He does not work for special interest groups. In fact, he will work to fight the problem of special interest groups backing politicians. He has an amazing record as a prosecutor. He was highly respected as a Senator. He will work well across party lines. He is even endorsed by Senator Villalobos, who is Republican. How many newspapers have endorsed Gelber over Bondi?
    How many debates has Gelber agreed to, and how many debates has Bondi backed out of?
    Palin backs Bondi? Enough said.
    Do Florida a favor and vote for Dan Gelber, no matter what party you’re with.
    He is 100% the best candidate.
    We need change in Florida.
    Also, if your kids go to public school, and you want children to have a high quality public education, vote for Gelber.

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