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Former Pres. Clinton urges Orlando Dems to support Meek and ‘get America out of the hole’

by Ana Valdes | October 20th, 2010

ORLANDO — Last-minute efforts to convince Democrats in Florida’s decisive I-4 corridor to remain faithful to their party on Election Day and vote for Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate were boosted today by yet another visit from former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, in his second day touring Central Florida with Meek, encouraged Democrats gathered at The Venue at University of Central Florida Arena to not only vote for Meek, but to support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink and others in the Democratic ticket as the only option to “get America out of the hole.”

“You gave (Republicans) eight years to dig this hole. Give our crowd two more years to dig us out,” said Clinton, as he spoke about Meek’s efforts to create more green jobs and his support of recent student loan reform legislation.

“I am bent out of shape about the nature of how this election is happening. People on the far right, they are talking about a country and describing issues and making claims that I don’t recognize,” Clinton said.

Similar to his speech Tuesday at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, Clinton urged students to use social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube to tell others about Meek’s record.

4 Responses to “Former Pres. Clinton urges Orlando Dems to support Meek and ‘get America out of the hole’”

  1. trueservice Says:

    Since Kendrick and the Democratic Party obviously don’t care about sending tea party extremist radical anti Obama Marco Rubio to the US Senate, I, a lifelong democrat, will help them destroy Florida by voting and encouraging everyone I know to vote straight republican

  2. Rational Democrat Says:

    Bottom Lin Time: Meek has no chance to win…With Dem. support, Crist can defeat the evil Marco Rubio

  3. Adelade Says:

    Well, how does Maria Sach feel about Clinton’s endorsement of Meek, she supports Charlie Crist?

    How does Burt Aaronson feel about Clinton’s endorsement of Meek?

    How does Joe Abruzzo feel about Clinton’s endorsement of Meek?

    How does Ron Klein feel about Clinton’s endorsement of Meek?

    They all support Charlie Crist.

  4. dave Says:

    The reality (for those interested in reality — some seem to want to hold on to their delusions) is that it is CRIST who can’t win. 20% of the electorate is with Meek. Knowing this, if you vote for Crist, you are knowingly splitting the Democratic vote and electing Rubio. On the other hand, if you vote for Meek, guess what? That’s the BEST CHANCE to defeat Rubio. Why vote for a warmed-over Republican, who fumes about “Obamacare”, and who can’t win, when we can unite around the Democratic nominee and actually have a chance?

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