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Former DEP chief Mike Sole heads to FPL

by Dara Kam | October 4th, 2010

Former Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Mike Sole has gone to work for Juno Beach-based Florida Power & Light.

The marine biologist is the vice president of the power company’s government affairs department, according to an internal FPL memo.

Sole, appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist shortly after he took office four years ago, stepped down as DEP chief this summer in the midst of overseeing the state’s response to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

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6 Responses to “Former DEP chief Mike Sole heads to FPL”

  1. Diane Brown Says:

    At least Sole will no longer have to pretend he cares about Florida’s environment.

  2. SaltyDawg Says:

    When will it be outlawed that public servants can leave and go to work for the very companies they were required to regulate? Obviously, FPL will use Sole to find loopholes in environmental regulations, that while legal, circumvent the spirit of the laws that were put in place for a reason. Taxpayers are subsidizing the training and grooming of future lobbyists.

  3. Don't Expect Protection Says:

    This is the most blatant conflict of interest I’ve seen this week.The FBI needs to go in and confiscate every document,email,telephone records and inter office communications from DEP and FPL right now.This crime should not be tolerated Mike Sole and Armando Olivera need to do time in Club Fed 10-20 is a good start.All public servents need to have restrictions of at least 5 years before going to work for the companies they were trusted to protect the public from.Call the Feds.PSC better start doing its job too.

  4. The Truth Says:

    FPL is the most energy conscious company in Florida. Most people do not realize they are the only solar provider in Florida. They use natural gas and have no coal plants like many other plants in Florida. They continuously care for the environment more so than most other companies ever would consider. The man probably picked FPL to work for for all of these reasons. People who think otherwise simply are ignorant of what really goes on.

  5. Truth is False Says:

    You have got to be kidding FPL uses extortion,scare tactics,and fraud on a daily basis they make the Mob look good.They had to be forced to put up their tiny solar plant.They do not want solar on ratepayers homes because they can’t make money from that.They have neglected their grid to the point that it will take billions to replace.The facts are FPL went from reinvesting in the company to paying executives excessive bonuses and running investments like a ponzi scam.FPL needs an SEC investigation.FPL has 2 sets of books one for investors and one for the Public Service Commission.Fraud prevails and FPL like Enron will be exposed…………..

  6. Truth is False is Wrong Says:

    That “tiny solar plant” is the biggest PV in the country. Stopped reading after I saw how informed you are.

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